Kanye West Talks Yeezus, Fatherhood, Regrets w/ The New York Times

blame it on Shake June 11, 2013

With just days ticking to ’til the release of his much anticiapted LP, Yeezus, Kanye — who really does these — did an interview with The New York Times at the Shangri-la Studio while adding the final touches to his upcoming album. ‘Ye spoke on the LP, parenthood, Rick Rubin, winning GRAMMYs, regrets, and plenty more.

On winning GRAMMY Awards:
“I really appreciate the moments that I was able to win rap album of the year or whatever. But after a while, it’s like: “Wait a second; this isn’t fair. This is a setup.” I remember when both Gnarls Barkley and Justin [Timberlake] lost for Album of the Year, and I looked at Justin, and I was like: “Do you want me to go onstage for you? You know, do you want me to fight”

On My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:
“Dark Fantasy” was my long, backhanded apology. You know how people give a backhanded compliment? It was a backhanded apology. It was like, all these raps, all these sonic acrobatics. I was like: “Let me show you guys what I can do, and please accept me back. You want to have me on your shelves.”

On regret:
“I don’t have one regret… I think that I have like, faltered, you know, as a human. My message isn’t perfectly defined. I have, as a human being, fallen to peer pressure.”

On him and Kim Kardashian’s child:
“Well, I just don’t want to talk to America about my family. Like, this is my baby. This isn’t America’s baby.”

On working with Rick Rubin:
“I’m still just a kid learning about minimalism, and he’s a master of it. It’s just really such a blessing, to be able to work with him. I want to say that after working with Rick, it humbled me to realize why I hadn’t — even though I produced “Watch the Throne”; even though I produced “Dark Fantasy” — why I hadn’t won Album of the Year yet.”

On being in love:
“Yeah, that’s what I mean when I say like, “Yo, I’m going to be super Zenned out like, five years from now.” I’m the type of rock star that likes to have a girlfriend, you know? I’m the type of soul that likes to be in love and likes to be able to focus. And that inspires me.”

On Yeezus:
“This album is moments that I haven’t done before, like just my voice and drums. What people call a rant — but put it next to just a drumbeat, and it cuts to the level of, like, Run-D.M.C. or KRS-One. The last record I can remember — and I’m going to name records that you’ll think are cheesy — but like, J-Kwon, “Tipsy.” People would think that’s like a lower-quality, less intellectual form of hip-hop, but that’s always my No. 1.”

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  • MLK Jr.

    Put a mask on his head and he thinks he’s a slave. LOL

  • hip hop fan

    @MLK Jr. — you should read the lyrics & the meaning behind the lyrics of “New Slaves” via, in order to get an understanding of what he meant by that song. I have a greater appreciation for the song, because of it. Don’t take everything for face value, most rap songs have layered/multiple meanings behind them. It isn’t all mindless, meaningless music.

  • soTrue

    @kanye, “This isn’t America’s baby”. Yes, American’s don’t want to see or hear anything about your baby but unfortunately you had a baby with a kardashian so your baby will be pimped out to media and on the news and shit. America doesn’t care about your baby but those kardashian will profit off her ass to eternity and put it in our faces until we get sick of that shit. Your baby is the newest cast member of their horrible and shitty reality show and you know it.

  • Jem

    lol @ Kanye aspiring to the level of J-Kwon

  • bllazeb

    ^^^^ That’s probably why he put chief keef on his record.


    @soTrue Do you really think Kanye came on 2DBZ and read yo lil faggot ass comment LOL! Boy you just want some attention

  • soTrue

    @go to sleep, I already know the irony of addressing kanye dumb ass but you must not understand it or probably don’t understand the word irony. Seems like your teachers in school failed you or for worse you were too stupid to comprehend basic knowledge.

  • nc0310

    LOLOLOLOLOL J-Kwon??? Wtf has the world come to?

  • Truth Siren

    This lame nigga needs to be regretting having a baby by that super whore I mean what ah fuckin idiot

  • Mac Dre

    I wish they would’ve asked him about Cruel Summer and Cruel Winter. I would’ve liked to hear how he felt about the reaction and to confirm/deny the rumors, respectively. It seems like they’re trying to act like it didn’t exist…

  • Mac Dre

    Also, that J-Kwon comment was super weird. I wish they could’ve asked him more about DONDA.

  • D

    Yeah, interviewer sucked. Asked extremely lazy questions.

  • Truth

    Could this nigga come across any more unlikable?!

    Dude probably jerks off in a white room surrounded by mirrors, staring at himself until he climaxes.

  • Smh

    ^^^ I never understood why people hate when a man loves himself….So what Kanye thinks the world of himself WTF does that have to do with you

    You must hate yourself to be jealous of a man who loves himself

  • if you guys didn’t bump ‘tipsy’ at any party or in your whip… you’re just frontin’. not that i condone yeezy’s comment but ‘tipsy’ was that joint back in the day.

  • MewLover34

    ^Like yeah, are we honestly on here pretending that beat wasn’t hard as fuck?

  • xyz123

    I get what he’s saying about Tipsy.. The song is genius with it’s minimalism.. It’s only drums, and a single synth melody.. Plus a catchy hook. It was great in terms of minimalism.

  • your bloggers favorite blogger

    01. On Sight
    02. Black Skinhead
    03. I Am A God (Featuring God)
    04. New Slaves
    05. Hold My Liqour (Feat. Chief Keef)
    06. I’m In It
    07. Blood On The Leaves
    08. Guilt Trip
    09. Send It Up (Feat. King L)
    10. Bound 2

  • No Chains Slave

    Everybody keep talking about kanye is a great producer out of 10 songs he probably produced 1 or 2 tops. 3 to 4 is Daft Punk, 1 is Mike Dean, 1 is S1, 1 is Travis Scott, 1 is Hudson Mohawke and 1 is Arca. How many songs does that leave kanye west 1 maybe 2 records he produced? Give credit to where credit is due to the producers not kanye and Rick Rubin had his hands all over his album. Kanye, great status and genius status is nothing but a falsehood.

  • What I never understood abt ppls perception and opinions of his woman of choice. I mean, you ppl say the most outlandish shit as if you knw this woman. Tear her apart as if she isn’t new to this type of bullshit you create, via hate. Do any ONE of you know Kim K, personally? Had a past relationship with her? Is she even human?

    For that in your eyes, as if your judgement matters, say the most dumbest yet fucked up shit abt her and KAnye, whn it shouldn’t even be like that. Check it out, hindsight 20/20 if you were in this man’s shoes. They get this type of backlash everyday in wkly magazines, blogs, and more than most idiots who haven’t had a relationship with a woman, smh. For that, if you want to speak honestly, how many men have the girl you’re with or a woman you’ve been with, how many men has SHE gone out with? How many dicks have she had inside her? Seems hypocritical if you ask me, pointing out a female’s sexual resume yet you hide behind your own insecurities abt yours, smh.

    When it all boils down to it, what does this damn music sound like. That’s the whole purpose, should be at least, behind actually making a comment. Whoever he’s in love with hate it or love but dman it’s been abt what? Over 1-2yrs now? I want to know how this album sounds like, his inspiration behind it, and how he thinks abt becoming a newly father. Fuck all the dumb shit, seriously.

  • FuckKanye

    Kanye is a homo, the KunTRASHIan thing is all for publicity, Kanye loves dick not nasty, used up, stank Amernian vagina from a worthless whore.

  • Say my name 3 times and die

    LMAO @ ill son, the kardashains call the paparazzi so when they are going anywhere they are right there to get their picture taken. It is apart of their profit machine. Not to mention they use it JUST to make money. who you know fuck a dude put a tape out and make a career with no talent to neither of their names. I could understand if she was a musician, an artist or anything but she and they are not. But check this out at least her and kanye’s child can watch their mother have sex with someone who isn’t her father. Oh, that’s not good. Imagine when she finds that out or when kids make fun of her for that. Hate to be that kid. You sound like you kanye himself defending the whore.

  • MY comment still stands, no matter what or how someone tries to confide frm the truth. Is she not human? How many men have the women of your past fucked? If not your current woman of choice? Just cuz the one you’re with doesn’t mean she never had no whore ways or the women before her. So, if you attck Kim attack them, too. But, it’s easier for you to attack Kim for that she’s famous. OH! Plus you would never meet her in your life whether you want or not. So, you would NEVER say any of this shit to her face, especially with Kanye being there. Say what you want abt the woman, it doesn’t make lose slp, seriously.

    I just think it’s amazing how you can talk abt this woman yet dnt tlk abt the female’s of your past, smh. Especially to their face if you do. So TYPE AWAY the hate, smh. Yet AGAIN, how does this equate anything towards the music? It don’t, just idiotic conversation abt NOTHING dealing with the damn title of this page, smh.

  • gregory kruxx.

    @No Chains Slave. You are clearly an idiot who lacks musical knowledge. Only in Hip hop is the beat maker considered the sole producer and in reality that still isnt even the case. Traditionally the producer does more than make the beat. The Producer is in a way the conductor, the arranger..etc etc…There are beatmakers and then there are producers..Kanye may not make beats anymore but he is by far one of illest producers out there right now. And he was when he was making beats as well…Thats why Dre still gets the respect he does. He may not make all his own beats anymore but he is a Producers Producer. SMH.. too many ignorant cats on this blog…
    You think Quincy Jones plays and performs everything he produced??!!?? SMH..Ignorant…Yall need to know what you are actually talking about before you open your mouth..Fukin America. ..God how we have become quite stupid in this country.

  • No Chains Slave

    ^^^^ dumb ass dre and Quincy produces there own music. Stop trying to compare garbage ass kanye to the greats like Dr. Dre and Quincy Jones dumb ass. God how stupid SOME have become.

  • @no chains slave – that’s what he said, dummy! He was trying to explain to you that a beat maker and a producer are two different things. Smh. You fail again, lol.

  • Say my name 3 times

    @ill son, You acting like kanye is hard and shit. why niggaz be fronting and shit. kanye has never been in a fight with anybody but the paparazzi and all he do was break a dude’s camera. Oh, I’m scared. How many women are whores? How many guys are too? No ones sexual history is more front and center than ol’girls, um I mean whores and not every female has a sex tape or films themselves having sex. The ones that do are whores. Oh, and last times I checked she was human wow thanks for pointing that out. So that comparison to try and humanize her sounds stupid. She is a whore a prostitute who saw Paris Hilton profit off of a sex tape release and she went and followed suit. she also didn’t like the way she looked so she had a lot and I mean a lot of plastic surgery. There is nothing impressive about her and last time I checked many people have bashed her to her face in public and even threw powder at her ass. You acting like that whore is untouchable because what? kanye get the fuck out of here. Nobody scared of little ol’kanye. The only thing his ass knows how to do is talk shit and rant and steal microphones out the hands of defenseless little white girls. He would never do that shit to a real man and never will. Matter of fact he would never do that shit to a black woman.

  • No Chains Slave

    @yeah, last time I checked his argument made no sense. My original comment is based off of confirmed producers off his album not beatmakers dumb ass. If he is saying the producer does more than make the beat then guess what he proves my point that kanye did not produce the majority of his own album. Beat makers, producers producer you mean like needing to get Rick rubin to pull all his shit together, his words. He relied heavily on a lot of other PRODUCERS for this album. FACT. If you misconstrued my original comment then truly you are quite a dumb ass who is only trying to defend such a wack producer by trying to put words in my comments. Last time I checked I didn’t say beat maker retard, I said producer.


    Public Enemy is featured on the album

  • KRoc

    @Say my name 3 times and your also acting like your hard and shit. In honesty? You don’t know her, just what the media portrays her as. In actuality, she has done NOTHING to you, yet you go off like the chick literally stole cash straight from your wallet. And talk about Kanye like his doing something wrong. His a talented individual, and the reason he gets this kind of exposure and is everywhere is because the public want to know, people want to know. Grow the fuck up dude.

  • ear2ear

    @no chains slave

    Dr. Dre DOESN’T make all his own beats. Go look at the production credits for 2001 and same goes for Quincy. Mel Man, Scott Storch etc etc all were producers on that album. Lol you’re an idiot. Know what you’re talking about before you make a statement. Kanye, Dre, Quincy, these are mogul producers. They have teams that produce with them. You really think Dre’s 50 year old ass is still sitting in the studio looking for the perfect loop to his next single? hahaha, grow up you jackass. Much different than Just Blaze, Dilla, Madlib, Boida…who are beat making producers.

  • Dr. Strange

    Amazing how people click on a link of someone they don’t like just to talk shit. Hate him all you want, but Kanye’s the most consistent artists in any music genre, let alone in hip-hop history (especially as far as his solo albums are concerned). Dude has dropped masterpiece after masterpiece. The only hip-hop artist (with at least 3 albums) I can think of that has shown close to that same consistency is Outkast.

  • Dr. Strange

    Should be: “Kanye’s one of the most consistent artists in any music genre, and the most consistent in hip-hop history.”

  • Say My Name 3 Times

    @KRoc, of course I don’t know her. I never said I did. and in terms of acting hard on the internet I don’t need to so the thought of doing so is pointless. You said her image is media created. Your wrong. Bitch put out a sex tape, one that was planned. That therefore makes her a whore. And on another fact she has no talent or does anything impressive with her life. Is that media created? No. This is my opinion you may disagree but again I could careless. My comment stands she’s a whore.

  • Sinner’s Parade

    @Dr. strange, you said, “Amazing how people click on a link of someone they don’t like just to talk shit.”

    We are voicing our opinions but because we ain’t dickriding like a lot of other cats on here you stans act like we saying nonsense. You like him and his music = an opinion. I don’t like his music = my opinion. Go to if you want a dickriding love fest.

  • No Chains Slave

    @ear2ear, trying to shit on Dre is not going to work. And as I said who the fuck is talking about beat makers. I said producers dumb ass. Another dumb ass jumps into a convo looking stupid.

  • A+ Music

    I want the late registration kanye back.

  • FuckKanye

    lol at this brainless moron defending that whore…how did she get her start in showbiz bro?…the writing is on the the fucking wall?

    Fuck Kanye
    Fuck The Kardashians
    Fuck Jay-Z
    Fuck Beyonce

  • Rotflmao

    Heh heh heh…All I see are retards…Kanye’s a Millionaire. So’s Kim…Your ignorant comments won’t change that.