• http://phatfreaks.tumblr.com/ meezy2blogz

    Aint that bruh from STFTB video he ovo right

    • RipsYG

      We love iiiiit

  • Shake

    ^^ hilarious. haha

  • http://suckaniggaz.com homeless

    What the fuck, dis guy used tah rap like real hip hop shit, da fuck is dis shit? get back to yo roots boi, what in da fuck you doing rappin like a white lil wayne.. fuck this shit...

  • Westdale

    This is terrible.


    Ask yourself if this is the best you can put out for your fans.

  • josh

    wtf is this shit? rlly i expected better. but guess drake got him on this main stream kife type shit

  • jose

    oh now everyone is Jewish cause everyones on drake the fakes jock . This is lame . I cannot stand Ob brian he is a nobody riding off of drake the fake the jewish misiahs dick

  • aka

    dammit that ginga done done it again

  • john

    whack... sucks... these dudes riding drakes dick to the top I guess though...

  • meathead4

    zionist illuminati one world government.