• http://www.motahiphop.com MotaHipHop.com

    Dope artwork!!

  • http://Kanyetothe.com/forum Trill

    lol the artwork fucking sucks.. someone call up the goons on KTT to make a better one

  • Chris

    haha dope 2 chainz artwork

  • Jav

    Wale is a sell out though. And this song could of used kid cudi.

  • http://vladtv Jaydtheprince

    Artwork>>> Song < it'll grow on me though. I'm sure of it

  • Cloud 9

    wtf happened to wale "100 miles and runnin'" was fuckin sick. ever since he got signed his lyrics declined dramatically. this has happened to so many artist . BOB, TI, Lil Wayne (after Carter 2) Drake (when he used to rap with slum village) and now wale. I'm praying it doesnt happened to j cole.

  • HtineGreg

    This joint goes man. at this point i'm expecting Wale to have the best album of Kanye, Cole, and Mac maybe a little too much expectation?