• Skeptical

    sounds made up..why would kanye play them the Jesus walks track for them if he already planned on using it for himself? It seems like everybody likes coming up with these obscure stories to keep themselves somewhat relevant..

  • daftpunkrock

    this song is dope as hell! you have to figure at that time the nappy roots was the hottest thing out. nobody was checking for kanye then like that as a solo artist. im glad he kept jesus walks for himself. this revisited one is a st8 up banger I cant front.

  • yoooooooo

    this was the best song on that album.. I prefer the original

  • chitownlegend

    CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!! CERTIFIED ALLTHEWAY!!!!! I HEard this in the club last night

  • Kesus Whrist

    Beat sounds slightly off to me.
    Like it's a touch out of sync.

  • Lawless_1

    The hook on the original was so much better. Sounded more soulful.

  • Thomas Hogge

    I hope this music reaches out, sounds great