So, 2 Chainz Getting Robbed San Francisco Was Caught On Tape (Video)

blame it on Illy June 13, 2013

While there’s been conflicting reports on whether or not 2 Chainz was robbed earlier this week just hours before a show in San Francisco, footage of what went down has officially surfaced. TMZ (of course) has obtained surveillance footage of what looks to be 2 Chainz and a crew of people fleeing from a street when two men approached him and his entourage with guns. Police say, 2 Chainz’s cell phone and wallet were stolen during the ordeal.

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  • hiphopislife

    I would have done the same, skidaddddddddle

  • trippin

    love how he trips at the end lol

  • The rumors are true

    I would respect him if he just said i was caught slipping out of town and got robbed END OFF but he took the Officer Ricky route and lied which i don’t respect. Talk and promote that gangsta shit and it will catch up with you.

  • Dr.Deloruso

    Were his bodyguards running too?

  • 215aphilliate

    funny how on that new Wale song rotation he says 2 Glock 9’s is my bodyguards.

  • coolcat

    Niggas get caught slipping idk why rappers need to put out the facade that their invincible. Lost respect for 2 chains for denying the whole thing. theres cameras everywhere bruh the truth always comes to light.

  • j1

    niggas is wack thinkin this is funny. and even more lame for sayin he fake cuz yall scary ass niggas prolly woulda booked too

    • But this nigga be sayin he’s a g in his tracks. G’s don’t run away they face it like a man. I thought this dude was flash for a second.

  • wu

    People commenting on here aint never had nothing pulled on them. Most of ya’ll wouldve shit your pants. Not mad at 2 chainz for trying to get the hell outta dodge.

  • Nerv

    If you would have stood there your mama aint raise you right fool. If Dos would have had a gun it would have been a different story.. However the nigga needs some new bodyguards.

  • trufisbak

    co-sign j1

    even though tity boi a fraud for lyin’ 2 the public.

  • .

    Now he only has ONE CHAIN!!!!!!

  • Smokz

    Honestly the problem isn’t even that he ran for his life. You have a fight or flight response and he took off like he was in track.

    The issue is he went on twitter and denied the whole thing took place because he knew what the truth would do to his reputation. Like I said, most people would run in his place but he doesn’t rap about running from guns does he?

  • Truth

    This just shows how much of a joke Rap has become, and 99% of rappers would have ran the same.

    So the next time you are in the comments section defending that your favorite ‘gangsta’ rapper really does ‘live that life’, remember this video.

  • SMH

    J1 wu and Nerv are all the same person! Ain’t nobody stupid bitch! And why would you run and get shot in the back smh

  • clayton Bigsby

    See what happens when you wear skinny jeans with your panties showing. When something jumps off your bound to trip in your tight ass pants.

  • bred

    if niggas got guns on you and you not strapped….would you all run

  • 215aphilliate

    this isn’t about running when someone has a gun because thats the smart thing to do. its about lying about running like people wouldnt understand the reason behind it.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    I see this board is filled with bitch niggas. Tru stories. Two dudes tried to bust in my house. Caught one with the door. He his arm with the gun was stuck. I’m slamming the shit out of his arm. Dropped his gun. They ran. Shot him in the ass.

    On the corner hustling. Dude run up and try to stick up me and my man. This bitch ass nigga got the gun in his waistband. He reached for the gun. We reached for the gun.

    His ass got shot also.

    The rules don’t change to the game. When I grew up if you had to get a gun you was a bitch.

    Nothing but bitch moves when guns are involved.

    You sneak up like a bitch. Drive by’s. Bitch moves.
    After you shoot you run like a bitch then hide like a bitch.

    Like I said. Nothing but bitch moves when guns are involved.

    You youngins keep trying to change the rules to the game.

    They don’t change. Guns are for bitches. So since everyone has a gun it just tells you they all bitches. Like tricking is tricking. Rather you got it or you don’t.

  • Billy

    I thought gangster rappers are always strapped lol

  • World

    He didn’t deny something happening, he denied getting ‘robbed’ & there’s no evidence that he was robbed.

    • Keep an eye on 2 Chainz when he falls tabs the nigga that approaches him

  • flo

    @Clayton Bigsby

    no1 gives a fuck about you bruh

  • Famous

    cool story clayt. aha

  • ear2ear

    The only ones on this thread on who said they wouldn’t run are either leg amputees or are paralyzed because anyone with common sense would run if they valued life and were up against two gats in their face with nothing but their bare hands to fight back with. Y’all stay glorifying death and violence like losers. Then you ask why rap sucks? Look in the mirror.

  • yay


  • @

    @ear2ear Why would you run dumbass???? Just to get shot in the back! If you wanna do the smart thing stand there and hand over your shit

  • Wifey’sFavorite DJ

    That’s not 2 chainz don’t believe the hype

  • ear2ear

    @ in the middle of broad daylight with lots of traffic and cars whizzing by, witnesses, security cameras, and an entourage of people with me, like in this video, I’d definitely make a run for it. Now if I was in some dark alley somewhere with no one around, I’d hand my shit over. Haha. And from what I see, Chainz made a run for it and he didn’t get shot nor did I see anyone take his money…so I would say he made a good decision.

  • 10x

    that look like wale

  • JWill

    Doesn’t even look like him, to be honest.

  • marty mcfly

    Rappers just gotta move better when they outta town. I remember one time I seen Lloyd Banks looking sloppy drunk in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. He had a girl with him but thats it and im thinking to myself dont this nigga know fools will run up in this hotel and rob his ass regardless of who sees the shit. A few moments later I see about 20 niggas come in the lobby looking like they was on a mission and this nigga Lloyd sobered up instantly and walked over to the elevator so fast and was pressing that bottom like crazy. Fools zoned in on Lloyd Banks and that elevator came down and he jumped in that bitch. Niggas gotta remember not everybody is your friend just because they like your music. Oh and anybody talking some thug shit about what they would’ve done, yeah right. If you smart you would’ve done just what 2 Chainz just did which is get the fuck outta there.

  • the realest

    Lmao that nigga 2 chainz was GONE! Lol nah but for real he was just caught slippin. Like ear2ear said nigga you break for it. His dumbass stupid for walking around a hood that ain’t yours. Nigga was suppose to send one of the homies to get the weed. Don’t you know niggaz is watching as soon as yo plane land? Dem niggaz was like a kid in a candy store when they saw that nigga walking down the street smh.

  • Longlivedolla

    Freddie Gibbs would have shot they ass!

  • Mandingo Jamal

    If only chief keef was there…

  • Isn’t this why rappers have weed carriers? Lol, in all seriousness though, glad he didn’t lose something more serious, like his life

  • tity2necklace

    im glad nothing serious happened but doesn’t he run and one of them chases him wit a gun, he falls over and dude catches up wit him while hes on the ground, possibly robs him of the wallet or whateva then gaps it back past the camera??

  • matt laing

    YO! this aint even CHAAAAIIIIIINNNNZ
    chainz woulda popped that fool!


    Dis nigga dipped i thought dis nigga was a gangsta with guns and weapons on him. One question y is dis nigga walkin thought he had a car he could buy drugs inside the car. Honestly i think 2chainz was setup like if you agree

  • mk

    is chainz still on the ground when that dude that robbed him is running off