ScHoolboy Q – Collard Greens f. Kendrick Lamar (prod. THC)

blame it on Illy June 10, 2013

Groovy Q’s new single alongside K. Dot arrived on iTunes tonight. oxymoron, on the way.

Co-produced by Gwen Bunn. MixedByAli.

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  • JohnSecada

    Kendrick is a muthafuckin joker lol!!

  • mike


    Hope schoolboy comes through once again with oxymoron.

    H&C was such a sick album, went a little under the radar

  • 5Ft.Deep

    Hmm not sure how I feel about this song yet. May have to grow on me

  • KendrickFan

    i gave it a thumbs down just because i wanted more Kendrick on this beat!!!

  • j

    fuckin lol at kendrick

  • mike

    @KendrickFan that’s pretty wack. go listen to a Kendrick track ft. Schoolboy Q then…

  • Truth

    Kendrick >>> Q

  • SchoolBoyQ has 0000 Lyrics


    Can we all agree Q’s lyrics are useless to listen to?

  • Ghost of Christopher Wallace

    track is dope. Nothing great tho. But Kendrick killed it in Spanish lmao and I must say it’s been a great year hip-hop/rap so far. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing now, nothing sounds the same.

  • Kd

    FUCKING DOPE. Fuck everything

  • j-iDontGivA

    I’m not feeling any of the records Q has released for Oxymoron. I need a go in type of record like nightmare on Figg st. I understand this is his first major label release so the label got him on a we need them hits or your albums not coming out tip but still yay, yay and collard greens ain’t popping. I’m a give the homie a dope just because I haven’t heard every song yet before I make a judgment. I still need to hear Eat with Danny brown and Druggy with Hoes Trois with Ab-soul. He said his album was going to be a classic now back it up with some dope shit Q. Damn.

  • 10x

    another recycle bin classic from schoolboy way

  • 10x

    another recycle bin classic from schoolboy q on the way

  • Jonesy Stark

    Nah, cuh. This I ain’t feeling. Still looking forward to the album, have yet to be disappointed by Q on a full length project since SetBacks. Yay Yay and Hell of A Night (hope that makes Oxymoron) were both heaters. This joint just ain’t hittin’ for me though.

  • Real Shit

    Schoolboy music has zero substance. He raps about a bunch of nothing & all his music is only good for 1 listen.No reply value whatsoever. Stick to doing features with Asap. You’re trash as fuck my nig.

  • song sucks ppl


  • runt

    ScHoolboy isn’t a lyricist like Kendrick or Ab-Soul, but he brings energy to the mic and he always has incredible production to back him up.

    Habits & Contradictions didn’t really have any deep songs, but it was dope as fuck because Q’s a funny dude and picks great beats.

    If you want ScHoolboy to blow you away with incredible lyrics, you’ll be disappointed. If you don’t listen with those expectations, you’ll enjoy his shit.

    • Jazmin

      Habits & Contradictions no deep songs? You just made that up.

  • markaveli

    scHoolboy, kendrick, THC always come correct……

  • Mt

    This shit is hot. Fuck all these “real rip hop” fags. That’s clearly not what this song was made for.

  • Collard greens < chicken & waffles shoulda been the track

    Blessed, birds & the bees >

  • :

    What. Is. This. Shit

  • three2one

    so ya’ll be coming to Q’s shit expecting Illmatic or something??? Q makes party/gangsta/smoke to music he ain’t tryna make ya head explode from lyricism

    • Bblock


  • Schoolboy isn’t trying to be lyrical though… not everything has to be.
    Just put this into your list of bangers for the summer and move on

  • three2one

    Q tryna get you out your seats singing along & having a good time, not sitting down & thinking.

  • Mt

    Fuck these holier than thou ass niggas. Go listen to statik selektah or some shit

  • JHP

    K. Dot killed it

  • meee

    i was excited for the album until i heard this…

  • groovy Q

    THC brings the heat!

    TDE inhouse producers >>>>>> any other producers doing it right now

  • NoWuff

    What chyall talking bout? ScHoolboy sounds great on this track. If every track on the album is on this level (given, a little more substance from Q) it will be a classic.

    • realtalk™

      The word classic is thrown around far too loosely these days..

  • aNdUsAyChIcItY

    Schoolboy Q never disappoints. Y’all tripping expecting him to blow you away lyrically. He’s the Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the Black Hippy TDE crew. Brings energy, original shit, hot beats, and FUNNNNNN!!!! Something that is seriously lacking in hip hop today.

  • j1

    I must be listening to the wrong shit cuz this shit was slight bruh, dope beat tho


    This album is going to be garbage .

    You nerds really impressed with all the leaks from his new horrible album?

    SchoolBoyQ please do all of us a favor and retire from HIP HOP .

  • jwiii

    this dope.

  • Eddy

    I got a good feeling about oxymoron cause yay yay & this song are dope as fuck! Q killed this shit & Kendrick was fucking hilarious in spanish and killed his verse too.

  • Kendrick and schoolboy q jus need to release a Mixtape together or jus TDE in general

  • MusicHead

    Bet 100 dollars … ScHoolboy Q drops a gangster classic, period. Any songs like this will be deluxe bonus tracks .. The end. Setbacks was great & Habits & Contradictions was a modern day classic. Peace, you hating ass niggas.

  • I’m officially geeked to hear the album now…

  • adolfmayne

    h&c was okay but people on here overhype it way too much

  • @MusicHead

    Just about anything is a ‘classic’ for you lames these days… No wonder hip hop is in such a desparate state.

    ScHoolboy Q is aiight, but using his name and the word ‘classic’ in the same sentence is just blasphemy, for real.

  • SMh

    I’m a ScHoolboy Q fan but lets be real if anybody not from the TDE camp made a song like this the dope to nope ratio would be reversed.

  • flo

    god some of you faggots jump to conclusions so fast. you haven’t even saw the track list, stfu already.

    i like the song. i think it will get better after time the more you listen to it.

  • LS

    They rode the fuck outta the bass line….skill

  • JFK

    A “classic” is based on one’s opinion. Who says this can’t be a classic? Q admits he isn’t a lyricist. He knows how to make good music. Period.

  • M0ns!er

    I’m pretty disappointed with this joint. But let’s see what the album turns into. Maybe it has a lot of dope songs. I’m still excited to hear the full project but i have to agree with SMh any artist outside TDE (not being Kanye) would get downvoted to hell


    Kendrick made this song

  • Blair

    kendrick has an ill perception of how to flow on different beats, amazing… but Q was disappointing

  • colemaidd

    Well, Kendrick saved this song with an icnredible verse

  • MusicHead

    Like I said ScHoolboy Q is going to make the 2013 modern day Get Rich Or Die Trying Schoolboy Q will make a classic & H&C WAS COLD AS FUCK ..ARE Y’ALL REALLY SERIOUS B!? FOH ! I’ve been not really hype or too crazy on none of the singles so far but one thing I do know Q ALWAYS bring it when it comes to his albums..that MF GON BE HARD!

  • killed it

    i dont know man but i cudnt listen to it all the way through… who was on it?! kendrick school boy killed it though

  • killed it

    *instant classic *

  • da_goat

    Everything y’all are saying was said about ASAP ROCKY. When his cd dropped it killed everything(still murdering albums). This shit is hard. The beat is cold as ice. Q is getting off. He gave us what he said to expect: real gangsta music. Music that thumps as your driving down any hood. This actually reminds me of more upbeat Swimming Pools song. TDE as a camp is spoiling folk now a days. Oxymoron is gonna be phenomenal this summer.

  • runt


    Yes H&C didn’t really have deep songs! I didn’t make that up.

    It only had Sacrilegious, My Homie, Blessed, My Hatin’ Joint. Everything else was gangsta/party music. Tell me what other songs were deep, I dare you.

  • Frost

    Not a fan of the production…

    Kendrick was meh…

    overall just not my style…

  • FuckKanye

    wow…people actually rate this bullshit?…these frauds are on thier way out…shitty as fuck.

  • kl

    he delivered a great hook
    Q delivers great music period. Beat was fire

  • RoshaneRonan

    This is hot. The beat is different, a good different. Listen to it a few times, you’ll catch the bounce eventually if you didn’t the first time.

  • Yawkboyz

    When is 2DBZ gonna post Spirit & Opportunity?

  • stop

    This song is stupid, like most of his songs. I don’t get schoolboy and his appeal to people.

  • friendsbfriends

    i am so bored

  • Miso

    Somebody actually said that “TDE inhouse producers >>>>>> any other producers doing it right now…” That shit almost made a nigga angry.

  • peter lucas

    this shit wack nigga

  • Jimmy I

    Y’all have no idea what good music is that’s not turn up or ratchet music. Ignorance is Bliss

  • fredo

    i mean Q aint lyrical at all but his songs got party vibe n wat not.. this song not bad.. his lyrics are just bad and kendrick is overrated af.. wiating to hear his record with the gwad mc ab-soul

  • smh

    Q the weakest nigga in TDE. No replay value music making ass nigga. This shit boring & weak af. A bunch of nothing on a beat.

  • smh

    Lol this nigga schooboy q just in the way

  • angryrapman

    Yeah Wale also had a classic with Ambition…FOH

    Classic is a near irrelevant word nowadays.

  • robi

    this song is better than every single song on born sinner AND this is a throwaway track from q

  • jhock420

    kendrick is still the best.

  • three2one

    If anybody ever wants to know why hip-hop will never rise as a genre & become bigger than Rock & Roll or Pop, all they have to do is come to the C-Section. Every hip-hop fan swears that their opinion is the end all be all, and that music isn’t ENTERTAINMENT! Would you watch a movie that bores the fuck outta you!? NO! So why would you want to hear music that doesn’t entertain you in any way? Whether it be by making you laugh, dance, cry, think, etc. music is to entertain you! Stop thinking hip-hop is supposed to beat your brain up with punchlines & metaphors every line, yes 2pac, Biggie, Nas, Rakim, Jay & others were known for making meaningful as well as ill ass lyrical songs, but they loved to get people out of their seats & have a good time too (How Do You Want It, I Get Around, Hypnotize, Big Poppa, If I Ruled The World, Respect The Technique, & damn near any Jay-Z single) that’s why the party tracks are usually singles cause fun is a feeling that appeals to everybody! Except “real hip-hop fans” who think people like to sit down at parties & have their mind blown by lyricism, rather than relieve themselves of stress & have fun to a good beat, a ill flow, and fun lyrics. There’s still the whole album for a artist to showcase their skill let them have fun on 1 song damn. Some MCs like to take the stress off of somebody’s day by making fun music (Snoop Dogg, Q, Problem, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa) some like to make you think & open your mind (Immortal Technique, Mos Def, Common, Jay Electronica) some like to show off their lyrics & skill (Nas, Ab-soul, Kendrick, J. Cole) but it’s all to entertain you in some way. You hip-hop fans these days swear MCs owe you something, THE FUCK DO THEY OWE YOU!? They’re leaving their families & putting all their time in to entertain you, stop being ungrateful & enjoy what’s being giving to you basically for free these days since they give you free mixtapes & you greedy ass people have the audacity to bootleg their retail projects & complain about $10 then criticize when MCs choose to go pop! They’re going somewhere where they are appreciated and respected, but hip-hop fans are too selfish to see that.

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    Q needs 2 words to make you feel.
    Kendrick needs 2 bars.
    Q is energy and soul.
    Kendrick is lyricism

    stop beign a bitch crying ,THE WHOLE TDE IS CRAZY

  • QBN

    Q is a hype man.. just like Ol Dirty Bastard, every crew has that one guy that doesn’t really have lyrics like that, but he brings energy and vibes. Y’all acting like TDE don’t run L.A..

  • comeon

    um am i the only one who thinks q is lyrical? i swear man so many lyrical ass rappers get called trash on this blog, i bet by idiots who dont catch all the clever wordplay and shit , fools ooo you didnt understand a couple bars so the niggas wack ? yeah ok

  • three2one

    ^^^^^^^THANK YOU

  • marty mcfly

    @three2one, you said alot of stuff and thats cool but there are MCs that can do both at once, meaning have dope lyrics and have music that people wanna have fun to at the same time. Jus saying

  • three2one

    @marty mcfly I’m not saying there’s not that’s why i said what i said about Jay, Nas & them. What i’m saying is “real hip-hop” fans want every MC to make 90s NY street boom bap hip-hop all day every day & expect that to be the only thing selling or the only thing people want to hear & if any artist doesn’t do that they say they’re wack, they’re not “real hip-hop” or they sold out.

  • three2one

    & me as a hip-hop fan i hate when artists don’t have good rhymes, when i say “fun” lyrics i mean carefree lyrics but of course it should still be dope, there’s no reason for someone to be rhyming if they’re not trying to be creative, but it doesn’t have to be big l level punchlines or nas level story telling, creative doesn’t mean mind blowing, not everybody’s capable of that level of creativity, but as long as you can catch the creativity why not respect it as well as enjoy it.

  • xo-overdose

    better than 95% of songs leaking out of rapper’s anuses at the moment. #fuxwit

  • Eric Cendejas

    Typical banger from TDE, it’s a fresh air of nice production and flows.. West side back up in this beyaitch.

  • skiler415

    I am a huge schoolboy fan. Hands down, but this beat is wack. My boy went of on Hell of a night, but this is wack. FUCK WAT YA HERD. NO Dick ridin round here!

    Even though its wack. I still dont hate and hit thumbs down. Thats for bitches.

  • j2fly

    the beat makes this track. some of you are dumb as fuck.

  • bstyles

    dr suess flow


    Real shit the majority of the people commenting about how wack Q is an how Kendrick’s verse was amazing didn’t even start listening to either one of them before GKMC so your opinions are irrelevant Stop Dick Riding Kendrick and just enjoy TDE’s Music

  • yep

    Sounds too poppy for Schoolboy Q.

  • aye

    I see people dissing the beat but it’s not the beat that’s wack, its the hook that’s wack.

  • Ill. Q albums gonna be sick. cool kendrick verse too. love those two together, woulda been an ill song for a soul verse

  • haha….

  • BenjaminKLaughlin

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  • Ellis

    K. Dot…..
    enough said…


    OH OH

  • adolfmayne

    Dam not one metion of jay rock