Kanye West Debuts New Music In NYC (Video)

blame it on Shake June 10, 2013

Headlining the 2013 Governors Ball on Randall’s Island in New York, Kanye West took the opportunity to debut new records for the swarming crowd. On top of classics like “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Diamonds” Ye utilized his 90-minute set to premiere the much-anticipated “I Am A God” (shown above) and a couple other tracks. Hit the jump for more performance clips and a lightweight rant.

Shouts to NormalMag on the footage.

  • FuckKanye


  • frylock

    this nigga is gone……




  • Zm

    And this the shit y’all expectin to be better than Born Sinner? Lol…silly rabbits.

    But I’m sure the Marty McFlys will still find a way to defend it…

  • soulo hoe

    looks like mac miller gon win on da 18th

  • randomguy

    @soulo By win, what do you mean exactly? Overall better album? Sales?

  • 1

    I’m guessging:

    Best Music: J Cole
    Best Sales: Kanye
    Best Features: Mac

  • Jack

    Why is people overlooking Stann Smith and joey Badass’s albums dropping

  • upz

    @jack.. Cause joey doesn’t drop on the 18th and nobody knows (nor probally cares) WHO Stann smithis.

    Statik selektah on the other hand is slowly being overlooked

  • Chris

    Dope energetic Track. Imma bump that !

  • Devin

    If you think about he really is like a GOD, dudes such a fucking genius. I’m so baffled at his extreme levels of creativity that shocks me to my core. I doubt I will get any sleep this week thinking about the music I will be blessed with with Yeezus next week. You have to understand real Ye fans feel his music on another level, its sort of like our secret communication while the masses sleep. This is our sermon and I’m forever grateful to have a voice thats speaks to me so profoundly.

    • Chop

      Kim can take a day off looks like you’re riding kanye

  • Devin

    It only took me the first few lines of the song before I knew this was what my life had been missing MDTF. THe more I listen to more it draws me in even more. DAMN I’M EXCITED THIS IS 2 DOPPPPPEE

  • So What does it Matter?????

    YOU FAGGOTS TALKING ALL THAT SHIT!!! But at the end of the fucking day yall gone still listen to the album!


    • Jazz

      That’s right LISTEN not buy lol

  • 6/18

    @1 I’m guessing:

    Kanye:Best Sales,Best Music

    Best Features: Who gives a fuck?!

  • Cuervo

    Holy fuck this is basura. Kanye has fallen off the earth. I won’t be bumping this lame nigga, I’m a rap fan not a pop some Molly and listen to techno fan

  • Cuervo

    Wayne made rebirth, god made cancer, and kanye made yeezus

  • 6/18

    @Chop Yep! i will be riding to his music

  • SMH

    @Cuervo HATER OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO……Drum roll please……..Cuervo

  • 1

    @6/18…u seriously like what you heard so far from yeezus? Or are u just assuming yeezus will be good cause you personally just like kanye west more than j cole or whoever?

    what I heard so far (i am a god, on sight, new slaves etc) ist just wack as fuck

  • j-iDontGivA

    You could hear the Cudi influences all throughout the record. Iam a God is a complete let down. He ain’t got shit to say. Keep to making beats kanye because you need better song writers.

    The screaming like a bitch is the icing on the cake. I know ya niggaz don’t like that shit. Funny as hell. There is no way anybody can defend that shit.

  • Silky Johnson

    This shit sounds like ass. This nigga is the biggest hypocrite out. Rapping about stacking millions on one track, calling himself God on another, then crying about slavery. GTFOH.

    lol at the screaming..

  • LOL

    ^^^^ But you still gone listen to the album tho so STFU LOL!

    So whos the real hypocrite

  • 6/18

    @1 But at the end of the day you’re still gonna listen to the album tho aren’t you lol


    P.s i love what i heard so far….

  • Fuck The Haters!


  • Iwise

    Its funny because people are bitching a bout the “I Am A God” track and the Beats lol sounds like a lot of people don’t have fully developed taste in music. Did you all really expect Kanye of all artist to present an album that sounded just like his last album? then you must have not been following his shit from the jump.

    • Jazz

      Ok but that’s not what it’s about thou of course every album from Kanye is going to be different because he’s a real artist but this shit right here is not hip hop This is that shit that ice t put out wen he wanted to b a cop killer lol so iwise u should stop being bias because its Kanye or stop jammin hip hop and start doin pop n electro….n this is comin from a big Kanye fan since late registration days…put it to u like this THIS IS NOT GOOD MUSIC THIS IS SELFISH MUSIC ps. J.cole won by a landslide

  • I actually really like it. Can’t wait to hear CDQ of Onsite. Beat sounds insane. 6/18.

  • hill

    Good music!!

    Yeezus, June 18th

  • qw

    im not religious but the content is just corny imo

  • .


    • Jazz

      Lol and I smell that weed u smokin 2

      • BigDickJohnson

        U smelling my Big Johnson

  • Silky Johnson

    The ‘I Am God’ track sounds like a throwaway Skrillex beat though. I guess he ran out of soul samples to auto-chop and throw kick/snare over.

    In fact Kanye as a producer fell off a long time ago. He needs No ID/Hit Boy to help him out again. All the best beats on Cruel Summer were co-produced by 5 other producers or didn’t involve Ye at all.

    Just because it’s different doesn’t make it good.

    • ear2ear

      I’ll say this, whether this album is “hip-hop” or not is not something that I really care to argue, but it’ll be entertaining. J Cole might have a hip-hop album, but id rayher listen to his influences’ music than his watered down reaction to it.

      As for the actual music, Kanye has never let us down with a solo project. I can’t judge the album til I hear it, and we’ve heard nothing CDQ yet. So it’s pretty stupid to predict the album is going to be wack. At least we heard Born Sinner and can all realize that that album is meh. Elevator music that you kinda zone out to.

      Now if Kanye’s album sucks as well, then so be it. But I have higher hopes for Yeezus because kanye has a great track record.

  • ??

    Tecno beats.. eh he’s just jacking Euro & UK style dub step, grime and techno. And then Americans think it’s some new shit that Kanye made. I support the God shit tho.. Man is GOD.

  • What the hell is this?

  • Oh okay

    So everybody is bitching about the sounds but people also said the same thing about Stronger, and 808’s.. And Graduation and 808’s were incredible.


    Is he making a rock album?Ehhhh i gotta hear the CDQ’s i’m not sold on these perormances

  • .

    @Jazz If you think YEEZUS isn’t gonna win a grammy like MBDTF did you must be a dumbass/hater LOL!

    I can’t wait until next years Grammys when YEEZUS wins over GKMC,the first thing ima do is come to 2DBZ and rub it in all yall faggot faces :)

  • being real

    Dudes a straight up legend, anyone saying he’s going to fall off with this album is missing the point; he no longer needs or cares for radio and MTV - he’s an icon, he operates on a completely different level to his “competition”

  • WORD!

    JESUS WALKS plays right after. haha genius

  • he’s released 3 albums since than you dumbass. how can you be a big fan when you don’t appreciate all his work? fucking idiot

    “n this is comin from a big Kanye fan since late registration days”

    so…. you’re not a big Kanye fan than.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, Yeezus is gonna destroy Born Sinner.

  • Un Neggre à Paris

    Man…The only thing I like on this song is the beginning with the lyrics sample of CAPLETON aka FAYAMAN aka Kitchongo the king of FAAYYAA!!! Man…The rest is GARBAGE…GAR…BAGE=>DEGEULASS IN fRENCH.KANYE The GOD OF HIP’POP’ROCKS new style of Music HIP’POP’ROCK…Fuck Your Hip’Pop Kanye West…shit i’m very disappointed fuck his music i’m out…

  • marty mcfly

    In 1994 Nas rhymed on a sample of one of the greatest POP songs in history. He used Human Nature to make It Aint Hard To Tell and to this today its considered a damn near foundational hip hop classic. Others have used influence (or straight up just sampled the beat) from other genres of music and people still consider it to be hip hop. I say that to say Yeezus is still hip hop, it comes in the form of hip hop and I have yet to hear Kanye sing a whole song off the project or play a guitar while singing and he’s still delivering bars in verse form. Hip Hop was never meant to sound only like Rakim’s Paid In Full album. Creativity is and should be a good thing and hip hop is supposed to have a difference in sound when it comes to albums. Artists are not supposed be trying to all sound the same and rap the same. Just because something doesn’t sound like Rapper Delight from the SugarHill Gang doesn’t mean its not hip hop. Yeezus >>> Born Sinner

  • Un Neggre à Parigi

    ^^^Don’t even start to compare that shit “IT AIN’T HARD TO TELL” with that BULLSHIT Kanye song …don’t…don’t try that shit for REAL PLEASE DAMN! That song had that JAZZY GROOVY HIPHOP feeling with SAXOPHONE in the background…HEAVY BASS…MAN u must got some SHIT on yours ears…and SO WHAT? He used MJ HUMAN NATURE but thas song is not even a Pop Song, that song got that SLOW JAM VIBE…That smooth shit!!! “I’am a god” this nigga’s screaming like he was cutting somebody throat on the beat! Le beat is fucked up…come on man u can’t be serious!!!He’s an artist,I’m agree with that but he’s no longer an HIP HOP artist!!!Your ears is FULL OF SHIT=>MERDE=>MIERDA i’m sorry…

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but Human Nature is not a hip hop song, its a Michael Jackson (the KING of POP) song and Nas rapped on it and people know its still hip hop. Jazz was here before hip hop and so was heavy bass and so was rock. What hip hop has ALWAYS done from the time the very first hip hop song was ever written, is take musical influence from other genres and make into hip hop form. Oh yeah and Kanye is not the first rapper to scream and yell on record. When Jayz made Hard Knock Life, people didnt say oh Jay made a nice broadway musical song, they just said its hip hop. When 9th wonder makes beats, people dont say oh the great R&B music, they say its hip hop. When Kanye is RHYMING on a song, the element of RAPPING is directly from the hip hop culture so again Yeezus is HIP HOP.

  • marty mcfly

    Plus its 2013, hip hop artists are not supposed to be constantly recreating the same loops over and over and over. Its ok to make a different sound.

  • Exhibit C

    I’m gonna buy both Born Sinner and Yeezus on the 18th but based on the live performances of the songs from Yeezus I’ve heard so far I don’t know if it’s gonna be that bad. I’m just gonna buy it on faith that the CDQ’s will be a lot better. Born Sinner on the other hand I know is a solid album that deserves support. It may not be the classic I was hoping for from Cole but it’s still better than a lot of other albums i’ve bought (Live From the Underground, 12 Reasons to Die, Sideline Story, No Love Lost) that turned out to be below average/trash.

  • Un Negro In Paris

    Nowadays, u can rap without being HIPHOP even if RAP still one of the ARTS of hip hop.Nowadays,There is difference between an MC and a Rapper,between a DJ(doing some scratch etc) and a DJ(DJ KHALED for example…lol fuck him).That’s why kanye is right HIP’POP’ like PitBull Ahahahahaha!!! I’m going too far but Fuck it!!! aaahahahahah!!!C’est la vie like he said in New Slaves

  • Un Negro In Paris

    Nowadays, u can rap without being HIPHOP even if RAP still one of the ARTS of hip hop.Nowadays,There is difference between an MC and a Rapper,between a DJ(doing some scratch etc) and a DJ(DJ KHALED for example…lol fuck him).That’s why kanye is right HIP’POP’ like PitBull Ahahahahaha!!! I’m going too far but Fuck it!!! aaahahahahah!!!C’est la vie like he said on new slaves.

  • j-iDontGivA

    @Iwise, you said, “…lot of people don’t have fully developed taste in music”.

    Apparently yelling on a record constitutes as a form of a developed musical sound. A lot of people on here are making excuses for why his songs on his next album that we heard so far are garbage. Like he’s an “true” artist or he should sound different on every album. Excuse after excuse and yet we have not heard any bangers or hot songs from his album yet and what a week left.

  • Nigga In Paris

    I’m not a big fan of J.Cole but he said “I can’t believe I let NAS down” the version of Kanye will be “All those years I can’t believe I LET HIP HOP DOWN” Ahahahaha!!! Naw, I’m just fuckin’ around Krkrkrkrkr 1:38 in paris and tomorrow…WORK!!!Au revoir Merci Oui Oui Bye Bye and all that GOOD STUFF!!!(ICE CREAM)Do your research for who don’t know the song is about!!!

  • Daze

    It sounds terrible

  • marty mcfly

    The term “rapper” comes from HIP HOP culture so if Kanye is an MC or a rapper then guess what? He’s HIP HOP. Isnt hip hop still hip hop even though technically the musical aspect of it comes from people taking the bridge and the drum patterns off other records from other genres and calling them breakbeats? When Kanye did Through the Wire what he did was take Chaka Khan’s Through The Fire and turn it into hip hop. I could go on but for people saying that Kanye’s songs are garbage, the good news is you dont have to listen to them. I mean I will never listen to Born Sinner again and even though its hip hop its too soft sounding for me cause when I think of dark hip hop or hardcore hip hop im think more like what you’ve already hear from Yeezus not fucking Power Trip so I just wont listen. So when Yeezus comes out just make sure you dont listen to it and you’ll be good but you cant say its not hip hop when the very essence of hip hop comes from the influence of other genres and then making them hip hop records. Thats exactly what Kanye just did. To be great you have to be willing to be creative. If your just gonna recreate NWAs album or another album from early hip hop over and over thats really not very hip hop in itself. Hip Hop is about trying new things so the culture can live on.

  • marty mcfly

    Now I know people gonna come back and compare other rappers and other songs to Kanye’s now but just save it. You and I both know that Kanye is a Hip Hop artist. Done

  • j

  • Hell of a fucking let down for me.. . Yeah i’m still gonna listen to Yeezus when it comes out to see if they’re is anything else on there that is gonna truly live up the them name of the album “YEEZUS”…but i will say, i just CANNOT FUCK WITH that “On Site” joint I’m sorry But NO.. Just … NO bro … Kanye went Tooooooo left feild with that one man. I am a god don’t sound awful. But it don’t sound great either.

  • Born Sinner will more than likely be better than Yeezus as a WHOLE. Kanye may have a song or 2 that is undinably fantastic. But born sinner has that foundation of “Hip Hop” that people are ALWAYS going to want and call classic. Nobody will be calling Yeezus classic in 5 years. I mean shit people are’nt going around calling MBDTF a classic and if they are they’re trippin. It was good not great. Now i understand that kanye want to push the limits to hip hop it’s just the problem is he still has not found that sound yet. I mean i hear it in tracks like POWER BLACK SKIN HEADS and NO CHURCH IN THE WILD but it just seems like he comes up just a lil short. I understand what he’s trying to do though. But overall Born Sinner will be better musically and the only reason why you would say it wont be is because you DON”T LIKE J. COLE. But if that’s the case just say you don’t like him. Their is no reason to force yourself to like an artist that you don’t like. Born Sinner >>> Yeezus .. Still gonna see what is has to offer but that will more than likely be the decision. Kanye don’t make music for us college dropout/ Graduation Lovers anymore. It’s all love though.

  • @marty mcfly Your just trying to defend him. Well .. I got bad news for you. You can’t.. And what you really should be doing as a fan is holding kanye accountable for putting out music that YOU can barley even “Rock” too rather than putting out music that you’ “Loved” him for in the first place.. As a fan.. You talk like your an A&R and your not dude. Your just a fan. Like everybody else

  • Sinner’s Parade

    I like kanye’s music but really what album of his has ever been consider a classic? None. A lot of his albums have dope songs but God status he does not make. As a MC he is not in the top 10 let alone top 5.

  • Jets82

    Dude is a genius.

    8 more days!

  • MewLover34

    @Sinner’s Parade, are you high? Classic? How about every single one of them. Guy above you talking about people don’t call MBDTF a classic? What album in the last ten years has changed and influenced rap music more than that? Eminem albums and that’s it. People literally reference it frequently as a shifting point in music, as in “a post MBDTF world”. That’s about all the evidence you need…

  • marty mcfly

    Its funny I mentioned NWA earlier and now that I think about it Kanye’s singles does have a level of I dont give a fuckness like some early NWA shit LOL. Now @ Jaytheprince, Your saying im defending Kanye? But what im I defending? All you people are Kanye fans so its no need to pretend your not. I dont need to defend Kanye from people that ultimately are his fans but just dont wanna act like it anymore. And if you dont fuck with Kanye then good dont fuck with it but when people talk as if his music sucks of course some people disagree and his career is proof of that. You say Born Sinner will be better then Yeezus? Well I disagree. You talk about what the foundation of hip hop sounds like as if Kanye doesn’t know that already. He made a shit load of the records so you mite want him to make the same sound over and over well I dont. Id rather he make new sounding music. You say nobody will call this Yeezus album a classic in 5 years, well I say idk what people will say in 5 years but the way things are looking now, alot people may say this is the most creative Kanye has been since MBDTF and some people look at classics as being albums where an artists shows a high level of creativity. Well the way things are looking, it seems Kanye is about to give em that. You talkig about Kanye finding his sound? Seriously, YOU wanna give Kanye advice on how to find sounds? COMEONSON and you mentioned Black SkinHeads as if you like the song, well HELLO guess whats on Yeezus? You say you cant fuck with a song like On Site and thats fine but someone like me, I like to hear new styles so I dont want him to hear the regular sounding song cause I like things that sound different. You say Born Sinner will be better musically, I HIGHLY disagree there and thats cause I’ve listened to so many albums including Kanye’s that the notion that somehow Cole is gonna start producing better then Kanye I just dont see ever happing musically. Especially with the production on Born Sinner cause I dont think any of those beats have ever been better then Kanye’s and thats not just cause I dont like Cole thats because I honestly believe Kanye makes better beats. I dont even think Cole should rap on his own beats anymore so how the fuck he somehow gonna have better beats then Kanye? You say Kanye doesn’t make music for College Dropout fans anymore but he already did. He gave you people a whole album (if not 3 albums) of those beats already and just in general its very hard to make an extreme talent make the same album over again because to them they already did that. Your also talking like im forcing myself to like these kinda songs or as if im just defending Kanye? No fool I actually like these songs. I love when I artist goes in a new direction and still keeps it dope. Obviously Im not the only person who likes that Kanye is going in this direction and that will even be more evident on the 18th. Like I said about a week ago, this album is obviously for people who dont have a problem with new sounds. If you only like one or two different kinda styles and because of that you hate every other sound then you aint gonna like this. A song like Black SkinHeads is just too far out there for you. You mite only wanna hear Dj Premier and 9th Wonder ONLY so of course you dont like this. Me however I come from an era where punk rock was very poppin. Where Green Day, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, No Doubt was all poppin just like hip hop albums were so Kanye doing this making songs like this is not a stretch for me. Now if he was singing and doing no rapping then I may not be into it like that but so far it sounds like Kanye’s new songs have dope lyrics so Im into it. If your not then fine but Yeezus will be better then Born Sinner especially to those that appreciate other sounds then the same ol traditional hip hop loops. Boom Bap is my favorite style of production but that doesn’t mean I cant appreciate other sounds and honestly I think the beats on Born Sinner are bland and boring. Yeezus sounds like a MONSTER.

  • marty mcfly

    You say Born Sinner has that core sound that people will always call classic but two beats your referring too we’re already classics before Cole sampled them. That trash like Mo Money will never be a hip hop classic and thinking that as a WHOLE Born Sinner will be better then Yeezus, I mean you either have to be crazy or either you never heard a Kanye album.

  • @MewLover34 Im sorry buuuut i am going to have to disagree with you. MBTF was not that impactful and did’nt change the game all that much. I think it came out and just flew over peoples heads. It sounds like a christmas album to me lol But.. If you wanna talk about something impactful we can DEFINATLY talk about 808’s and heartbreak. Because after he came out with that joint you cannot tell me that every fucking rapper was’nt using auto tune. Now lets not get it twisted T pain is the originator of that shit. But i guess when kanye came out with 808’s other rappers figured well Ye’s doing it so shit ima do it. MBDTF was good. Not classic

  • @ marty mcfly Yooooooooo… First things first… I ain’t crazy lol … iight. But look yo.. You don’t like J. Cole at all.. Period. So for you to talk shit like his album is trash does’nt mean anything because you don’t like him.. Never have.. you can’t even say one good thing about son fam. His album is far from trash it’s a solid fucking album .. Don’t come at my nigga Cole like he’s mac miller or somethin. Now yeah. Your right. I am a fan of kanye but that “On site” Joint.. Are you serious!!!?? Imagine bumpin that in the whip… Niggas will think you some kind of child molestor or somethin. As far as black skin head.. It’s a cool track.. I like it.. I don’t love .. It’s not mind blowing. It’s cool. Now to BORN SINNER (which you dont like after one day of listening) Yes it will be better as a whole because it actually has a story.. a meaning.. What possible meaning can you have with a word you mad up your self? YEEZUS.. Oh why yes.. i am a god.. is that suppose to be the story for his album? I doubt it.. It’s just gonna be an album with some cool jams. Born sinner you can listen to it all the way thru.. My only complaint is that it’s lengthy but its all good. I like it.. The people love. That’s all that matters. I don’t dislike kanye but i know he’s gonna have an album with a couple songs that i can fuck with.. But that “ON SITE” is definatly not one of em. Keep that bullshit away from me

  • Born Sinner will be a better album than YEEZUS as a WHOLE. You will definatly skip track on Yeezus. Unless you are in love with kanye. Because some shit he does is just So left field that you can’t even enjoy the shit. Like Lupe Lasers album. GREAT Lyrics on that. Production was too left field. Inivation or not. Too left Field. When production is’nt listenable or OVERPOWERS what the ARTIST is saying. It’s either trash…. Or ratchet music lol Point fucking blank

  • Sinner’s Parade

    @MewLover34, OK dicksucker keep telling yourself that. As I wrote none of kanye albums are considered classics, successes yes but classics no. That talk of Dark Fantasy changing hip hop and a post era nonsense comes from blogs dedicated to kanye. Nowhere can it be found anywhere or from anybody other than off a kanye fan blog. No one important mentions it as an influence or a classic so stop all that lying. It has never been mentioned, discussed about or anything to that affect that kanye album’s can be considered classics because they are not. Get off your knees, faggot.

  • Read a book

    I’ll probably check the album out when it drops, but everything released so far sounds awful. Don’t even get me started on that “On Site” track…

  • MewLover34

    @jaydtheprince, Do you listen to any other genres of music other than hip-hop? Doesn’t sound like it if your worried about what some random dude in the car next to you thinks of your music. If I was Kanye, I would always rather my music be appreciated by people that have a more diverse taste in music. If he wants to make a edm-ish song, good, that’s good music. If you don’t like what hes exploring on this record, maybe your gonna have to sit this one out, he’ll get you next time, or he already did last year with WTT.

  • highlight this

    @marty or anyone who is dickriding Kanye… I dont really understand how you can approve/like/dopened or ”complimenter” techno track like this in hiphop… yeah I think I enjoyed ASAP make ”wild for the night”, probably because ASAP isnt really the kind of artist that we expect to put out classic record. I’m sorry but thinking that Kanye is going that way is dispointing IMO and proving me that he dosen’t want to be unique as an artist but just evolving with society and making trash techno beat music to please the largest audience possible. And I am a huge Kanye West fan btw but this new shit just look dispointing…

  • highlight this

    Lol @Sinner’s parade. I’m sure you have been living under a rock for saying all that nonsense in your last post

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jaydtheprince, Now your saying what would other people think if they saw me listening to On Site? But Im the kinda person where I dont care what other people think cause if I like the song I like it. Your talking as if Yeezus isnt mind blowing and Born Sinner is? Well I haven’t even hear Yeezus yet but maybe you got an advanced copy or whatever but Born Sinner being better then Yeezus? Kanye would have to make a really wack album. People say Born Sinner is a “solid” album but solid as in what everything on the album is dope from top to bottom? I dont think so. We can get off Born Sinner and just talk about Kanye’s album but again, I haven’t heard it yet but I love the direction its going in. Oh the last thing I’ll say about it is when you talk about Mac Miller verse Cole’s album I also think Mac had better beats and at alot of times better lyricism LOL and he definitely was more creative. You say the people love Cole and thats all that matters so what the hell you think they feel about Kanye? Regardless of the music some people just dont like certain things. One of my favorite groups of all time is Dilated Peoples and I have friends that just cant understand whats dope about them. So again some people will not see what’s so dope about an album like Yeezus because they minds aint open like that. The difference is if someone doesn’t like Cole’s album its not cause they not open minded because its not like Cole took any musical risk. He rhymed over very traditional sounds and he even used samples that were already classic and familiar to everybody. Kanye is coming totally outta left field (the best way to do it imo) and creating something new and of course not everybody can get with that. If I said I wanna make another kinda genre of music besides hip hop, fools would look at me crazy and thats because they supposed to. They dont understand how a hip hop head could like another genre to the point of wanting to make something like it or influenced by it. In My Opinion though the greatest artists are these kinda people, people who challenge themselves artistically. You know how easy it would be to loop up A Tribe Called Quest sample and make a record for the girls? Thats just too easy, now make something like Black SkinHeads, thats a challenge and a true artist imo cant resist the challenge of being completely different from everybody else. #Creativity, try it

  • marty mcfly

    @hightlight, now you talk about techno music but the thing is I think techno music is dope. Does that mean im not a hip hop head because I think techno music is dope. Techno music was in video games, cartoons, movies etc… Before I was even ten years old and I remember it and I like it. Why cant a person like multiple sounds. I cant be trapped in to just Boom Bap hip hop just because its my favorite music. So I song like On Site, im gonna think is dope just because I dont have a problem with the sound and im already familiar with it. Maybe other artists should take more risks musically because really they already want to but their too afraid people will say its not “real hip hop”.

  • Sinner’s Parade

    @highlight this you call it nonsense because you are dickriding him hard, pause but as I said non of kanye’s albums are consider classics successes yes but classics no. Bring the proof because in terms of the greatest MC’s kanye is not in the top 5 or 10 or even 20. He has a collection of song writers on everyone of his albums since his second one. Check the credits. As a beatmaker he most definitely will chart in the top 10 but not as an artist. Jay-z was given the name Hov by his fans kanye thinks he can just call himself such and then produce horrible tracks like i am god. A lot of people think June 18 is a battle between J Cole and kanye but it really is a battle between kanye and the title he gave himself. When you call yourself Yezus which is a play on Jesus you are raising the bar pretty fucking high because he is essentially calling himself the rap games Jesus and if he does not delivery come June 18 the best fucking album of his life than theres no hope for him to be even considered as one of the greats. Considered.

  • @MewLover34 Nahh im not gonna sit it out. Im going to give it a chance. But the direction he is going in is a little too left field for me. I mean he went left field on MBDTF but i think the difference between that and the direction he is going in now is that when he went Left field with MBDTF he actually caught the ball and scored a touchdown to send the game into overtime. These records just sounds like he caught the ball and ran out of bounce with 5 sec left for someones else to still gamewinning touchdown. But to answer your question yeah i listen to other styles of music like Rock/indi/alternative Love live bands. But my prefrence is hip hop. I like linkin park but i don’t wanna see kanye doing some linkin park shit. It’s not innovative to me. It’s just kanye doing some linkin park sounding shit that sounds nothing like hip hop but is still placed in the hip hop catagory for idk what reason, when it is just alternative rap

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think Kanye is raising the bar to a level of actually being Jesus because I think thats impossible. I do think June 18th is a competition between Kanye and Cole because thats what Cole wanted.

  • @ marty mcfly You know how easy it would be to loop up A Tribe Called Quest sample and make a record for the girls?

    No that shit is not easy because if that’s the case alot your favorite rappers rapper would be hot again and Drake will NOT be in position he’s in. I mean if you fuck with this then aye.. Cool bro.. More power to ya.. It’s going to sell regardless because it’s kanye. He’s made his name he’s made himself one of the kings. But me personally i just dont wanna fuck with “On Site”. I hate techno music. Anytime your at a club and they throw that shit on everybody leaves the fuckin dance floor. People don’t be wanting to hear that shit. But i guess you a part of the 15% that does. And that’s cool. Me i don’t listen to it because they don’t. I don’t listen to it becaus i just do not fucking like the shit. It sounds Awful and personally i can’t believe he tried to rap on the beat. I’ll give him props for the creative effort but to me. That song is just a No go

  • @marty Mcfly Cole can’t lose. If he sales less than kanye then it’s what we expected. But now.. If he sales MORE than kanye.. That in itself will change the game. Because me being his fan don’t even think he’s gonna outsell kanye. But if he did it would be crazy

  • marty mcfly

    Jaydtheprince, on MBDTF Kanye shot a short film about a phoenix like angel girl coming down to earth and then the nigga had some ballerinas in his videos and even musically the nigga had some off the wall samples and parts of songs that just sound out there. You didnt learn then that this nigga was fucking crazy? Especially now you saying you like rock/indie/alternative music but you just mad cause now its Kanye? COMEONNOW, first off you aint even heard the album. Neither have I but the difference instead of dismissing it because its different I actually look forward to it because its different. Again if he was singing autotune again like 808s id probably consider it as Kanye doing some same ol shit again but Yeezus is not that, the nigga is rhymin so to me thats some hip hop shit regardless of whatever the influence in production is and personally the production so far sounds dope. I heard I Am A God and I was like GOT DAMN that shit sounds crazy. Wait to hear the album and then vent about how you think its sucks not before hand.

  • highlight this

    Yeah Marty I get your point about loving techno music but I feel like it is a trend that artist (not exclusivly hip-hop artist) are going to use techno music to please the public in general AND I feel like Kanye is not suppose to go with the trend. It’s my personnal opinion and if you like techno sound good for you. I loved when he went in a different direction with MBDTF by going with more harsh sound with tracks like Monster, So Apalled and Runaway. But in the other hand when he tried to be too different with 808, I felt like he missed his shot. I think I feel like he’ll try too hard on this one and miss his shot again. Maybe I’m too pessimistic and I should wait for the whole album but it’s a feeling that I get

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think selling or records the Kanye will “change the game” because one album selling units isn’t gonna shift the whole culture in another direction. Especially with music like Born Sinner, its just not exciting at all, its just the opposite which as boring as watching paint dry with very little to no hip hop quotables or memorable lines. Kanye got more dope lines just in watching these videos then Cole said on his whole album. Furthermore you say “everybody” when you talk about how people feel about techno music and I dont think “everybody” has the same view as you do. As a matter a fact I think EDM had a better year then hip hop last year as far as live concerts so apparently “everybody” doesn’t all agree with you.

  • highlight this

    @sinner’s parade, I personnaly think Kanye brang classic album and I’m sure with we’ll look upon Kanye’s work and say it’s classic because it goes through time well. Sure not all of his work is classic but still. You should just google some about it and I’m pretty sure you’ll understanf that I ain’t the only one that have noticed it… And yeah Kanye might be obnoxious but that,s just who he is as an artist so you can hate or appreciate

  • @marty Mcfly I never said the album sucked. I have’nt heard. What i said was that ME..I.. Prefer Born Sinner instead. Because i’m more of a Cole fan than Kanye. I did how say i am NOT FUCKIN WITH that “On Site” track and told you why in the above comment. I just don’t like techno music.. at all.. Never have.. Never will. Now i am a God started out tough.. It was getting real!! but then… That techno soundin shit came in nooooo sirrr reee bob!. Took the whole feeling away for me. Now black skin head i like. That song is solid. It’s left field but it’s a good left field. Kanye gets a thumbs up for that one

  • @marty mcfly Your taking it literal. When i say everybody. I mean EVERYBODY that listens to hip hop. Something tells me that their not bumping techno music the whip/house/ or at a party

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jaydtheprince, you keep saying your more of a Cole fan then Kanye but what do you want me to do about that? Im not telling you to not like Cole, im just saying dont tell me about another genre of music as if I should or have to agree with you. If you think Kanye is this and that and his music his this and that then thats fine but I have my own opinion.

  • marty mcfly

    And know I dont think EVERYBODY that listens to hip hop doesn’t like techno music. I think alot probably do. Im not bumping techno music in the whip but I might play it at the house and at a party but does that somehow mean Im not a hip hop head? I bought and re bought so many of the great hip hop albums (and just hip hop albums in general) its ridiculous but I just like multiple sounds.

  • marty mcfly

    @highlight, “You say Kanye shouldNT go with the trend but who put the trend in place years ago with one of his singles in the first place?…

  • @ marty mcfly Agree… to disagree

    We both have an opinion

  • Sinner’s Parade

    @highlight this Right. Like I thought your disagreement to my fact is an opinion that YOU think his work is a classic but no one else does but his hardcore fans. No one outside of his hardcore fan base thinks of his work as classic.

    @marty mcfly, you said, “I dont think Kanye is raising the bar to a level of actually being Jesus because I think thats impossible.”

    But the fact is he did by making his name out of a play on Jesus. If he wanted to call himself king fine, but he went with Jesus. Yezus is a play on Jesus and the comparison may not be of life but it is of the rap game. By calling his album Yezus he set a bar incredibly high. You’re defending him and making excuses. You already know that nigga crazy so how is it impossible that he would compare himself to Jesus he did it with Michael Jackson but you truly don’t know why he called his album Yezus other than some on par with Jesus comparison. In terms of the rap game of course.

  • marty mcfly

    What I think is Yeezus will come out and some people will say its wack, garbage, not “real hip hop” but you’ll also have people such as myself that will see the hip hop in it and think this album is what the spirit of hip hop is supposed to be about anyway. Pure musically I dont give a fuckness from a angry black man. Yeah

  • marty mcfly

    @Sinner’s Parade, you can compare Kanye to jesus if you want or expect him to make music on the level of that which Jesus is probably capable of or you can say in terms of the rap game or whatever. Me being a rational person, I will never compare Kanye to Jesus and I dont care if he calls his album God, Christ and the holy spirit. Do I expect Yeezus to some how musically sound like what I imagine as being actually Jesus? In any way shape or form? Fuck no, just stop

  • Hip Hop’s heartbeat

    ^^^^EXCUSES…you already know you not going to like it. Get the fuck out of here with that spirit of hip hop bullshit.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeezus = Pure musical I dont give a fuckness from an angry black man… RealHipHop

  • Sinner’s Parade

    @marty mcfly the bar has been raised high and already kanye is disappointing. Where are the classic comparisons now.

  • Good Kid Kanye’s City

    I wanna get my yell on like Kanye West.

  • tha winner is…

    175 dopes to 50 nopes I wonder why J. Cole got more?

  • Left Coast

    Look at the responses on this and all he did was perform a few songs at a concert. If you didn’t attend, you can’t be a critic. AND NO ITS NOT HIP HOP, its just fucking music. You think a bunch of rock fans who never listen to hip hop say the same thing? Only you dumb ass close minded people. We don’t know, we’ll see if the album is good. This rest is just fact.

  • highlight this

    J Cole got more because we actually got to heard his stuff in full quality and got to judge th music. Dont worry when a single of yeezus will be posted there will be at least a thounsand hit…

  • highlight this

    Marty you are talking about stronger ? Dont feel the same to me though… We havent heard the full quality sound but I fear that it’l sound : TTOUUUU–TOUUU-TOUU-TOU-TOU TOUUUUU-TOUU-TOU-TOU…. Pitbull generic bridge techno sound lol

  • Kanye Don’t care about sales on this one. He also does not give a fuck about what any of us think lol Born sinner will be the better album hands down. Musically kanye has it on lock.. Always has since 808’s. I can see that i am a God might grow on us. Might have a couple bangers on there but it’ll just be another Ye album to add to his catalog. Some are gonna hate some are gonna love it. But i will applaud Yeezus for doing what the fuck HE wanted to do. And as an artist what more can ya as fo?

  • JPM


    Do you even listen to music? lol This sounds nothing like Trap, EDM or Keef.. Not at all, not one bit. Learn your shit before you say things about it