SLV (Joe Budden x Emanny) – Not Need Yours (5AM in The Friend Zone)

Joe Budden SLV gives us one over Drake's "5AM In Toronto."

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  • rew

    why do rappers keep rapping over this weak ass beat? because it's a drake beat? if this was a lil b beat would these niggas think this beat was hot? hell no. fucking sheep.

  • really doe

    whats up with all the dope votes? this whack ass off key singing is fucking ASS, where old mouse at

  • triPAUD

    theres 4 mixtapes, and 3 albums of old joey. go listen to those

  • smh

    @tripaud you're only allowed to say that when he sells out and make pop music. when he makes ass like this, we as fans who grew up with MOUSE can call this shit ass