Kanye West – Yeezus (Tracklist)

blame it on Meka June 12, 2013

This was recently let loose on a Swedish retail site, so no word on if this is the official tissue. But all I can say is: ten tracks. Features from the likes of Chief Keef, Justin Vernon, Travi$ Scott, “God” and more. June 18th. Head down bottom to take a look at what’s possibly the tracklisting for Kanye’s next project. SHAKE UPDATE: Looks like the titles have been confirmed. Features and production? Still a slight mystery. SHAKE UPDATE 2: Official tracklist with credits added.

01. On Sight [prod. Daft Punk]
02. Black Skinhead [prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.)]
03. I Am A God (feat. Justin Vernon) [prod. Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke (co.), Kanye West (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)]
04. New Slaves (feat. Frank Ocean) [prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Hudson Mohawke (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Kanye West (add.)]
05. Hold My Liquor (feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon) [prod. Young Chop, Mike Dean (co.), Arca (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)]
06. I’m In It (feat. Justin Vernon) [prod. RZA, Travi$ Scott (add.), Mike Dean (add.)]
07. Blood On The Leaves (feat. Tony Williams) [prod. TNGHT, Kanye West (co.), Mike Dean (add.)]
08. Guilt Trip (feat. Kid Cudi) [prod. Symbolyc One, Arca (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Ackeejuice Rockers (co.)]
09. Send It Up (feat. King L & Iamsu) [prod. Gesaffelstein, Arca (co.), Daft Punk (co.), Hudson Mohawke (add.)]
10. Bound (feat. Charlie Wilson) [prod. Kanye West, No I.D., Symbolyc One (co.) The Heatmakerz (co.), Rick Rubin (add.)]

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  • Don

    Leak is coming. . .

  • Mc shithead

    I can’t believe god agreed to hop on a track I thought he was busy not existing

  • KING

    How much y’all wanna bet that “God” is referring to Kanye, cuz of him being a narcissist and all?

  • T-Luv

    Chief Keef on a track called hold my liquor, is dude even 18 yet smh….Doesnt he incriminate himself enough….tracklist looks weak

  • bossmann

    who the fuck else would it be thought god really spit a verse for kanye lmao can’t believe you really went full retard haha

  • ac

    @tluv dont he gotta be 21 and he 17 lol all them gbe niggas bouta be locked up in 2 years

  • Jigga

    How can a track list look tough, besides seeing features? Words don’t equate to what the music actually sounds like.

  • JAyP

    only 10 Tracks? hmmmmM

  • Peezus

    which of these tracks is the TNGHT/Billie Holiday flip – Im in it ?

  • hm

    Agree with @Jigga you can’t judge music by song titles whatsoever?? This tracklist was (is?) on Amazon France as well so might be legit

  • Nerv

    Happy to see but 10 tracks just looks like …. Fuck it Quality > Quantity lets get it Ye.

  • iAmRafy

    Track 3 Features God, Good to him on a track.

  • After hearing J Coles New York Times track with 50 on, im now pretty sure Born Sinner is gona be way way better than this Jeezus album.

    J Cole – New York Times Ft 50 Cent (on the hook)… what a tune, Hip Hop at its finest, at its purest.

  • God

    Will charge good deeds for a verse.

  • Kd

    Damn… I wonder who got the iller verse, God or Ye??

  • simp

    The boy Ye got God to hop on a track. Dope

  • SchoolBoyQ has 0000 Lyrics

    10 songs ?


    I wouldnt doubt he rushed this album…

  • marty mcfly

    @[email protected], Speaking of just “purest” hip hop is that album better then Mac Miller’s honestly as a total package and as far as the straight up raw hip hop sound. Who kept it more hip hop and who watered some of they shit down the most? As far as Kanye, I still aint heard the album but Im guessing the shit thats really bangin on it is gonna be some monster sounding shit. Monster meaning just beast sounding not necessarily like the actual song Monster from his last album. Ten songs of uncut raw shit not 20 songs with fillers and bullshit all over it. Jus sayin

  • checkmate

    Prodigy’s Einstein is probably the most underrated album at the moment. Surely.

  • .

    MICHAEL JACKSON Thriller only had 9 tracks on it


    Yall still gone listen to the album so STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Real Truth

    ^^ Ass. He probably worked harder on those ten songs as opposed to working on 16 during the same amount of time. Quality > Quantity. No filler shit

  • checkmate

    and illmatic

  • check

    9 tracks^

  • esk

    word yo, its gon be chicago’s illmatic youknowwhatimsayin

  • Chief Keef and a folk singer all together on a track? what more can i say? lol

  • g

    This shit is gonna suck

  • J_Sleazy

    No Pusha? Get the fuck outta here.

  • obama

    theres no frank ocean on new slaves its ye himself

  • wait bitches im working on it

  • Kanye said he’s gonna make some shit that we can rock out for a “summer” … He’s not worried about making timeless shit this time around. He just wanna experiment and make bangers for the summer. After the summers over its back to born sinner and nothing was the same (If it drops in time)

  • marty mcfly

    @ jaydtheprince, Yeezus dont sound like no sumer time music thus far and some of the material will still be relevant in the future so it will be timeless in some regard and this will probably be the only album he does that sounds like this. Its most likely his next album will be yet again another completely different type of sound. So Yeezus imo already has some things about it that will live on past just the next couple months.

  • we aint them

    no drake no nicki minaj? dat bullshit

  • the realest

    thats ultra lazy having 10 tracks on a rap album. like for real. could have stole a big sean record for the clubs like he did mercy, a real rap record with jay, and two more tracks from the vault just bcuz. i guess you can call it “fillers” or w.e. idgaf. 4/10 songs on this album is featuring king louie, frank ocean, chief keef and travis scott. you telling me jay-z couldnt make the album? seriously?

    6 tracks is ultra lazy for someone as great as kanye. i dont wanna hear that “less is more” bullshit. not in rap it isnt. he kanye west, not justin timberlake. 808s could be a 10track album. RAP albums arnt TEN tracks. six to be exact.

    kanye fan till the start of this albums campaign a few weeks ago. nigga in a dumb mid-life crisis. his nxt album after the baby, been with kim a while and had time to grow the fuck up will be better. this is just attention-sloring and half-assing at it highest level cuz he EATIN and aint hungry no more.

    and for the record, less songs featuring “God”, and more songs.. period. kanye not getting away with this shit after that cruel summer.

  • .

    @we aint them Nicki is on a sample on one the songs

  • Nas, Top 3 Greatest


    Any comparison to illmatic or even a Chicago’s Illmatic is retarded. Slit your wrist and die dumb asses. Comparing Nas to kanye body of work is like comparing a cockaroach to a human better yet a man to a God.

  • the realest is a faggot

    @the realest On every Knaye post you are always hating saying negative shit smh

    Just admit you a Ye hater damn LOL!


    @Nas, Top 3 Greatest Please KILL YOURSELF

    • derrick

      Mbdtf the greatest album of all time top 5 rappers of all time is kanye,nas, em,pac,and lupe


    NEW YE


    Hot garbage.

  • ComeOnNow

    I’m convinced some of you are getting paid by Kanye. How the fuck can you deem something a “classic” or “tough” by viewing a damn track list? I am a Kanye fan but ill reserve judgement until I hear the leak(not saying i wont buy, the leak is inevitable though). Track lists tell you, at most, something about the concept, direction and based on features,MAYBE an idea of what the sound will be like. How people know this album will be the best of the year is beyond me. He is good but he isn’t Jordan good that’s to say we don’t know for sure this album will be the best of the year.

  • Nas, Top 3 Greatest

    @NIGGA WHAT YOU SMOKING, take kanye’s dick out your mouth, bitch.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, STFU cause if ten songs is lazy then you go make ten songs right now thats even close to the standard of a Kanye West and then come back and tell us when your done. Imo most times when you shave the filler bullshit off an album is most cases you gonna end up with ten dope songs or even less. Have solid ten songs is dope period and even if one or two of Yeezus is not really your thing then you got 8 more you can fuck with that probably sound like they compliment the other songs. Not every artists wants to just throw a bunch of shit out there and hope people like something from it.

  • 2dopeboyzwillbeunemployedinoneyearcausenoonecaresaboutthisbullshitmusicanymore

    This shit will be weak, as expected. Rap been dead. Just stop.

  • Koopa Killa

    @derrick, you shit crazy. He just said mbdtf the greatest album of all time. damn, I didn’t know niggas was on acid.

    • derrick

      Come on man that album is just’s great art. It’s ordered perfect, lyricism amazing, beats on another level, topics are crazy, flow sick, the album cover is just the do pest, best features, the style, the movie that came with it, the whole story behind the album, the adversity he had to get through, all the songs are like movies cause all of are 5 minutes or longer, and its totally going against the rules

    • derrick

      Illmatic the 3rd greatest album

  • the realest

    @ marty

    lol give me the good music roster and industry contacts, jay as the big homie and 15years plus in the music game and yeah lol, im giving you more than 6 punk rock songs on a rap album. all bullshit aside lol.

  • lp

    Looks interesting. With only 10 tracks & a hype of this magnitude, each song better be amazing..

    @Peezus the Billie Holiday sample has to be “Blood on the Leaves”, since the title itself is a reference to Strange Fruit.

  • ✓P

    Jay Hova?

  • Koopa Killa

    I second the realest marty you making endless excuses, get a life.

  • @Marty Mcfly I’m not saying we not gonna remember it or nothing like that. I just think we wont remember like “man!! you remember when Ye dropped that YEEZUS”? CLASSIC .. Nah it’ll more likely be like “Yo that yeezus ye dropped don’t sound all that bad after all”.. Idk .. I just feel this album does’nt have a story to it. It’ll just be one of those album that got bangers on it with effords of making big sounding epic records. But hey i did’nt say it’s gonna be a summer album. Ye did. From his OWN mouth.

    • Blue man

      Nigga stfu yeezus will be the aoty from what I heard. You can suck a dick with that remember statement. All you are is a sheep. I bet you think college dropout is the best ye album. Go jackoff to born sinner prick.

  • you idiots judge music off by how many tracks on an album? lmao
    im leaving this planet

  • I think it’s just time to make way for the new school. Drake, kendrick lamar, J. Cole, Chance the rapper. Only rappers album i want that’s a legend is Jay-Z’s.. I don’t need another kanye album. If i never get a kanye album after this i’ll be straight. Just like andre 3000. If he ever drops an album ever, that’ll be good enough farwell to the rap game for me. Straight Up

  • UDT

    10 songs…mannn, I thought these rapper had a hard drive full of music.

  • hill

    6 days left

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, I believe the artistic world was the influence behind this album just like his last. People that are not into that really dont have a full understanding of the concept of less is more and thats just my opinion. I believe that the concept of less being more was the overall concept of this album. Kanye used the word “minimalism” alot in the last interview with The New York Times and I believe that was for a reason. The album has no single and not even a cover but I still think Kanye wants people to get into the layers of this album. I believe Kanye is sharper as an artist at this time and more specific and precise as an artist this time so ten songs makes sense. The album is more raw and every sound and word serves a purpose or at least that was the goal I believe, making everything sonically incredible with no added ingredients in sound that dont add on to the music in a dynamic way. I also think the reason why it says Please Add Graffiti is because he is talking to those that are artists and graffiti writers. DONDA should have a contest to see who can make the best cover, (Just an idea @DONDA, your welcome). When a artists makes a visual image of something they have a personal connection to it so for those that do make their own artwork for it as a artistic interpretation of what the music sounds like, they will love this album afterwards and they dont need 20 songs to do it because for a artist alot of times less is more. I could go on but obviously not everybody is gonna be into this album but the ones that are is probably gonna love this album. Its not just your regular album, its meant to be a art piece. If you want something “regular” then you got other albums you can fuck with.

    • The king

      Holy fuck post enough, Marty you don’t know your head from your ass when it comes to rap. Why don’t you go write a good rap song and I’ll critique you bud.

  • ^^^ The definition of dick riding ladies and gents lol And nah.. I like Graduation above all fuck boy

    • Blue man

      Every yeezus album has been a classic. There’s is not a better discography in these streets. You probably a Wayne/drake dickrider. Hating on ye cause you got no swag young bull. All this yeezy hate got me hot cuHz.

  • Blue man

    All you ye haters are a bunch of fucking idiots. You diss ye and then praise drake in the same line. Fucking morons I sware. Every ye album has been a classic and this will be no different. Your favorite sounds and dresses they way do because of yeezus. So bow down serfs. Fuck a j cole and fuck a Mac miller. Easy Mac with the cheesy raps can kiss my ass. 6/18

  • marty mcfly

    @jaydtheprince, I bet you Born Sinner gets old to people before Yeezus does LOL. Plus you dont have to make way for the new school because nobodies in their way. Kanye is not stopping other artists from making music so he doesn’t have to make way and plus Kanye and Cole are from the same era anyway. Kanye started poppin the the early 2000s (03-04) Cole started poppin in the late 2000s (08, 09, 10), thats the same era. Kanye doesn’t have to make way for a nigga from his same era in rap.

  • the realest

    you idiots judge music off by how many tracks on an album? lmao
    im leaving this planet

    an intelligence source… said this on June 12th, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    ^ that nigga kanye finna drop a 7 album lp just long enough not to be a ep, and yall still gon call it classic lol. you cant seriously do that in rap. niggaz just pushing it now. unless the verses are no longer 16 and they 32s now. and i mean in every song. not just one. then yeah. you can get away with a 10track lp. but i doubt that. so its just laziness. i been a kanye fan since CD up till new slaves dropped. yall stans just stanning cuz [insert number of reasons here]

  • marty mcfly

    And again you aint gotta hate on Kanye just to show your support for Cole. If you still like that shit then go listen to it and if you dont fuck with Kanye just dont listen to the album.

  • Wrong Tracklist

    Part of the tracklist is wrong. Kid Cudi is on the album according to the and who was at the listening party.

  • marty mcfly

    At least before I made comments about Born Sinner, I said repeatedly that I would actually need to hear the album first before I make any comments about the musicality. I even said I hope the album sounds dope so I can come back and give a good review about it LOL. Some of you people dont even need to hear the album before you make comments about how Kanye is this and that… STFU. One

  • @Marty Mcfly ACTUALLY… He is in their way… Because what has everyone been talking about this whole month?! YEEZUS.. There are’nt conversations about Wale.. Mac Miller.. I mean j. cole is in the picture sort of but Kanye is the most popular artist out of all of them. There’s no argument here. This is just what it is. All music needs a switch up. I mean you ain’t listening to ye all the time even if it is classic. You might wake up one day like “Damn i wanna hear some techno shit” LOL or R&B.. Shit you might wanna listen to the weeknd. Music is timeless but in order for it to be timeless it has to be MEMORIBLE.. So yeah i might be slappin nothin was the same for a min when it comes out but ima go back and slap Cole. And reminace about when it came out on the same day as yeezus and think about how i felt when i first heard it and remember why i liked it in the first place. That’s what it’s suppose to be like to me. I mean graduation by kanye is my fav album by him. But i rarely slap it. But when i do im like “FUCK.. I forgot how dope this shit was”. That’s music. That’s art

  • Blue man

    @The Realest
    Jail nigga you gay. Talking bout you are no longer a fan after one song. Especially new salves. Are you fucking deaf. He’s on that old school kanye subject matter you claim to love based you shouting out CD. Get real fuck boy. You was a hater all along. Do motherfuvkers listen to the music or just skim through it. 6/18.

  • @Blue man aka BLUE MORON.. Just leave the site bro lol.. Just get off your desktop and go make a sammich!.. Cause your over here really getting angry. smh It’s illogical that your mad. You don’t even know kanye. He’s not your brother/cousin/dad so WTF are you mad for?!


  • marty mcfly

    jaydtheprince, That aint Kanye’s fault that people talk about his music more then some other people. COMEONNOW, everybody knows what other albums are coming out but if they more excited for Kanye that aint his fault and its not his problem either. Nobody has to “make way” for these new niggas especially in a time when they can promote themselves in may different ways and again Kanye and Cole are from the same era . And dont mention Drake and Cole in the same sentence as if their on the same level. Of Course Drake’s album is gonna be better then Cole’s. Thats a given, shit Mac Miller had a better album. Anyway YEEZUS – The audio Django Unchained the Artsy edition June 18th YEAH

  • Daftist tha baddest

    @jaytheprince, kanye may be the most popular of all the artist dropping on June 18th but he has not gotten all of the attention. I’m not hating on him so don’t take this comment that way but J. Cole’s comment boards had way more comments and likes probably because he has already leaked and kanye’s hasn’t but all the attention this week is on kanye, last week it was J. Cole.

  • the realest

    @ blue man

    new “salves” is wack man lol. get over it. kanye dont even make music for niggas anymore lol. threw chief keef and king louie on just to call it a rap album lol.

    yeezus = 808s meet rebirth meets lupe’s last album. lol watch

  • the realest

    lmao marty i read that interview to so gtfoh. all you did was copy and paste lol. man just bcuz he gave a good interview doesnt excuse the lack of work. plain and simple. kanye head just so far up there now its a shame. hes surrounded himself with nothing but ass kissers and yes men. his brand is so influential that this nigga can literally take a shit and take a picture and niggaz will call it gold. saying “hes making a statement.” “less is more.” the nigga is rap’s red bottoms. selling nothing more than a brand. sad to say its come to this.

  • On Site is iight

    butt uhhh Black Skinhead sound like poo

    butt uhhhhhh how hard to do you think yeezuz had to beg hov to pray to jesus to get God to come thru for the feature on I Am A God f. God???// i cant wait to hear this shit bc the sample sounding lik straight fire and brimstone!!

    buttt uhhhhh God gone smite kanye for puttin frank ocean on New Slaves

    buttt uhhhhh Hold My Liquor f. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) should be just the sophisticated ratchetedness amanda bynes and miley cyrus have been lookin 4.

    butttt uhhhhhhhhh i bet he talking ab the illuminati in I’m In It

    butttt uhhhhhhhhhhhh Blood On The Leaves gotta mean from the sheep that was sacrificed to get in the illuminati huh?

    buttttt uhhhhhhhh i like that one song them niggas did about all the strippers wanting the cake but he prolly could of them travis and them off Guilt Trip

    butttttt uhhhhhhhhhh Send It Up (Feat. King L) seem like some shit for the streets… and its prolly gone be ass. kanye just puttin niggas from chicago on his shit so he can go back home to the block and not worry bout them lil niggas tryna snatch him out his lambo….. and u know when i heard that???/ when i was back home

    butttttttt uhhhhhhhhhhhh Bound f. Charlie Wilson prolly end up being a smooth lil track to fuck somebody grandmama too.

    buttttt uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this shit gone be weak. ten tracks and shit. booo nigga. stop sweatin over kim big ass while u tryna switch positions and make some more music nigga.

    butttt uhhhhhhhhhhhhh im prolly gone download the shit off sharebear or some shit anyway doe.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, NO the comment that I said at 7:28 is not something a copied and pasted. Those are my own thoughts about this project and yes I did read the interview but i’ve always enjoyed things that are artistically done well. Most of that comment are in own thoughts about this album in regards to the artistic intention behind why the album is what it is thus far.


    @marty mcfly, your dumb ass said the audio django unchained. How stupid you sound. His album is not artsy or original. I know why cats said it looks like you mother fuckers are getting paid by kanye’s team. You got 2 records and acting like it is the whole album. You dickheads are saying some truly reckless and false shit. Get the fuck off the internet dumb ass with that cock riding shit.

  • @Daftist It’s coo bruh i don’t get mad. But yeah the last thing you said is the problem though. That this week it’s all about KANYE and last week it was about Cole. And that kind of sucks because both of their albums are coming out in a couple days but the focus is on Kanye now although J. COle is STILL in the picture. The converstion just changed. a bit. But next week it’ll be about both of them i think. Orrrr maybe not

  • G

    @ derrick

    best features? Lmaoooo these are some of the shitty features ever, rather no features then this shit

  • randy

    “mbdtf is the greatest albm of all time”

    I have to agree

    • derrick

      I’m talking bout mbdtf; raekwon,cyhi the prynce, rza, pusha t, jay z, big Sean, beyonce, Charlie Wilson, bon ivor,john legend, rihanna,nicki minaj, Rick Ross, dwele, teyana Taylor, Alicia keys,elton john, the dream, elly jackson, swizz beatz, and a few more that I can’t remember rite now

    • derrick

      Kid cudi was also on mbdtf twice

  • I really don’t know what the debate is so far here. Laughing at all you dummies arguing about music you haven’t heard yet. I’m anticipating a very good album because Ye has one of the best/consistent discographies in hip-hop. If you like what Ye’s offered in the past, why wouldn’t you be intrigued by an album that in a sense is a mystery at this point? It’s stupid for me to say more than that.

    Also, Kanye has ALWAYS been egotistical. ALWAYS. Go back and listen to The College Dropout…he had a big ego then too. It surprises me when people think this is a revelation and that Kanye has changed. He was talking about Louis Vutton and all that high end shit in the College Dropout. He was just the underdog back then, so it was cool to rock with it. Now that he’s exceeded our expectations, we look for ways to criticize him musically…and it’s just so dumb that in a braggadocios genre like hip-hop, we criticize an outspoken cocky MC. It’s funny how basically all of our favorite MCs, the most “hip-hop purest” of them, from Ghostface to Mos Def will compliment and really cosign Ye but we think he’s left the genre.

    He’s entitled to make a weird, left-field, no singles, 10 song album because his trackrecord really does speak for itself.

    There are two possible outcomes. It either will be memorable and timeless for its ambition and pressing the genre to another place, or it will be pretentious and indulgent. I don’t know which it will be, but all I can say is I’m excited to find out and I think even those who aren’t Ye fans are excited as well.

  • WHAT!

    You guys with these paragraphs?!?! You niggas have too much time in ya’ll hands.

  • marty mcfly

    @GTFO NOW, you mad? LOL ok now im out. Let the hatred continue….. LOL

  • randy

    i listen to dark twisted fantasy literally everyday

  • G


    cause youre a faggot

    • derrick

      I just love how dark and exciting that album is

    • derrick

      That album had the best world play too

  • the realest

    @ ear2ear

    the debate is niggaz is not accepting no 10track lp no matter how “profound” you think this punk rap album is gonna be. period. if you cant understand that then youz a stan. its really not that complicated. yallz subjectivity is blocking yallz perspectives.

  • @marty mcfly Yoooooooooooooo lol this nigga said the audio danjo unchainted ha.. Only problem is that Danjo is an “Old Slave”.. WE GOT NEW SLAVES NOW.. Aye man.. Come on now bruh give cole a little bit of respect now sheesh. You talkin bout my nigga like he Wiz Or Soulja Boy the nigga can spit. I don’t expect you to like em but the least you can do is respect what the man is doing. And maybe Nothing Was The Same will be better. Or maybe not.. But i know what BORN SINNER isssss Better than.. And that’s that MF Take Care album LMFAO.. I was listening to that today……… Could’nt get past the 14th track.. Tooo female friendly Toooooo long.. TOOOOOOO much fucking singing… Born Sinner beat that album in the view of a Rap/HipHop album. And for you too be a “hip hop” head.. I don’t see how you can take Mac Miller over J. Cole? Just does’nt make if your a “hip hop” head. I’m not a hip hop head. I’m just a nigga that loves music. I’m not gonna claim that title.

  • the realest

    ^ with 4 tracks featuring keef, louie, ocean, and travis scott. YALL 2DBZ DONT EVEN LISTEN TO DEM NIGGAZ outside of frank ocean probley lol. shows how much yall stanning.

    • Blue man

      I copped the keef album and bump travis discography religiously. So you a clown nigga. Travis scott is the future as well as everyone you just listed. Frank is the go to soul nigga, keef is the new Gucci but harder, Louie is the new Ross and Scott is that new nigga.

  • Rc927

    Morgan Freeman is on track three.

  • Blue man

    @Jaydtheprince @The Realest the only fools I know that hate on an album that hasn’t come out. On the opposite I can tell that Mac and Coles albums are trash based on the leaks. This yeezus album gonna fuck up the industry. He’s gonna sell 100s if thousands with no promo and a middle finger to the label. Watch how many rappers are gonna try to follow suit. And if you can respect that your whole perspective is wack. 6/18.

  • G

    @ derrick

    My bad I thought you were talking about the shitty Yeezus features

    • derrick

      Kanye to me is the greatest of all time but I have to agree I don’t like the features on this album. I know it’s going to be a good album but not his best. Best kanye albums in this order are mbdtf, 808’s and heartbreaks, graduation, a tie between late registration and college dropout are a tie but really all them albums almost neck to neck; yeezus won’t be no where near as good as those albums but still gone be good

  • Yeah i got alot of time. . . . BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER TIME HOE!
    Schools Out

  • ear2ear

    @t he realest

    lol I didn’t say anything about it being profound. I said it’s either going to be very memorable or it’s going to be very pretentious. I haven’t heard the album. Have you? So if it’s 10 songs that are really good, you’re gonna say, “I can’t accept it.” Hahaha? If the music sucks, I agree with you. If the music does suck then thank God it’s only 10 tracks right? But we don’t really know what it sounds like. Maybe the songs are really long? One of the clips was like an 8 minute song. I just want to hear the album first before I compliment it or bash it. I’m not debating your dumbass about music we haven’t heard yet. That’s like us debating about the NBA Finals of 2017.

  • @Blue Man . If you say Coles album is trash then you outta ya God Damn mind!!!!!!!!!!!! …. You gotta be the type of nigga that listens to Take Care every NIGHT!!! hahahahahahahaha Gotta be. I mean you don’t like cole… you don’t like mac… WTH you been listening to ya whole life thus far? Lil wayne? lol

    • Blue man

      Nah. I hate that drake nigga. I fuck with FNL and all Coles other shit but this album was a downer. I had to pop a no doze to finish the tape. Lol why I gotta listen to wayne? I listen to Nas big and ye mainly. I rather listen to keef than cole in all honesty.

  • G

    New Gucci? Lmaoooo is that a good thing?

    • Blue man

      Damn right

  • the realest

    ^ its really not. you just too dumb to acknowledge it. ten tracks is not enough regardless. okay, you got ten ultra great songs. okay. make five more. simple as that. this aint the 20/20 experience. its a rap album with a nigga got MORE SHIT TO SAY THAN ANYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! ten tracks is lazy. end of story. even if the quality is top notch.

  • the realest

    lol blue man no. frank ocean soul? nah. just stop.

    • Blue man

      Franks not soul. What is soul to you? don’t tell me you only heard channel orange you sheep. Listen just admit your a yeezy hater and it’ll set you free.

  • @ Blue man New gucci? Cheif keef? bwahahahahahaaha you ol clown ass …..trap music bangin WACKA FLOCKA ass wanna be in the streets so BAD but live in the suburbs ASS is bananas. I’d respect ya if you brought meek in the picture but iight….. I’ll never cop a Cheif Keef album. Not no whole fuckin album. I’ll slap that “Hate being sober” “Love sosa” Joint but that’s where it STOPS.

    • Blue man

      Why you slandering me uoeno me. Chief keef album hit harder than that cole album point blank. I bet you didn’t even here the whole thing. Unlike you cole stand I care about production which is something cole can’t offer. All hype no delivery. Million dollar move 1 dollar finish.

  • ear2ear

    Lol @the realest…all I can say is you’re reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaching like Tyrone Lue trying to guard AI. What if he made ten great songs and tagged on 5 throwaway songs, would that mean it’s no longer a lazy album?

  • XI

    “okay, you got ten ultra great songs. okay. make five more. simple as that. this aint the 20/20 experience. its a rap album with a nigga got MORE SHIT TO SAY THAN ANYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!”



  • lp

    Are all these long ass paragraphs really necessary. I mean, seriously.. I find myself skimming through this shit just reading the smaller comments lol.

    • Blue man

      Some of its funny tho

  • Blue man

    None of y’all even heard the album but wanna slander yeezy gtfoh. The truth is you bandwagon fools are too pressed to admit that cole let you down. It’s okay yeezy always delivers don’t take it personal.

  • haha

    @lp is reading the c-section to avoid reading. Hahahahaha. What kind of dumbass logic is that? lol.

  • Dr drew

    Based on what I’ve heard from the album it isn’t gonna be all that the sound I thought was supposed to be dark and its just electronic

  • Leader of Sheep

    Stupid. All of us will download this. Just dumb

  • @Blue Man You listen to Sosa.. I don’t expect for you to like Born Sinner. And idk what you talkin about Power Trip was a knocker. And i did hear the whole album. from start to finish

    • Blue man

      Power trip a knocker? You must be a female. I only hear rachets bumping that on the ave you must be one of em.

  • lp

    @haha I read the c-section for the reactions on the album/tracklist, not for marty mcfly to be arguing with someone and throwing a bunch of misc. shit out there. I don’t got time for mcflys books nshit..

  • White billionaire

    Alright you niggers, keep fighting in here about a millionaire who doesn’t care about u thousand (or hundredaires) while we continue to make money off of your coonery.

  • Why people always bitchin about comments? Thought we all loved a good debate here?. And don’t trip off the long paragraph because there not for you. They’re for the person their @’ing so stop complaining.

  • the realest

    @ eae2ear

    no. it’ll be a koo album with 10 good songs. what im saying is i KNOW theres 5 more good songs in that vault. the nigga just skimping niggsz. we all know he just be stealing radio hits from big sean and styles from kid cudi by now. just to keep it fonky

  • @Blue Man Yeah power trip was a knocker. I did’nt say hit! I said knocker. Had that heavy 808 drum. Shit knocked. And nah bruh lol i ain’t no female the females where i’m from be knockin YG/Tyga. They don’t know cole. That’s why they ratchet because if they did they might learn somethin.

  • DX

    Well how about some negative remarks from an adamant Ye & Cole fan. Aside from “New Slaves” those other 2-4 cuts out there are str8 boo boo. That leaves what 5-6 songs? Must be some amazing songs can’t wait to hear them. Am I “hating”?

  • Blue man

    @Marty McFly seems to be only guy with common sense around here. If its not kanye haters it’s the Kendrick dickriders. Cole is not the second coming of any lyrical legend he’s just average. Average enough to get you guys to praise him but yet you guts consently hate on joey badass. They pretty much the same niggas. Lost in the 90s fools. 6/18.

  • the realest

    @ blue man

    frank is a damn poster boy for this new gay movement is all. the nigga aint even talented. for the r&b its the dream and justin timberlake. speaking of justin, even that nigga got so many records he dropping a part 2. and those records take a lot more to create than this niggaz lil new slaves bars/rant.

    • Blue man

      @The Realest You just mentioned r&b and didn’t mention Miguel and Abel. You automatically lose a point of music knowledge. My nigga the dream makes good music but hasn’t been hitting since love hate and that’s evident based on his 22k in the first week. Plus dont bring up JT in a ye discussion that nigga JT is wack and should stick to sticking them bad white girls. This music shit ain’t for him and its not for cole either.

  • the realest

    and as for chief’s album. only bangers:

    love sosa
    kay kay
    finally rich
    understand me
    i dont like

    thats all.

    and power trip is considered a banger. jcole one and only hit record jay been waiting the longest for.

    • Blue man

      Whoa what about cigo, no tomorrow, got them bands, hate being sober, finally rich, kobe and hallelujah. You sleeping on keef. Smh must be a old head. Get hip to some sosa and yeezus.

  • Dr drew

    The gifted is gonna be the best album this month

  • gregory kruxx.

    whats wrong with 10 songs? Alot of albums used to be about 10-12 tracks back in the day. Nowadays shits what 17 with too much filler. He said at his listening session that he wanted to have 9..But the label I believe made him do 10. Graduation was only 13. Whats the big deal. Quality over Quantity. Bring it.
    And all yall hatin on blakskinhead…your buggin..that shit is straight fire..dude aint racist he just sayin what alot of other people are scared to say or scared to admit or except…Keep it Blunt. Say whats on ur fukin mind whether people like it or not. werd up.

    “There’ll always be haters, that’s the way it is
    Hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids” – Kanye West

  • Dr drew

    I agree with @dx

  • the realest

    Alright you niggers, keep fighting in here about a millionaire who doesn’t care about u thousand (or hundredaires) while we continue to make money off of your coonery.

    White billionaire said this on June 12th, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    ^ that shit been over played. if niggaz is doing this then niggaz aint doing shit. im on here while my girl got love and hiphop on tv. its called downtime. you aint busy enough to know what downtime is. probley 18 living in the basement wit tin foil on your head being programmed by youtube.

  • DX

    It’s okay to be a fan of another man’s work and to have respect for him. But I can’t fathom how some of you niggas on here allow yourselves to become so infatuated with a nigga you don’t even know, til the point where it’s like,”OMG you’re the greatest thing ever omg omg, let me suck ur penis nd jiggle ur balls omg omg, I’ll defend your music at all cost no matter how bad it is.” I don’t have to say names. Yall niggaz is some HOEZ! For real tho

  • Young Krishna

    @bossmann lmaoooooooooo

  • the realest

    My nigga the dream makes good music but hasn’t been hitting since love hate and that’s evident based on his 22k in the first week.

    ^ nigga you loose.. credibility. *kanye at european awards voice* nigga the dream never sold records cuz he got a damn belly like gucci. trey songz sell records, the dream makes records. big difference homie. and the album is a start-to-finish. simple as that. you must be marty in disguise with that “number = quality” logic

    JT is that nigga. fuck what you talkin bout. nigga aint heard that spaceship coupe?? smh. niggaz not knowing. niggaz over here listening to frankie ocean lol. over here sleeping on timberland produced albums. smh. but gon tell me, frankie ocean. smh.

  • gregory kruxx.

    @Marty McFly is right…Ye. He evolves with everything he drops whether people like it or not..The same shit happened with miles davis back in the day. people hated bitches brew. they were like this aint jazz. and u know what whether you listen to jazz or not most of u know who miles davis was..a legend a genius. and yes im comparing ye to miles.. been saying it since 05. outspoken geminis who says whatever the fuck he wants puts out groundbreaking shit and people love it and hate it but no matter what still get talked about and changed their genres. theres no denying it.
    Oh and the clown ass niggah who said illmatic is better than ye’s whole catalog. your an idiot. And this is coming from a dude who puts Nas as his fav emcee ever. Well I go back n forth between jay and nas..but the point is from a catalog perspective and as an artist Kanye has a much better catalog. Its more diverse and he never put out a nastradamus…And let me be clear one more time this is from a dude who listens to Nas more than anybody but I can still acknowledge from an artist level whos who..
    Jay-Z most succesful Rapper ever. The American Dream manifested in many ways. Nas, the greatest lyricist writer poet in hip hop period. Nobody is touching that boys pen game. But as a complete artist. …. Kanye gets that title.

  • the realest

    ^ giving ye too much credit. he steals big sean hits and kid cudi’s lane. the least he can do is give us more than 10tracks and a style original or more hiphop and less punk rock. ATLEAST SHIT. stop with all this cross-dressing shit. to keep it all the way fonky. i think kanye running out of creativity and doing w.e. he hasnt done before and relying on his brand. and kanye been comparing himself to miles, nothing new. kanye is more of a puff daddy than a miles davis homie.

  • Dr drew

    There’s nothing wrong with ye using punk rock as long as it works. If it doesn’t, then we have a problem

    • derrick

      Kanye west is a living legend; kid cudi and big Sean were inspired by kanye

  • XI

    I’m just going to put this out there, and leave.

    College Dropout
    Late Registration
    808’s & Heartbreaks
    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


    listen to the music. Use your ears this time.

  • gregory kruxx.

    @the realest You just sound stupid. dumb ass sheep muphukah….Hip hop is punk rock. Hip Hop is everything. Hip hop is Soul, jazz, blues, rock, folk, electro, reggae etc etc etc…And u aint even heard the album yet LOL…hahahahahaha….smh..But u the realest right. and that means. you probably still rock baggy jeans from 95 tommy hill nautica sport and perry ellis. ur funny man. cross dressing cause dude dont look like everyone else..or shit that u dnt like or feel….Granted Im not with everything ye does but hes an artist man.. he experiments…but in regard to puffy vs being like miles…welll…NAH now u sound real dumb.and how the fuck he steals big seans hits when seans his artist who he put on. seans doin just fine by himself and would probably laugh at ur stupidity and cudis lane. bro they different artists. sure there is similarities there but come on man…they different their work proves it
    But ur the realest so u know..And its not about you. ITs about the project man. If ten songs is all the project should be. Then thats all it should be…If the project should be five songs that are 25 mins each thats what it should be…if they want 38 songs that are a min 30 each thats what they should do cause they are the ones creating it. if u dnt like it dnt listen to it..or go create something better
    Too much negative bs on this blog all the fukin time…fuking complaining ass americans that all we have become we feel we should always have more…SMFH
    Damn man…corny ass fuck niggaz

  • gregory kruxx.

    @XI Now that REAL TALK!!! WERD UP. This dude helped redefine a genre and move the culture further whether u like it or not…

  • the realest

    ^ somebody mad now lol

  • Mike Tomlin

    What does Ye’s previous works have to do with how bad this one is sounding thus far?

  • gregory kruxx.

    I aint madd homie..I just think your a tool and sound real naive and think your feel your entitled when at the end of the day..None of us are entitled to shit. Including myself first.
    Open your eyes and your ears and get out the box ur in..
    This aint 94. Things evolve whether you like it or not

  • XI

    What does Ye’s previous works have to do with how bad this one is sounding thus far?

    Mike Tomlin said this on June 12th, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    Read first, yeezus.

  • the realest

    ^ lol im well aware of that. im glad you know that youre not entitled to shit. thats good. anyway new slaves sound like shit. which leads me to think the album is gonna be shit. hopefully im wrong cuz kanye was my nigga. but you aint finna skimp me with no 10 track rap album that sound like electric punk rock. nigga no. and i dont feel entitled at all. just not finna stand for that bullshit. you feel differently. thats koo. you like that bullshit so to you im a hater. and thats koo. this forum is for you to say w.e. and tell how you feel. so with that… thats whats up.

  • gregory kruxx.

    fair enuff mann. I dnt think your a hater per say BUT…music is music and you didnt make the project. If you want more well than kanye is doing something right cause u want more but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you and I want. The fans matter but at the same time we dont. But until I hear everything at full volume in the whip. in my crib at full blast and in my headphones. I cant judge. Plus like I said
    Hip hop is everything man. Always has been always will be…I just happened to be a dude that listens to everything.
    Be Easy. Peace.

  • the realest

    ^ kanye only nigga that listen to everything? hes really not as “up there” as you tryna make him. but at the end of the day i think this is another pop art album like 808s. and thats koo. i liked 808s. i just hate the false impressions. MBDTF was a rap album and 808s was pop art. this yeezus is looking more like 808s and not MBDTF.

  • the realest

    ^ kanye would had been fell off if he didnt have those two. no 808s without cudi. and he looses the youth vote without big sean. kanye is not jesus. lets keep that straight. everyone uses someone else to stay relevant. thats how you stay relevant as you grow old. niggaz didnt start making records like “touch the sky”. kanye started making HAM and mercy. yall niggaz need to clean your brains out.

  • peter griffin

    Kanye sucked kid cudi and big sean nearly dry and had them contribute more to his albums like ya doing him. big sean and kid cudi don’t mention kanye as an influence. Better yet it was cudi who influenced 808s and kanye for that album. Notice how I say THAT album.

    • derrick

      Big Sean is only on 1 kanye album and that’s an bonus track. Don’t forget them were his artist and big Sean still is. I like kid cudi and big Sean but not in kanye league

    • derrick

      I’m through wit yall haters; kanye the greatest and yall know it

  • I predict that this album will be the most BRAGGODOCIOUS .. EGOTISTIC
    peice of music to date. I mean, it has to be. Right? With a name like “YEEZUS”

  • mac n cheese

    Ya niggaz forgetting how much of an influence jay-z and no i.d. has had on kanye’s entire career. To his simplified lyrics like jay to beats like no i.d. kanye’s a biter can’t make an album without consulting those two. Living legend my ass.

    • derrick

      Kanye has the best lyrics in the game; his metaphors just go over yo head. Jay z really does not have any influence on kanye because kanye got it on his own. No one believed in him as a rapper not even jay z; jay z just jumped on the bandwagon when kanye blew up but kanye do idolize him but every rapper got someone they idiolize and that dont necessarily mean the person the’re idiolizing are better than them. Now no i.d. has a big influence on kanye career

  • derrick

    If yall don’t like kanye den why are you looking him up and commenting on lshit.#haters

  • Trax$

    Just my opinion but J. Cole is mediocre as fuck like usual with Born Sinner. Biting other peoples beats ect. Ye is probably gonna blow it too though. He had plenty of time but all that time stuck in Kim K probably lead to a bunch of mediocre crap. Welcome Yoko 2.

  • I don’t see anything special about this album. Meh.

  • p_sam

    Hold up, don’t blame Kanye that the album is only 10 tracks. I bet it’s Rick Rubin’s fault. Kanye hired him last minute, and he probably trimmed the fat and cut some songs for the sake of the album.

  • Robenum.

    Hope he has madd bonus songs. Or every last song better be perfect.

  • someone kill this marty mcfuck already




  • Dafuq?

    I know this is a Kanye post…but did someone just say that Mac Millers album was better than Cole’s? LOLOL.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah Mac Millers album had more creativity in sound and better beats overall then Born Sinner, it contained more of that harder edge hip hop sound Mac also had better wordplay as far as vocabulary and how he rhymed on the album. Be real with yourself here.

  • marty mcfly

    Prodigy’s album and Statik Selektah also shit on Born Sinner. BTW Killer Mike’s new album also only has ten songs.

  • Dafuq?

    @Marty LMAO. Hell naw homie. This nigga Easy Mac got outshined by every feature he had on his album. AND you really have the nerve to say his wordplay is better. This nigga Mac has the simplest rhymes and his word play is straight corny. Plus in my opinion Mac Miller is even more boring than Cole because he doesnt really have anything interesting to say. At least Cole can talk about something. Gtfo with all that. You the type of nigga that if Cole cured cancer tomorrow, you would be like, “Why didn’t he do it earlier??” If you dont like the nigga then just leave it be. Dont hate just to hate..

  • marty mcfly

    Nah Mac had better skills in the rhyme department regardless of who he did songs with and again the album just sounded more hip hop overall with a more underground sound instead of some overall boring watered down commercialized R&B like ya homies bullshit album.

  • Dafuq?

    ^ I’m not even a Cole fan bruh, I listened to both albums with unbiased ears. Like I said, it seems like you already made up yo mind that you don’t like Cole, so that nigga Mac’s album coulda had only featuring like Peety Pablo and Young Joc, and you probably still woulda said it was better than Cole. Lol no sense in reasoning with you. I will leave you be bruh. To each his own I guess.

  • Dafuq?

    had only 2 songs*

  • scoopDAville

    kanye wanted to do 9 tracks but the label made him do 10.

  • PMC

    “@J_Sleazy : No Pusha? Get the fuck outta here.”

    PUSHA IS FEAT. ON 1-10. TRUST & BELIEVE. Think about what I’m saying.

  • dre

    I hope this album aint bullshitting because kanye mi favorite rapper

  • The Peacemaker

    Doesn’t matter at all who has the better album. It’s just music for the people, it’s not a competition. Born Sinner is nice, and i believe this will be too.

  • Lawless_1

    If he has a song on the album like Blame Game I’m sold.

    Best song on MBDTF hands down.

    “Yeezy taught me”.

  • JPM

    I cant wait for someone to leak an album one day that aint even the real album.. just to watch you fuck boys scramble and laugh at you

  • Ant

    From what’s been heard yeezus is solid, Coles born sinner was brilliant, leak won’t help numbers though

  • fuck @the fakest do you have to suck dick on every post here?
    fuckin hypocrite ass
    i swear you fools have gayest shits like emo music on your playlists and you pretend to be cool to be old school you real homos telling us whats gay and whats cool id shove my dick in your fuckin lives you thought nobody understand? you piece of turd everybody recognize you self-hating ass muthafuckaz
    dont play yourself yall moms get pregnant

  • kevincali

    Yeesus just leaked!

  • jhj


  • kc

    Haha good lookin 2dbz;)

  • NYdreamz

    ten tracks aint bad…. as long as those 10 tracks go hard.. i dont see what the problem is… hell one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time had 10 tracks… as long as this shit is straight hip hop with no skippable songs … there aint nothing to worry bout…

  • NYdreamz

    ^not to mention that was a debut album at that with only 10 tracks…. kanye proved himself to be on that level where hes allowed to drop a 10 track album… lets not forget that MBDTF a couple songs kanye gave away FREE part of GOOD friday before the album even came out… and yall still praise the album.. juss saying

    • derrick

      Cause his music never gets old and he changed all the songs. It’s not about if the song already been released its about how good the song is and the cd has to be ordered perfect and mbdtf was ordered perfect. It’s about the art and the structure. All the songs all the album were 5 minutes or longer; thats unheard of. Runaway was 9 minutes; that album was like a movie

  • Stuckofftherealness

    I think Kanye gave alot of songs/ideas that would be on Yeezus to other artist,ala Dr. Dre with Detox, like Game, J.Cole,Pusha T etc. Not really expecting much with 10 tracks and the fact that he didnt do much press on this go round. Waiting for the next ‘Ye album.

  • the realest

    Ten tracks ain’t shit.

  • goldswvg

    Fuck the haters
    Yeezus > Born Sinner > Spirit & Opportunity > Trap Lord > Watching Movies With No Sound
    Iam A God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I downloaded Yeezus leak from here\fb3cf
    This album and quality is SO DOPE !