DJ Drama Announces Dedication 5 Mixtape w/ Lil Wayne, Says J. Cole Will Outsell Kanye West

blame it on Shake June 10, 2013

With the June 18th “showoff” between Kanye West, J. Cole, Mac Miller and Statik Selektah, DJ Drama says he believes J. Cole will sell more than Kanye West. He also took to Twitter to confirm Mack Maine’s D5 update and officially announces that he and Lil Wayne will be releasing a fifth installment of their Dedication mixtape series.

  • Don’t get it twisted, I love J Cole’s new album, probably album of the year in my book, but he’s not gonna out sell Kanye, neither are the Spurs going to beat The Miami Heat.

  • hill

    ^ Word.

  • Grimzz


  • ha cole’s album is dope but he’s not gonna out sell Kanye lol

  • Truth

    Word on the net is Drama has a connect at iTunes and has seen the preorder numbers…

    It’d be good for hip-hop if Cole outsells Kanye, regardless of whose album you prefer.

  • JB10

    I would like to know the name of Dj Drama’s drug dealer.

  • No D5 plz

    Nah nah should’ve left it @ D3 & to the first 2 commenters that’s b/c this game is fixed just like the nba finals c’mon lets all be real heat on defense be aggressive spurs do the same damn thang & whistles are blown fuckin fixed heat get replays on mostly all calls fuckin fixed no real talent jus actors & Manu Parker Duncan needa play like the season but truth is its a whistle game smh!!!

  • dramas buggin on sales wit ye vs cole but spurs gona win finals not that i care bout these two teams lol

  • T-Luv

    Its good to have hope but Cole will not outsell Kanye unless some billionaire buys like a million copies. Cole probably wont even go gold in a month let alone platinum which I predict Kanye will attain in maybe 3-6 weeks

  • Cali760

    I just finished listening to Mac Millers new LP and man I was impressed, I thought it was better than Cole’s album at first listen. And this is coming from a J. Cole Stan.

  • The Real TC

    pretty sure kanye’s album doesn’t have pre-orders, according to this site, at least.

  • Lyst

    Why is it good for “Hip Hop” if J Cole “wins” Isnt hip hop what Kanye is doing? Music with a message, on top of that no publicity, no orders from a label. Just fuck it Im doing what I want? Thats what hip hop was built. People so crazy with how another man dresses and acts and that dictates what hip hop is. In the 80’s you see how they were dressing chains, leathers, lmao. Hip hop fans have this mindstate that they have to chose sides and this foolishness, allegiance should be to music that it. June 18th everyone is going to win Mac Miller shit fresh, J Cole shit fresh, Kanye hopefully fresh, and Statik from the songs floating is gonna be dope. This shit is like the mid 90’s when wu, ATCQ, De La, and Cube would all drop in the same month and it was love. Show love to the culture buy copping at least one of the joints!!

  • Jay Bravo

    man everybody is overlooking mac miller lol watch him outsell both! but ima still cop that yeezus! june 18TH!