Pusha T – Who I Am f. 2 Chainz & Big Sean

blame it on Illy June 13, 2013

Pusha T connects with his G.O.O.D. Music brethrens 2 Chainz and Big Sean on the Million $ Mano and Kanye West-produced “Who I Am” off his upcoming album, My Name Is My Name, out July 16.

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  • G

    Ny Name Is my Name > Yeezus

  • Jayden

    This sound like one of Kanye songs off Yeezus same flow and beat.

    • derrick

      That because kanye executive produced the album and he was Su p posed to be on this song

  • DoubleClutch95

    The Best Since He Died & He Lied!!!

  • MIKE

    I don’t remember which song but this does sound like one of the songs in kanye video from his album listening party. I don’t care who produce it, it still sound the same.

    • derrick

      You either talking bout black skinhead, on site, or I am a god

  • marc138

    disappointed by Push on this…

  • This track is dope, but I don’t like the Flex Bomb. Hopefully a CDQ drops later today.

  • 7

    ric flair bout 2 come 4 his check again! lol

  • ear2ear

    That Ric Flair “Woo” adlib gets me hyped though…after a couple of listens I fucks with it. Probably sounds better in the car. Need the unedited though.

  • Kinda reminds me of SOPA…just the delivery that is…Pusha is dope! He can kill anything!

  • oh Well

    This nigga album gone flop

    No big single out, no promotion, no nothing

  • Balot

    That “UFO” sample is timeless.

  • Mandingo Jamal

    This song sucks my 11 inch black boner.

  • Ahhhhhh!


  • .

    ^^^ More like 2 inch

  • NYdreamz

    song is ok…. i felt like this shoulda been a big sean song tho… this song remind me too much of “clique” tho … all the GOOD music singles all sound the same nowadays…

  • haha

    Look at the fanboys trying to rationalize this trash ass song.
    This is an absolutely deplorable audio recording.
    I cant even call it music.

  • -Drakez



    2 Chainz should’ve let Ye executive produce his shit too…Push album gonna be crazy!!!

  • DC

    A huge Pusha fan but This is pretty wack

  • mpls612

    is push doin pre-orders for his album?

  • Kd

    Push killed it, 2 chainz and Big sean…no so much

  • I like Pusha but this… This ain’t it playboi… And Big Sean is sooooo damn corny! I can deal with 2 chainz but Sean just needa go back to school.

  • Kiddjewce

    Super ass.

  • BobbyWhite

    this is dope what the fuck you niggas talking bout

  • :

    Big Pusha T fan but this isn’t good all around

  • .

    ^^^ STFU and be all you can be!

  • Forizeal

    Niggas will like anything they’re told to like, won’t they?

  • ?

    ^^^ And niggas will hate just to be hating

  • Cloud 9

    havent really listened to push since he left star trek…. this just tells me hes not worth the time looking up discography. all 3 are wack as fuck

  • j-ro

    Sill cant believe people make the choice to listen to 2chainz, my god dude sucks ass!

  • Soulo Hoe

    Pusha nd kendrick need a rrack 2geva

  • Danjamouf

    Fuckin horrible! People have obviously clicked ‘dope’ without hearing the track. Album is sounding wack so far Pusha

  • robi

    this is fucking shit

  • MarsandtheRover

    this isn’t bad it’ll probably be huge when released, You guys are just mad because it’s not the usual pusha t you know, however after this album Pusha T will be up there

  • sosa194

    song sounds like they didnt finish the beat

  • kaz

    kanye really trying to be minimalist. sorry, man, you aint hemingway


    maaaaaan yall niggas just soundin stupid. my name is my name definitely will not flop its got numbers on the board, pain and this is a dope track off it & the beat is fire btw

  • Kevin B. Marshall

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  • adolfmayne

    this song is dope