Russ – The Edge (Album)

blame it on Shake June 12, 2013

The producer/emcee of the DIEMON crew lets loose his latest full-length project. Stream/download below.

  • jimenez

    best hip hop music out. diemon niccas been had next

  • Slayer

    this shit hittin bruh

  • lp

    The feel of this project is real dope..

  • vontae

    most slept on in the game right now

  • dd

    ^phony comments

  • KING

    @dd Shut the fuck up. Russ is such a dope artist. He’s so ridiculously slept on

  • BobbyWhite

    @dd nigga fuck outta here, russ is dope

  • hereisthetruth

    lotta false comments

    russ beats are cool here n there

    but dudes voice / presence over them is horrendous

    needs to stick strictly to the producing grind

  • incredibly good

  • Quintonius

    Russ deserves so much more props, dude is doing his thing with the productions and raps.

    P.S. Oh and “fuck off” dd

  • Addi Vyf

    that first song sounds like he’s been listening to kendrick’s o.d. A LOT

  • Blackest

    Listen and let your mind paint the scene

  • gval13

    DIEMON crew fell off so fast. Russ hasn’t put out anything really good since SFL and some of 5280. They disappointed me alot, i had high hopes for them. Dartlin is brutal now that hes solo also.. Although Affinity was unreal same with Nevermind, Armageddon, Hold up and The prefix. Hopefully Russ gets back to what he was doing for Apollo 13 and SFL and maybe bring Dartlin back cause you guys only good together. O and not saying this is shit, just know hes capable of better.

  • Advance

    I like some of his songs but he needs to learn about quality over quantity. He already seems to put out too many projects and now this one has 25 tracks? If he was more selective I’d probably play his stuff more often

  • louis

    this is the best russ album to me. wake up and stop sleeping on good music

  • sticktothebeats

    i agree @hereisthetruth not so into his voice, tho he can rap

  • That second verse on answer man though…