• BuckNasty

    LMAO can't Kanye but this nigga some new VSTs? Same old instrument.

    And how is Kanye STILL using autotone ffs.

    This album seems very meh so far.

  • j-idontGivA

    Is that autotune I hear. Damn album not sounding good so far. He said wifey but he never put a ring on the bitch's finger. It also sounds like the crowd is booing in that video drowned out by the loud autotune singing.

  • drew

    lol how can you question one of hip hops most improving, most consistent, most influential artist? never doubt Kanye

  • j-iDontGivA

    ^^^^^I just did based off of what I have heard. It has nothing to do with doubt but a concrete opinion based off of music he is going to put on his new album.

    • drew

      so you can make a "concrete" opinion of a WHOLE album of a credible artist based off a two low grade dj snippets? i got good news and bad news. the good news is your opinion is just as important as anyones. the bad is your gonna be eating crow pot pie when Yeezus drop

  • Jets82

    That sounds incredible. Can't wait!!!

  • kayo

    This is easily gunna be Kanye's worst album to date (not even considering 808's).

    J Cole >>> Kanye.... even with the boring tracks on Coles shit.