• CoolCat

    Shits weak. Wale energy picks up in the 3rd verse but the hook and beat are just boring. Yet to here a good cut from his album yet (Bad was for the chicks).

  • http://www.motahiphop.com MotaHipHop.com

    Light it up!!!!!

  • orangechickenkatsu

    la flame!!!

  • Grimzz

    Not bad...

  • LOL

    Nigga trying to sound like Cudi

  • Squaaaaaaaaddd

    Jcole born sinner >

  • http://instagram.com/kylejwp Bizzy

    I absolutely love this as a song, but I just don't see how it's going to fit into the album :/

  • http://morefuckingart.tumblr.com/ mayoooo

    this shit is horrible wtf

  • j cole sucks he has to be the worst rapper ever

    j coles born sinner sucks this sucks kills every song that idiot j cole makes and thats the truth faggots

  • j cole sucks he has to be the worst rapper ever

    this song ** not this sucks

  • http://www.openmindimagery.com @SirJhoss

    Should've given this beat to The Weeknd.

  • coop

    I'll be writing plenty papers to this song... perfect song to zone out and get shit done to