• http://jmths.wordpress.com DT

    "Mos Def" is one of, if not, the greatest rap name ever. Sucks he's changed it.

  • BobbyWhite

    one of my favorite albums fuck yes

  • http://twitter.com/gametheory420 4:20

    agree with the comment above, but he is also one of the best rappers EVER so he can do what he wants...funny how just the Yeezus tracklisting gets like 9,000 comments on here but a free remix lp from Mos gets 1...shameful shit..i remember when Kanye would be grateful for Mos features

    • Solez


  • Solez

    I don't frequent this site as much as I used to. But damn, what a treat. I've been on a Mos Def tear lately. Dope coincidence to run into this. Can't wait to hear it...

  • Sta-Infinate

    Up there with the top remix albums. Great work

  • http://www.dickgoodnuts.blogspot.com DG

    After listening to Yeezus, this is fuckin treat!!!!!!!!!!

  • ear2ear

    Preservation's debut album is coming in July with new music from Bey. Sounds hard. I am not too into remixes of songs I love, but I really did enjoy this.

  • Omar

    Amazing job to whoever put together this remix, thats true talent to take a classic album like this and make the remix sound great

  • Phillmeeh

    This is dope! I like the reflip of History. I wonder if they have released the instrumentals for this... All the beats are dope. Good samples.