DJ Khaled – No New Friends f. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne (Video)

blame it on HD June 9, 2013

Directed by Colin Tilley.

Inspired by the older Cash Money days, DJ Khaled and company shoot a visual his Suffering From Success single. And considering this is the video shoot that blessed us with the the behind-the-scenes shot of Drake in his Dada Supreme attire that helped spark so many classic memes, I have to ask… which one was y’all favorite?

  • mathis

    i piss on lil waynes unnecessary verse

  • mathis

    but otherwise its dope

  • Muddy waters

    Very similar to im on one

  • live4rumdaudgrd

    Wayne needa dress in tanks n sweats again on that hot boy shit he b tryin too hard to dress

  • maq

    Khaled’s phone is more from ’86 than ’96.

  • brite

    This video makes no fucking sense.

    • chester

      How? They were friends there whole life, it’s called no new friends and you seen the dates in the video

  • hill

    Koool video

  • yasssssssss Drake in the bath with them bubbles, LAWWD I wish their was less bubbles so I could see that papiconda <3

  • Denmark

    No New Ideas

  • freshyboi

    khaled with that zack morris brick phone. what does he do again?

  • freshyboi

    if that was really 96 wouldn’t officer ricky be in uniform?

  • ohgoditsbob

    these guys are the most entertaining people in hip hop its just fun and silly and not serious with them

  • A-a-a-a-al\chemist

    if Drake’s still ridin with his “day one n****s,” the where is Nickelus F?

    For Wayne, where is damn near everyone from early CMR aside from Baby?

    For Ross, where E-Class, Trick Daddy, and the whole Po Boy crew?

  • Yeezus

    @freshyboi Click clack down, officer down

  • Really

    The fact that they had to create fake home video footage kind of cuts against the point of the track.

  • 7

    what does khaled do?

  • freshyboi

    “How? They were friends there whole life, it’s called no new friends and you seen the dates in the video”

    birdman and lil wayne aside, none of these guys knew each other before like 2005 or 2006, likely later for drake

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”


  • jwiii

    Drake DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK. He’s just doing whatever the fuck he wants and is having fun. That’s what this life is about. Don’t forget that.

  • wat

    lol obviously they didn’t know each other back in 96 you idiots. That’s the video concept. Since they’re on the song together, therefore have to be in the video together, obviously they’re going to “know” each other back then because of the video concept. DERP DERP DERP

  • malcyvelli

    This was dumb, end of story

  • Ben U.

    So did Drake know Ross, Wayne, and Khalid all his life? This should’ve been done Solo. Nice Video.

  • KING

    I thought it was cool seeing Wayne not dressing like a fuckin baboon, makes me wanna listen to old school Wayne.

  • sas

    yall love to overanalyze and nick pick songs and videos by artists that you already don’t like.

    “technically they havent know eachother since day one” who fuck cares. any trivial thing to try and discredit someone. next you’ll be saying “this was clearly not shot in 1996 because they all exact the same as they do now, and drake didnt have a beard when he was teenager”. man stfu and go somewhere. no one cares about much as you niggas.

  • marty mcfly

    This is DOPE. At first I was thinking why the fuck is Drake wearing Dada clothes but now I see the video is on some throwback to the 90s type shit. Plus the song is just dope. Drake = Leader of the new school, Cole not so much.

  • 90 nopes? are u kidding? fucking go NOPE that wack ass mac miller track foh!

  • shit is corny as fuck and super annoying and repetitive

  • z-ro

    Mute this video and watch it. See how DUMB this shit really looks.

  • TopDawgSoldier

    shit’s ok., Good thing i made some magic by erasing that annoying khaled’s voice.




  • Doris

    People really find this shit to be DOPE?


  • MusicHead

    This shit dope af..

  • FuckKanye

    I hate this fucking shit and all of these wack fuckers, it just never, ever, ever, ever ends.

  • jape

    this song is gay.

  • Pops

    This is the worst song I’ve heard Drake on in quite a while. Garbage.

  • silo

    what earphones where they rocking

  • blackboi

    Cats in the 90s DID NOT dress like this…

  • RandY_G

    wtf did I just witness?!
    this is worthless!! anyone “dope”ing this shit is out of they mind!!!
    If you like this you are not a fan of hiphop!!!

  • Read a book

    Interesting concept for a video, but drake is just way too corny for me to take him seriously. But I gotta give him credit where it’s due, cuz the man is running shit when it comes to pop music.