Joey Bada$$ – 95 Til Infinity (prod. Lee Bannon)

blame it on Illy June 12, 2013

With his Summer Knights EP originally slated to be released to the masses today but will instead be pushed back to a later date, Joey Bada$$ doesn’t leave us hanging and gives us the Lee Bannon-produced “95 Til Infinity.”

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  • Famous

    shit is horrible.. what a waste of a good beat.
    nigga need to spit out his gum before recording

  • kiddJewce

    Don’t see how you wouldn’t fuck with this. Hard ass track.

  • resspekliveswithin

    fire..famous bugging..

  • Genesis

    Hahahahaha…. This nigga Joey getting on these beats doing what the fuck he wants to do…. THAT’S THE POINT!…. Fuck staying in some little “New York Renaissance” box people like Famous try to put him in…. DOPE x10…… And that chewing gum flow is PRICELESS!

  • malcyvelli

    lmao this dude snapped but in a bad way on this

  • Adi pre

    No two ways about it this dude is killing shit.

  • Bongwater

    that’s lame I was so excited for this tape today.

  • dominicmsb

    Nice beat……

  • ^^^^^^^^^fuck all these bitch ass niggas^^^^^^^^^^^
    this song is dope, he teared that beat

  • Anybody notice dudes face in the water of the artwork?

  • SforMusic

    how can he go in on a mellow beat ??????????, thats like getting mad at breakfast loool, the nigga’s acting like an onyx nigga on a pharcyde beat, WTH ?????

  • david

    People saying this guy’s one of the leading artists taking this era of hip-hop into a better one? Same they said about Kendrick, both over-rated as fuck

  • ant

    ^david you a dumb lil dood

    yall just so conforming to hating everything and always complaining. just appreciate the good music out there

  • SforMusic

    i like Joey BadAss as much as the next man but u guys just dickride with no background at all. Joey makes good songs but he aint groundbreaking. All he is doing is putting an old sound in a new box in reintroducing to a younger audience.. he is just a young vintage rapper, good for nostalgia but at the end of the day very dated

  • Don

    Nice beat but ehhh

  • T9FTW


  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ Capitol Steez in the water

    As for Joey, he hasnt put out enough material to start fucking around on tracks already. We can all agree 1999 was timeless but so far I havent really been impressed with anything since.

    Bummed the tape was pushed back thou I was looking forward to it…

  • Juicy-G

    omg im dissssssssssapoointed

  • flo

    yall must hate doom

  • jwiii

    reminds me of jay rock. not feeling it. a little too aggressive.
    got bars though

    and he still dropped single of the year unorthodox

  • Its ok. Not like joey is capital steez or nothin.

  • Jordan

    Joey is too nice…one of the best right now. Not sure what you guys are listening to.

  • Jordan

    This is HOT

  • dawd

    Sounds like hes trying to flow like ScHoolBoy Q. I like it tho