Saturday Night Sexy: Sidney Dean

blame it on Illy June 8, 2013

Twitter: @sidneydean/Instagram: sidneydean

Not to be confused by Wesley Snipes’ character in the 1992 classic film, White Man Can’t Jump [II], model vixen and bartender at Miami Beach’s premium nightclub Mokai Lounge, shows us that she’s one-of-a-kind in tonight’s Saturday Night Sexy.

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  • Huh


  • step ya hoe game up

    Naw.. this chick is mediocre. That hair weave/wig is jacked up.. better luck nxt wk.

  • gregory kruxx.

    busted plastic

  • kiko

    you guys are some straight up fags! i mean come on critiquing a woman’s hair! Fuck outta hear with that hate just bleeding out of your pussies.
    THis woman is fine as fuck!

  • sharksbreath

    Fine if you into chicks with a weave. For dudes like me that get fine women all the time. A weave is a no no. That’s why I usually go for the interracial chicks.

    Like I always say. Fake nigs love fake things.

    Your probably the biggest Jay Z fan there is.

  • T-Luv

    I mean she got like a big head or too much hair or that shit is blatantly fake…but dont get it twisted she could sit on my face for a good 2-3 hours

  • step ya hoe game up

    ^^ That’s what I’m sayin tho.. weaves and all that fake hair are what holds back a lot of otherwise beautiful Black chicks.

  • Smh

    ” For dudes like me that get fine women all the time” LMAOOOOOO! i bet you live behind your computer and get no chicks you faggot ass boy

    90% of the guys who visit this website are gay

  • 2dbzTRYHARD

    The fact you call this woman “Models” when they aren’t signed to any modeling agencies baffles me..

  • 2dbzTRYHARD


  • dave

    shes fine aand he tits are huge and real

  • Marty Mcfly

    Notify me when Jay Z is featured on FNS. Until then, ill pass.

  • Y’all 2dbz commenters are gay lol Y’all would rather do some homo shit to j. Cole album then hit tht get some pussy first nd maybe it’ll change your perspective on Music

  • rqw

    niggas like to deliberately downplay women they know they couldnt get. makes them feel better about themselves. notice how they knit pick trivial things like her weave being too long or some other petty non-issue, even though a large percentage of women wear weave, including the ones they will co sign. it’s just that 4th grade mentality, she’s pretty so I’ma say mean things to her so I can perhaps lower her to my level.

  • rqw

    if yall met this girl in real life and she was very nice to you, your comments about her be nothing but positive things. these negative comments are not a reflection on her looks, they are just a projection of these niggas who have low self esteem and know they are ugly and/or have no game.

    my opinion? she’s attractive to look at. Though the airbrush is OD. but all that other selective shit about weave and all that… yall are just reaching for the reasons I mentioned above.