J. Cole – New York Times f. 50 Cent & Bas

blame it on Shake June 12, 2013

With June 18th only six days away and Born Sinner up for pre-sale on iTunes, J. Cole gave the Dopehouse the green light to share a bonus track off the Deluxe Version that features 50 Cent and Dreamville’s hidden talent Bas (who recently dropped a new project, Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. 2). It’s a Queens thing.

  • true

    every other hiphop site got the green light too.

  • JR


    Tru but Shake is a faggot who thinks he’s cool

  • Mexz

    Cole’s throwaways are better than any of the Yeezus snippets so far….Yikes!

    “Now this is awkward…”

  • soulo hoe

    fiddy can still drop a chorus

  • RealNiggaShitRNS

    “J. Cole gave the Dopehouse the green light to share a bonus track”

    Is Shake’s way of saying he’s that important lmao… Although he most likely gave the green light to everybody.

  • DX

    Cole shittin’ on YE I hope you guys aren’t in denial I’m a fan of both but it’s not even close. Those other 6-7 songs gotta be hella dope to even put em(albums) in the same breath. Niggas downfall is always a woman I bet Ye never makes those classics again all that shit he dropped is str8 boo boo. Anyway Hov is pocketing from both…

  • DX

    Also, no way Ye pulls a Justin Timberlake. Not with that music and skin tone.

  • Cole’s Victory Lap

    Who you know get fifty on a hook. Damn! Bas is coming. Cole take your victory lap. Quarter water is the shit.

  • Swagu

    Bas is wack… he’s super average. Action Bronson in his place wouldve been dope.

  • Dr drew

    This is kinda boring


    go listen to some house then^ . this is hip-hop, not fist pump music

  • jwiii

    should’ve been NAS or Lloyd Banks. Bas needs vocal work. plus this album is lacking lyrically. still a fun listen

  • nito

    This is the best hook 50 has done in years.

  • Chris

    Why do you guys always gotta equate album sales with skin color? Lil Wayne sold 1mil in the first week with Tha Carter III; and he’s black right? This is similar to the argument between piracy and box office sales, Avatar has grossed almost $3 billion in sales yet it’s one of the most pirated movies ever!

  • Quality

    Surely this song (minus Bas) could have replaced one of those interludes on the album? Great song! 50 always been good at hooks.

  • NoWuff

    This shit really isn’t that original… Cole = Same old, same old

  • ?

    Born sinner deluxe edition is fireee!! 10/10

  • Truth

    No way Kanye is doing 1 mil first week.

    The only people who don’t hate and despise Kanye are his stans. And rightly so, regardless of what you think of his music, he is a massive cunt. That NY interview was almost a parody of himself.

  • B


  • marty mcfly

    You fools clownin on Kanye talking about how he aint going platinum his first week but is fucking Sideline Story platinum yet almost two years after its release? LOL

  • flo

    all the faggots that come here just to hate are obviously lonely shit holes that have no life.. pretty sad

  • flo

    talking about the site and ahake on general.

  • Rosebudd

    I don’t care what these niggas do with their lives I just want good music

  • Ez

    Take that back…false alarm

  • kevincali

    yeezus album leaked. saw that coming

  • bbk

    yezus leaked ??

  • Cuervo

    This track is missing a lloyd banks verse

  • marty mcfly

    Guys, I just downloaded the Born Sinner leak and that shit is bad ass. I want to take the time to apologize for being such a massive cunt and dick riding Kanye all this time. I was wrong.

    P.S. I like throbbing dicks in my turd cutter.

  • Cee

    I listened to the Born Sinner album and I didnt enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I think the beats just didnt interest me much. I dont know how this ended up as a bonus even though it sounds better than most of the other songs I heard on the album.

  • Rosebudd

    This should have featured Nas but I guess with 50 on this that couldn’t happen

  • J COLE flopped

  • RapPizzaNikesHomies

    Didn’t he use a similar sample in “Breakdown”?

  • Kevin B. Marshall

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  • adi Pre

    Sample does sound similar to Breakdown, but either way fucking DOPE.