King Louie Speaks On Recording “Send It Up” w/ Kanye West (Video)

blame it on Illy June 14, 2013

With Kanye West’s Yeezus finally catching a leak, MTV caught up with Chicago’s King Louie to discuss his contribution to track-nine.

“When I did the joint, we were in the studio — no B.S., like 20 hours strong, a day. We were in Paris or whatever,” he told us via Skype on Thursday. “I had woke up, and it was just a freestyle verse off the top and that turned out to be the one he was really rocking with; just genuine bars.”

  • Thank Me

    Did he release this?


  • JohnnyTarr

    College Dropout >>>>>>>>

  • Um…Club Yeezy?

  • Genesis

    Like Yeezy’s part just enough for it to be listenable once through….. IdunnoboutdisoneYe…..

  • dave

    im just glad hes puttin on for his city by puttin king louie. you could tell hes watching the chicago movement closely.

  • T9FTW

    Yes, people. It’s true. Despite him limiting even pre-orders, Yeezus leaked.

  • Genesis

    Or maybe his assistant is……

  • Genesis

    I want that leak!

  • listeningNow

    leak confirmed.
    Still gonna buy on Tuesday

  • Mandingo Jamal

    Well that song was pure dog shit…

  • coolcat

    album leaked

  • .


    GO GET YEEZUS 6/18

  • 10x

    Like Tyler, The Creator tweeted this morning, I wonder if the G.O.O.D dudes ever feel weird about not being on YE album ? Im only fucking with Yeezus cause of the KiD CuDi feature. Lets be real im not even a Mac Miller fan but dude got the best album droppin on the 18th.

  • adolfmayne

    actually it did leak………this song is cool gotta listen to whole album before jumping to conclusions

  • dave

    the album has leaked yoour just the only dumbass who hasnt heard yet. that shit leaked a hour or so ago. you could officially say kanye lost that number one spot. mac miller is winning now. some people gonna still buy knye album but most not once the got the music for free.

  • doc rovers

    remember when kanye used to make nothing but classics?

  • Truth

    Wow, Kanye fell off.

  • realness

    dont even download, It willl ruin memory you have of kanye making listenable music, this is total trash

  • Grimzz

    The album is ambitious…I don’t see the common fan fuckin’ with it

    • drew

      I agree evolution ain’t fair everybody

    • drew

      I agree evolution ain’t for everybody

  • coolcat

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks the album is good? It like 808s + MDBTF. If you didn’t like neither albums Yeezus won’t be for you. The best album from the June releases though in my opinion

  • ear2ear

    after listening to the album…all I have to say is what the hell was Peter Rosenberg talking about?! Did he actually listen to the album?! Hahaha. It’s NOTHING like the “punk rap album” or angry yelling that he described it to be, or dark…there’s hardly any yelling…it’s just very bass driven. The album has high points and looooow points on first listen.

  • Smh LOL

    If there is more DOPES than NOPES! Then why is there so many faggots on the C-section hating?

    Got me thinking maybe it’s the same guy just changing his name every time smh LOL that why i hate 2DBZ c-section

  • crap

    iv been down with every album of kanye, enjoyed them all…just spun the leak, damn this is a mess, please dont support this wack mf, the way the dude acts and now this shit album make him the biggest fool in hiphop

  • Esso

    can’t wait to see marty mcfly defend this fuckin album…lol

  • Ez

    J. Cole won the 6/18 battle by a long shot..
    Ma Miller got 2nd

  • Mecca

    y’all gotta tell me where ya found this leak. i want to hear this album before i compare it with j coles.

  • Y’all know people still gonna buy the album just because of his name. I’m listening to it right now and it’s not sounding too good right now

  • Pauly D

    @Smh LOL

    Because the people in the C-Section are a lot smarter and opinionated than those who voted DOPE/NOPE. The one’s that voted DOPE are obviously stans

  • tune

    Mac Miller > Kanye > J Cole

  • Chris

    anyone got a link?

  • adolfmayne

    @ear2ear as someone who actually who grew up listening to punk music kanye does actually have some elements of punk on his new album………theirs way to much hate in the c section funny thing is the same people hating on kanye are the same motherfuckers that were calling GKMC a classic before they even heard it you guys already decided wether you do or dont like an album before you even listening to it objectively

  • Ha!

    I tried posting the link but it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation”
    oh well

  • BSIN

    yea, 2dbz won’t let you post the link, which I can respect.
    It easy the find though if you know where to look

  • ilgv

    this is just pretentious bullshit, album is trash except for guilt trip

  • LEAK


  • Yeezus

    after this album drops (officially) someone will take the acapellas and make kanye-like beats and you all will say classic

  • Paiva

    As much as I love Kanye for the body of work he has done in the past; this album just doesn’t do it for me, man. Way too egotistical on every song. I can respect the fact that he is doing what he wants to do; but it’s kind of ridiculous compared to what he is capable of. The beats are just too far fetched at times; he over did it. There were a few decent punchlines here and there; but besides that it was weak imo. I’ll give it a 2.5/10

  • ______(name)

    In Da Club > Send It Up

  • skiler415

    wack. Fuck this primadonna

  • Lawless_1

    Haha… the whole album is absolute trash

  • skiler415


    GO GET YEEZUS 6/18”

    Your Moms the dumbass Fanboy. Go get the leak, this shit is not worth buying.

  • Paiva

    I think Kanye needs a psych evaluation after the trash he just put

  • ear2eara

    @adolfmayne yeah but punk rock is probably the 10th genre you’d associate with this album…be honest. Either way don’t tell us whether we objectively listened to this or not. I did. I’ve listened to it twice. It has songs that I skip. It has disjointed production and it sounds rushed…which Rick Rubin said was the case in the Wall Street Journal, as they really had bits and parts of an album with two days left to turn it in. It shows. It’s a very indulgent album. In some ways it works, others it misses. Still has some great songs. maybe it’ll grow on me…b/c I’ve never thought poorly of any of Kanye’s albums before. I’m a big fan of him.

  • .


  • Lawless_1

    It’s on Dopehood right now………. dumbass.

  • Guilt Trip and Blood on the Leaves had the best prodcution to me, other than that this album is pretty lackluster.

  • .


  • Lawless_1

    You’re too stupid to read then I guess.

  • Read a book

    Damn I been waiting over a week to hear what he did with that sample on the bound track and sure enough, like the rest of the album, it fucking sucks! Seriously this album ain’t even worth arguing’s that bad

  • Pauly D

    Haven’t listened fully to the album yet, but it’s really not looking good

  • .


  • Leak

    Rap godfathers has it!! Leak

  • Leak

    Fuckin whack as fuck like I knew it would.!! People talkin shit for weeks bout this gonna kill born sinner!! Not even close. J cole dropped the best album so far this year..

  • Venom354

    Watch the creepers on these “urban” blogs they’ll say anything to persuade people’s opinion……

  • Check

    Busy downloading at the mo… Crazy hate on the c-section. Shit that bad? What a let down. But I’ll still form my own opinion.



  • ghost of late registration



  • ERIK

    i dont get why he would ruin his collection of good cds. hes fully lost his mind, maybe one of the worst albums ever made. 1/10

  • KatoXV

    Maybe Im just being just being a Kanye fan boy but I still think this shit is better than Born Sinner… and “Bound” is the best track by far, just my opinion

  • DLed but haven’t listened to the new Mac but after giving Born Sinner 8+ straight run throughs and being on my third listen of Yeezus, I can confidently say Born Sinner is the better album. Born Sinner is not stellar, has a few issues but it definitely is superior to this mess by ‘Ye. Hopefully the songs that sound like a hot mess will make sense with more spins but as it stands, Yeezus is on 3.5/10 level.

    “remember when kanye used to make nothing but classics?”

    ZACTLY!! Watch The Throne? Meh! Cruel Summer? Meh! Yeezus? Meh! Fuck happened to ‘Ye!!?????

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, Whatevers on this album, it wont be nearly as disappointing as that other album thats for sure because like I said before regardless of how some hip hop heads feel about because they wish it was something regular, the target audience for this album is gonna love this shit. Now this particular song isn’t my kinda thing because even though I also like club shit im into more of a different style, BUT the minute this shit comes on in the club, its going down period. This shit is gonna be a animal in the club this summer. For people that just want the regular hip hop sound thats fine, I like that to (love the beat on Wale’s LoveHate Thing) but one day you will have listen to so many sample based records and traditional hip hop records that your gonna be into different sounding shit. Thats gonna happen and for the people thats already there they gonna enjoy the difference in sound from this year in hip hop that Yeezus has.

  • what a let down

    The screaming like a bitch on I am a god is crazy funny. LMAO.

  • KatoXV

    1.Mac Miller

  • .


    6/18 YEEZUS

  • std

    talking about nothing. happy kanye = bad music.

  • checkagain


    Watch the throne was not ‘meh!’




  • crazy

    He has chief keef singing auto tune…wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kayo

    Yeezus is absolute garbage. If you think otherwise than you’re just completely blind. I love Kanye man but damn, shit is terrible.

  • Coolcat

    How about this: Listen to the album yourself and stop letting the hate o=in the c-section sway your opinion. And lol at people saying Mac Miller has the best june album lets be serious.

  • MIKE

    Damn y’all hate J.Cole that much, this shit is funny to me. Any way Kanye is Kanye he still is going to be on the top of the charts. Mac album is not better than Born Sinner by the way

  • marty mcfly

    @Coolcat, that Mac Miller album is crazy. Im gonna check out Yeezus but he gonna have to come with it cause Mac did for sure.

  • JHP

    I’m am a Kanye fan, so it pains me more than most to say that album was garbage. The beats were all over the place, the screaming, the infernal unnecessary auto-tune warbling, the psychotically misogynistic lyrics, the lack of any clear theme or form of subject matter, all the guest feature contributions were awful except for Frank Ocean, who is so underused on “New Slaves” you wouldn’t even know it was him on the outro, and Charlie Wilson, who is also underused. “New Slaves” and “Bound” are the only great songs on the album, “Black Skinhead” and “On Sight” are alright, the rest of the album ranges form mediocre to complete garbage. This is by far Kanye’s worst album ever, and I am severely let down as a fan.

  • marty mcfly

    I’m gay

  • “I’m In It” slaps though!!




  • KatoXV

    I dont hate J. Cole, his album was just disappointing to me. Born Sinner was I good album but why cant cole make an album better than his mixtapes or ep’s?

  • KIM

    Cole won.


  • marty mcfly

    @MACDIESEL, how the fuck to I “protect” Kanye simply by making comments about the music? FOH. I haven’t even heard the album but I will comment on it after I do. Of course some people aint gonna like the album but I appreciate somebody that takes musical risk for the culture overall and Kanye plays that position. I’ll be back with my opinion on the album later.

  • what?

    kanye singing auto tune with billie holiday one or two lines being looped on part of the track. That’s blasphemy if he was going to use that sample he could have done a better job. No auto tune! Why is he trying hard as fuck to try to bring that garbage shit back.

    J. Cole “Forbidden Fruit” > kanye west “blood on the leaves” (strange fruit sample)

  • erik

    why do u guys keep comparing this album to j cole and mac miller for ? haha

  • coolcat

    @ marty Mcfly Macs album was way to down tempo for my liking. Same with J coles album. not saying they were bad albums, but J cole didn’t show much progression with born sinner (just more of the same subject matter, flow etc) and ill admit macs album is better then blue slide park but he just isn’t all that great to me.
    As for yeezus, i knew it wasn’t gonna be the next college dropout from the tracks that were released, but I like it. At least it has some energy to it. 10 tracks is to short though

  • the realest

    This shit hot garbage. Finna grab that leak when I get to the cputer tho.

    And ye not puttin on just cuz he got Louie on some unnecessary shit. Sound like a watch the throne throwaway and he just threw Louie on it. Nigga should have grabbed a young chop beat and spazzed out. But only if this was a rap album smh

  • marty mcfly

    @coolcat, I dont know man im just feelin that Mac album. The shit is just creative and it just sounds like hip hop, I bumpin that Red Dot Music shit like crazy.

  • Lawless_1

    Sounds like a god damn T-Pain album.

  • @Gene_us
    Watch the throne was not ‘meh!’

    Guess a lack of millions in my bank account and stamped out passport makes it hard to listen to an album full of brag raps. ESPECIALLY considering why the vast majority of ‘Ye’s early fanbase became fans of his music and him as a person in general. Him coming off as the average man and the “wholesome” texture he brought to hip hop with his honest raps and superior “unassuming” production.

    All he does now, specifically with WTT, hence I say it is “meh”, is spit about the millions he has, how godly he is, how artistic he is. Fuck happened to straight bars over dope beats? Now it’s all this artsy shit that sheep will have you feeling like you aren’t cultured if you don’t “understand” what Kanye’s intentions are with whatever release is in question. I repeat, anything ‘Ye released since Watch The Throne is trash. If it requires over analysis or super critical thinking for you to get it, it prolly is excuses masking the bullshit that’s supposed to be “next level”. SMH!

    No doubt, WTT has some gems on it but overall as an album from two of Hip Hop’s elite? TRASH!

  • Pauly D

    This album is a huge disappointment.

    Lyrically Kanye could come up more contrived and bland. Like I said before, it seemed like he was using racism and racial issues as a gimmick and I guess I was right.

    Production wise, this album is amazing in every single way. If I was judging purely on instrumentals, it would be a 9/10 EASY.

    But, taking every OTHER aspect into account, it’s about a 5-6/10

  • the realest

    Ten tracks and one of em is this, remember that. So basically a nine track album. But it’s still finna be thriller and illmatic right?

  • Pauly D

    This will more than def sell more than Cole and Mac COMBINED, but to anybody that said it would actually be BETTER?

  • lp

    Damn.. This is all Hip Hop has to offer? It seems mediocrity is widely accepted now. I was looking forward to these three albums, but the quality isn’t there. Born Sinner is the best of the three, yet it’s not something to get crazy over.

    Hope Pusha delivers some heat.

  • Pauly D


    Hardly. Production wise it’s blissful. Lyrically Ye just slips the whole step of the way.


    Album leak at:


    Bound was sounding good until he fucked it up. The song stops and a another person starts singing and then it goes back to the song.

  • Ha!

    @marty mcfly
    I actually agree with you… the end of red dot music too funny “easy mac with the cheesy raps”

  • Frank Kennedy

    Bound 2 sounds like a college drop out type beat… Kind of…. Blood on the leaves hook sounds like 808 song.. The end of new slaves sounds like something on Fantasy… That’s about all I can say about the cd after first listen. :/ & how are y’all even mentioning Mac miller on the same convo as Kanye? Cole, I guess.. But Mac? Fckn hipsters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • jay bravo

    why did ya put IAMSU? he aint even on here

  • Chris Martin

    IAMSU! isn’t on this

  • marty mcfly

    @Ha!, yeah but his cheesy raps we’re better then Cole’s LOL. @Pauly D, you cant use racism as a gimmick because racism is actually a issue thats why your commenting on it with a negative implication and its because you know its exists. Using something based in reality still to this day is not a gimmick.

  • Cannonball

    I’m strongy convinced that YEEZUS tracks are made with purpose to serve as themes for fashion shows, or the runwalks were great inspiration fot this one. Note that ‘electronic music for big hallways’ vibe, many changes of tempo during one track or that sublime finish of NEW SLAVES, like at the end of a fashion show when all models and designer gather to receive congratulations.
    In fact, I find this album disappointing, if you consider Kanye’s talent for composing and sampling.

  • Pauly D


    You say that Cole and Mac are “mediocre” and then want PUSHA of all people to “bring the heat”? HAH

  • marty mcfly

    And did some of you really expect Yeezus to sound like College Dropout? Of course it sounds different, if you wanted to hear College Dropout then you can just pull up your itunes and listen to it.

  • Pauly D


    That’s just how I feel man. I feel, and obviously Kanye does to by how poor and uninspiring these lyrics sound, that he basically used race themes in the promo to get his hype up because he knew that fans or anyone else wouldn’t buy that much into it with his normal brag rapping.

    So, now, here the album is: majority brag rapping and about three songs that ACTUALLY tackle race and two of those songs still does it in a horrible and typical way.

  • the realest

    @ Pauly

    I favor production over bars most of the time so I might still fucks wit the album. I still can’t get over only having ten tracks. And the fact that this nigga is making European rap songs instead of pure rap. Where’s my devil in a new dress type records? Wtf is this? I’m executive producing his nxt album. And I ain’t having nothing but b!nk, just blaze and young chop production. With additional work by mike dean. That’s wtf he need to be doing. But i still need to hear the album

  • Pauly D

    So now:

    It’s basically Born Sinner = WMWTSO (I really can’t decide) >>>>>>> Yeezus.

    People weren’t kidding when they said MBDTF was Ye’s magnum opus

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D of course you wouldn’t want to hear lyrics about racism because your not on the receiving end of it but dont call something that has to do with racism a gimmick because its still very much so alive.

  • Joel

    I agree with Marty…Mac dropped the best album on 6/18….I actually don’t even think its close…the dude went in a completely different direction with his music….don’t like his persona…but listening to all 3 albums…I think he won

  • Pauly D

    @the realest

    The thing is, he doesn’t even understand the genre of electro clearly and makes the most typical sounds based on it. It’s horrible

  • lp

    @PaulyD You don’t like Pusha T? I thought the numbers on the board track was dope..

    But I never said Born Sinner was mediocre, it was good, I just expect more. As for Mac & Kanye, the lyrics weren’t there. I mean, they were alright I guess, but nothing great.

  • Jon

    I think he made this in his kitchen with some friends and some cooking utensils.

  • Mecca

    after listening to this album, i can honestly say that this album is garbage. the great song on their is bound, and thats because the sample on that track is amazing. all this dubstep and electronic music influences is not for kanye. kanye needs to get back into that sampling shit from college dropout and graduation.

  • Pauly D


    How am I not on the receiving end of it, exactly? Or are you trying to imply I’m white or something?

  • marty mcfly

    @ Joel, im not done listening to Kanye’s record but yeah that Mac Miller shit is crazy and anybody downplaying that is just fronting. You could hate Kanye and love Cole but you cant make the argument that Born Sinner is better then Watching Movies With The Sound Off cause its not.

  • Joel

    Ye lost his goddamn mind….he needs some of the younger rappers out to take his spot so he can get hungry again….how can you make good music when all you hear is about how legendary your music is all the time?? If this gets rave reviews from all the media outlets Ima be pissed…Ye needs to be told that he made a pile of dog shit so he can refocus and come harder next time

  • ?

    Fucking auto tune ruining this album!

  • check


    WTT was a holistic solid body of work imo… It was NOT solely brag rap, like say “niggas in Paris”… It had a great, distinct aesthetic overall.

    Picture if you will, that the throne was burning
    Rome’s burning, and I’m sitting in the corner all alone burning
    Why does it always end up like this?
    Something that we don’t determine
    Same people that I fought for
    That I fight for, that I ride for
    That I live for, that I die for
    Be the reason that these niggas is alive for
    and they want me dead
    Well I’m sorry but I just can’t die for you


    But as they say: opinions are like assholes…

  • Pauly D

    Born Sinner’s message and production was a lot better than Mac’s but Mac was also more interesting. They’re both head and head

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, STFU just the fact you would label a issue thats brought up every single day in america a gimmick lets me know you dont know what your talking about.

  • Joel

    @Marty….almost every track is fire…really unique production….definitely a risky release too because I doubt most of the fans that he accumulated with his early releases will be feeling it…gotta respect that

  • marty mcfly

    And Born Sinner had very little message and certainly no where close to be enough to top Mac’s album and I could also put up a substance argument in Mac’s regard but on top of that the STYLE that Mac used on the album lyrically was better then Cole’s period. We dont even have to discuss the beats cause you already Watching Movies destroyed Cole’s production.

  • marty mcfly

    Not enough message to top Mac’s album OVERALL as far as beats, rhymes, creativity etc…

  • subject_90

    So I just heard the Leak to the whole album… tell me why it sounds like something Azealia Bankd wouldve wrote and sung.

  • Joel

    Mac definitely beat Cole in my mind….production on watching movies is crazy….the problem with Cole is that he doesn’t take enough risks artistically which is why people describe his music as stale…

  • Pauly D

    I didn’t label the ISSUE as a gimmick you idiot. I said that the way Ye is USING it on this album makes it come across as a gimmick and a means of attention. Are you serious?

  • Pauly D


    You don’t have to take risks to be good artistically, that’s an aspect that’s been overrated in this age of digital shit.

    Cole improved in terms of concepts, subject matter and production.

  • Lawless_1

    Top 5 albums of 2013 might be Summer Knights, My Name Is My Name, Age Against The Machine, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, & Stay Trippy when it’s all said and done.

    2012 was a great year….. this year… eh.

    This year is gonna blow. Blomo.

  • marty mcfly

    As far as Kanye’s album, I can tell you the first song should’ve been in a different place on the album but Black SkinHeads and I Am A God is MONSTER music. That shit is crazy.

  • Pauly D

    And Born Sinner had little message? HAHA

    Obviously you’ve only listened to the album ONCE

  • Aight fam. That’s half a verse from Jay from a 16 track album. An album that has superb production minus the ambitious songs that have way too many influences on them and what do you have? You fuck with Lift Off too? The best songs on that album are songs that have a throwback feel of Jay and ‘Ye’s former work. New Day has the best verses and production imo but to each his own.

    It’s when they try new things that things fall out of place. Personally, I feel “Niggas In Paris” was the worst “big” song of ’11. Beat sounds lazy as fuck. Way too juvenile but that’s the sign of the times. People want catchy/simple sounding shit to vibe too. It’s prolly the same gripes I have with Yeezus. Let’s leave the electronic experimentation to the likes of Daft Punk et al. There’s room for synths and shit in hip hop but for someone like Kanye who has… had(?) an impecabble ear for different sounds, textures and nuances in music, whether it be rap, R&B, classical, etc. to integrate electronic based sounds in his shit on such an elementary level? Nah fam.

    Yes, I prefer older material cause I’m nostalgic like that but cop that !.B.F.K.W. (!llmind Beats For Kanye West) EP. THAT is what Yeezus’ sound should have gone for. But yes, we all have one!

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, thats the way it comes across to you because you dont relate. Ask a black person about it and they’ll have a different opinion. If the issue it self is not a gimmick then putting it in rhymes is not a gimmick either. You cant turn racism into a gimmick just based on the history of it. Its too real to be reduced to that of a gimmick.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Mac Miller’s music has zero substance. Completely bland.

    The only reason everyone is on his nuts all of sudden is because he isn’t popular anymore and his first album buzz has faded off.

    Go back 12 months and every Mac Miller post on this site had 5 times more NOPEs than DOPEs.

    Fucking hip-hop-hipsters.

  • ComeOnNow

    lmao at nerds telling others that you can’t rate one album over the next. That’s YOUR opinion, doesn’t mean everyone agrees with you. Grow up. I’m not feeling this album. Noisy as fuck. To each his own though, no biggie. No need me for me to bash your opinion.

  • Pauly D

    Because I can’t relate? Are you serious? Are you an actual retard marty?

    How many times must I say that I am a proud, black man? How many times do I have to tell you that the way Kanye talks about it is uninspired and comes across as a gimmick? I’m not saying the issue is a gimmick, but the way Ye is using it surely is.

    He talks about racism and the black status in America a lot better and fluently on tracks like Gorgeous.

  • ComeOnNow

    that they*

  • marty mcfly

    And yes Born Sinner had little message to it. I’ve seen people use the argument that Cole is too complex as a lyricist for people to understand so thats why they people dont like it but no Cole is not that deep homie and neither are his lyrics and any metaphorical bullshit or concept you can bring up in Cole’s regard is not enough because Cole is not fucking Jay Electronica, his shit is simple as fuck and its not the deep fool. He aint rapping about world poverty, he saying “girl make that ass drop” by the 2nd song of his damn album. GTFOH

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, STFU

  • WORSTE KANYE ALBUM TO DATE!! And this is coming from someone that fucks with his music.

    Cole World

  • lp


    That’s what I’m saying.. The dude doesn’t rap about anything & his flow is horrible sometimes.

  • if you haven’t heard this godly album yet a simple twitter search will do you good!

  • Pauly D


    The thing is, lyrical interpretation is solely based upon the listener. People are able to see the lyrical complexity of Born Sinner because the concept of sin that Cole uses throughout the album is able to drive home and relate. The album and it’s contents easily are able to combine all 7 aspects of sin, in a way that is both genius and cold.

    If you really can’t understand that….

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly, D, IF you like that song better that means you like that song better. It does not mean Kanye uses racism as a gimmick as an artists. That comment was the super ignorant because if thats the case then I guess every album Kanye has is a gimmick and I guess any time somebody makes a song with racism but you dont like it then I guess its a gimmick because you say so. And you aint a proud blackman, you a goofy white boy so just stop.

  • Pauly D

    See, this is where u expose yourself. The only thing you can respond with is STFU, instead of something cohesive.

    It’s funny to see you unraveling to simple logic m8

  • @ Marty Mcfly GTFOH you know who WON! .. HANDS DOWN .. There is no way you can defend this even with that evolving bullshit. I’m listening to this right now and it is not on par with BORN SINNER As a WHOLE… Like i said before … This album has NO meaning to it what so ever!

  • marty mcfly

    If people are not able to understand Cole’s lyrics because there so complex then who’s fault is that? The people’s? Does that mean Cole is dope or worse. Jayz – “and cause you dont understand him, it dont mean that he’s nice”… If a nigga makes a whole album that is some how some coded message but you just think its about surface subject matter then thats not the listeners problem, thats the writers for not having a better technique.

  • Pauly D

    I’m a goofy white boy because YOU say so? Nigga be quiet HAH

    It’s just a fact that racism was tackled a lot better on Gorgeous. It was a way that fit Ye, but didn’t come off as a gimmick. I could tell that he actually MEANT the words on Gorgeous

  • Never listen (no argue) with someone whose opinion you do not respect.

    Marty? Everyone is always picking on you for whatever reason but some of the shit you say, how you defend artists you stan over and the logic behind your arguments are retarded. You hate J. Cole, that’s fine but making all types of claims to defend Yeezus and say it is better than Cole’s safe sophomore over ‘Ye’s “risky” effort, is just plain ol’ dickriding. Kanye was the homey but I can’t ride with this. Safe doesn’t stir people up but there’s a very thin line between genius risky and “what drugs is he on” risky. Sadly, “Ye fucked up his streak of excellent albums!

    If you think Yeezus is good/great/classic/genius/etc. you are sheep who clearly can’t form an opinion on your own.

    Please name two songs (or one even) that shit on any song on Born Sinner. I’ll wait.

    Cole Summer and 3 Wishes off J. Coles MIXTAPE shit on anything on Kanye’s ALBUM. FOH!

  • NYdreamz

    yeezus is ass….. j. cole shitted on that nigga with born sinner.. juss keeping it real.. i didnt get a chance to listen to the mac miller album but i heard its dope…so ill have to look into that… but seriously tho… kanye has been fallen off hard these past years .. i should have expected this album to be ass….. it all started from WTT when jay was basically carrying YE almost the entire album… then it went to cruel summer…. a terrible ass album and now we get an even worse album …

  • Pauly D

    Again, complexity depends on the PERSON you cunt HAH

    Use your imagination and get what you can from the music.

  • ytt

    marty literally no one gives a single fuck what you actually say. theyre only trying to argue with you because they dont wanna believe that someone so butthurt, so stupid, so pathetic, so undeserving of being apart of the human race could possibly exist. let alone troll 2dopeboyz with the most unwarranted bullshit opinions this world has ever seen

  • @ Gene_us *Claps Hands* Exactly! … BRAVO … Well said. @Marty if you hate cole just say you HATE COLE Homie. It’s cool… Really

  • marty mcfly

    My opinion is the only valid opinion. If you disagree you are a white boy faggot. I cant accept that others differ in opinion, I am insecure so i feel the need to project it on others to make myself feel somewhat content with my existence. Please excuse my subsequent comments I will ramble incessantly without a point. I am apologizing in advance for my stupidity.

  • Pauly D

    The worst aspect of Yeezus, I think, is that it has NO DIRECTION whatsoever. It goes from party songs to convoluted songs about racism to horribly strung together samples

  • marty mcfly

    @jaydtheprice, albums have more then just whether or not they have meaning and I could pull up lyrics from Yeezus that mean something so just because you say the album has NO meaning doesn’t mean its true. @Again Pauly be quiet. If somebody writes a song and it has something about racism in it, its not a gimmick fool. The issue has too much of a history to ever ever be reduced to a simple gimmick. I dont care what you liked more. The mentality it takes to take the issue of race and refer to it as a gimmick as if its a joke just because how the issue was used in a song is insulting to every black person that was murdered because they we’re black.

  • @Pauly D I agree.

  • Lawless_1

    As for Mac Miller I think he either sounds dope or trash depending on what beat he is on and who is featured. I think he would fit nicely in the A$AP Mob. He sounds great on A$AP type beats. Go listen to “matches” and tell me he don’t.

    A$AP Mac.

  • NYdreamz

    to me it seems as if.. kanye is trying too hard to be different… nothing is wrong with being different but it has to be pulled off right… and this was a fail…

  • marty mcfly

    My opinion is the only valid opinion. If you disagree you are a white boy faggot. I cant accept that others differ in opinion, I am insecure so i feel the need to project it on others to make myself feel somewhat content with my existence. Please excuse my subsequent comments I will ramble incessantly without a point. I am apologizing in advance for my stupidity.

  • Pauly D

    Obviously it is, because the fact that Ye was coming from a racial standpoint increased attention in Yeezus. If you can’t see that this man basically said “let me write some typical racism shit without going in depth or actually tackling the issues of the racism” and that’s exactly what he did.

  • marty mcfly

    @Gene-Us, again Im not defending Kanye because I haven’t even heard the full album. I can already tell there’s some shit that people will probably miss after just one listen and there’s some shit on Yeezus that I already know that I straight up dont like. The songs I think are dope, im gonna say is dope and the ones I dont im gonna say is not period. Thats not a defense, thats just keeping it 100.

  • the realest

    ^ damn marty you over-retarted. pauly said kanye’s marketing plan to release “new slaves” to give off the impression that this was gonna be a racially charged album, and then the actual album is not, is what he means by saying him playing the race card was a damn gimmick to get ppl to buy the album with any promotion.

  • marty mcfly

    i sucked kanye off

    My opinion is the only valid opinion. If you disagree you are a white boy faggot. I cant accept that others differ in opinion, I am insecure so i feel the need to project it on others to make myself feel somewhat content with my existence. Please excuse my subsequent comments I will ramble incessantly without a point. I am apologizing in advance for my stupidity.

  • Pauly D


    Finally! Someone else get’s it!

  • Foreal

    My opinion is the only valid opinion. If you disagree you are a white boy faggot. I cant accept that others differ in opinion, I am insecure so i feel the need to project it on others to make myself feel somewhat content with my existence. Please excuse my subsequent comments I will ramble incessantly without a point. I am apologizing in advance for my stupidity.


  • @Marty Mcfly Your not hearing me… what im saying is WTF IS THE POINT OF THIS ALBUM? WHAT IS THIS ALBUM ABOUT?.. He has about 3 songs with meaning. The most inovative songs that sound GOOD are “black skin heads” and “Blood on the leaves”. LOL i really hope you ain’t the type that would call this classic.

  • check

    dead @ ytt

    “no one gives a single fuck what you actually say”

  • NYdreamz

    i thought kanye was gonna be on his racial shit on the album… straight up .. which is one of the reasons why i was so pumped for the album..remember the first 2 songs to drop was “black skinhead and new slaves” … but instead those two turn out to be the songs where kanye is actually speaking on anything…

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, Im not gonna change my position on the matter. You referred to the issue of racism in the context of how its used on this album as a gimmick. I disagree, I think the issue of racism is brought up way to many times in america to every be a gimmick and I think Kanye means everything he said and he takes the issue seriously. No I do not think Kanye said “let me just right some typical racism shit” that fact that you even view that as such is a problem because you’ve taken the seriousness away from what was said. Making your first offering from your album New Slaves and then saying the shit he said in it, homie thats not a gimmick. Your talking about millions of people that have lost their lives in the context of what Kanye said.

  • x


  • adolfmayne

    im on the 2nd listen of yeezus and this shit is dope it got a death grips feel lol @ the lames that are so close minded and only listen to genre of music wouldnt ppl hating be the sheeps since its cool to hate on any artist that has any sort of mainstream fame?? i mean thats why everyone is on j. cole’s nuts right now cuz hes the underdog in this situation

  • If this was a T-Pain album it would’nt be all that bad. But it’s not. It’s a Kanye album -_-

  • adolfmayne

    * and only listen to one

  • Pauly D


    Actually, New Slaves makes his approach even more of a gimmick, because he goes on to say that we are slaves to materialism but is actually a slave himself and contradicts himself with the ENTIRE ALBUMS content. And the worst thing is that he completely doesn’t feel that he is a slave, just by the one line “There’s leaders and followers, but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower”.

    Again, it’s a gimmick.

  • Lawless_1

    I’m white and hate the album not for the “racism” stuff but because he uses wack ass t-pain auto-tune bullshit and repetitive beats.

    The only bearable songs are black skinhead and blood on the leaves.

  • Born Sinner


  • Mandingo Jamal

    I’d rather listen to marty mcfly get fucked in the ass than yeesus and mac miller’s gay frat music.

  • ComeOnNow

    i listen to many genres of music and still think that it isn’t dope. Dumb argument.

  • Pauly D


    And this is where you show your ignorance. A lot of people on this site listen to multiple genres of music and have seen what Ye’ TRYING to do with this album executed better from many different artists. The true fact is that the album is directionless and was set up to fail the moment On Sight started to play.

  • Kanye album is a fail. And yes it will sell because of his Name “Kanye”. You gotta remember that these guys are’nt only artist THEY ARE A BRAND. So yeah he’ll sell more. But we all know that J. Cole had the best album. People saying step out the box don’t be closed minded are dumb as fuck. If i wanna listen to something that sounds like death grips then why not just go listen to death grips!!!

    smh fuckin donkeys man

  • MG1551

    only the d!ck raiders will like this sh!t

  • marty mcfly

    THATS not a “gimmick”, because the issue carries to much weight in the real world. Its reality for millions of people and families so no its not a gimmick. You can not the issue of racism into just some kinda gimmick like its Tyler The Creator rapping about some off the wall shit. The content is too real. Go visit a prison and then come back and tell me its a gimmick. No fool, its real. Regardless of how you feel Kanye said it, its too real to be reduced to that of a gimmick. Just because Kanye is talking about other things and didnt make his whole album about racism doesn’t make the lyrics about the matter a gimmick. And again SUBSTANCE is one factor of an album, there are others such as style, creativity, production, etc…

  • marty mcfly

    JayDtheprince, lets be real, you said the album was gonna be wack before you even heard it so your mind as already made up. I did not say Born Sinner was gonna be wack before hand, I said a bunch of times that I could’nt comment on it before I heard the album. You on the other hand talked about how Kanye was this and that before you even heard the album. Of course you think Cole’s album is better because you already said that before you heard the album. I said before I heard Yeezus that of course the more traditional hip hop listens wouldn’t like it. Those that are more open to this kinda music probably will.

  • Gimmick – A significant feature that is obscured, misrepresented, or not readily evident; a catch.

    He came out the gate with New Slaves and Black Skinhead like it was such an important aspect of his album. It’s completely obvious that he was using the content in New Slaves, and even the titles of both tracks to garner attention for the album. It’s just that the album as a whole has no identity, and literally none of the songs have any real connection.

  • adolfmayne

    @PaulyD yes everyone besides you is ignorant and has horrible taste in music….putting your all into hating this album isnt gonna change anyones opinion on it being good

  • qw

    probably my least favorite kanye album

  • marty mcfly

    @cloud9, have you ever been to prison? I have not but ask somebody that has actually served time in prison for something that really aint that serious. Ask them if Kanye making a song called “New Slaves” and then let them hear the lyrics and ask them is that a gimmick to you? No its real, dont be mad at Kanye for saying what he said a time where singles are mostly about poppin mollys and love songs. Kanye decided to say some real shit instead. Thats not a gimmick, check the news homie, that shit is reality. There are really corporations trying to make “New Slaves” just cause Kanye didnt break it down for you more doesn’t mean what he did say is somehow a gimmick.

  • Manw/Plan

    wtf is this kanye? Just listened to the album and it is EASILY his worst album imo. Really disappointed.

  • therealness

    im pretty sure that kanye has thousands of songs that he has recorded but never released that are way way better like momma’s boyfriend type shit

  • Pauly D


    Again, you respond to me with some stan type shit. I’m not HATING on the album. I said before it’s a 5-6/10. I’m just adknowledging the albums obvious flaws, the most obvious one’s being the gimmick and the lack of direction. Sorry you can’t understand that with so much Ye jelly on the brain fgt

  • Manw/Plan

    I agree with pauly d new slaves is definitely more gimmick than profound. Kanye preforming that song is a contradiction in itself.

  • Pauly D

    I could agree that this is his worst album, easily. Even 808’s, my previously least favorite Ye album, had more of a purpose and identity than this

  • marty mcfly

    Even using the word “Skinhead” in his music, homie thats not a gimmick. Those people actually exist, go ask somebody in the deep south about skinheads, they’ll tell you no that aint no gimmick. I understand someone saying some form of foolishness is a gimmick but something as serious as these issues is too real to ever be a gimmick and plus Kanye has other albums where he talked about racism at times when everybody else wasn’t. I didnt see people saying it was a gimmick then so why when Kanye does it now, its a gimmick? No

  • If you’re a closed minded person who only listens to hip hop, then you probably won’t like Yeezus. People want artists to recycle the same bullshit every album instead of experimenting JUST to make them happy. Kanye took a big risk and it paid off, in my opinion. Dope album.

  • jobie

    club banger if i ever heard one wow!

  • Aight y’all! Those that are thoroughly enjoying the album, can one of y’all enlighten us that don’t get it, what is so exceptional about it? And not some abstract, broad description. We want specifics. “The snare on such a track is dope”. “His verses on such and such are fire”. “The vocal manipulation on such a song makes it exceptional”. Like proper, detailed descriptions that would convince me… us(?) to give it a chance.

    Not that I’m not gonna listen again but I doubt my opinion’s gonna change. On the 6th listen by the way.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, Born Sinner was Cole’s worst project. He could’ve combined his Truly Yours EPs and made a better album then the boring sound of Born Sinner.

  • yaawp

    this is like one of the best songs on the tape and that’s not sayin much
    *puts back on Problem – The Seperation”

  • Bruh I’m from North Charleston, SC, where I’ve gotten pulled over walking down the street. I have plenty of people close to me who have been imprisoned. I’ve dealt with racial oppression many times, but you don’t seem to understand the actual concept of using something as a gimmick. We’re not saying racism is a fucking gimmick, but that Kanye used it as a gimmick. I don’t need him to break shit down me, and where do you get the misconception that I’m mad he said what he said? I’m not mad, I just think, like Pauly D, that he really only skimmed over the subject to give the impression that he was trying to “say some real shit instead.”

  • Manw/Plan

    @yeaaahh no. Hip hop is my third favorite genre and i still think it isn’t good at all. Am i an anomaly? OR

  • marty mcfly

    @Gene-us, Im not throughly enjoying ever song but the ones I do like, I really like. What’s exceptional about is its aggressively pushing the limits in regards to the traditional hip hop sound. Where others may to be afraid to use other sounds, This Yeezus album is not.

  • Manw/Plan

    @cloud9 hammer meet nail head. Spot on.

  • Pauly D

    @marty mcfly

    What project you think is worse or not is completely subjective. But you know what isn’t subjective? The fact that Born Sinner is getting more praise than Sideline Story did because the former obviously had a much better direction as well as production and concept, as the critics claim. So yeah.

  • Pauly D

    If you’re a closed minded person who only listens to hip hop, then you probably won’t like Yeezus.


    Again, trying to imply that the people that don’t like Yeezus don’t listen to other genres is close minded in itself. God, I fucking hate stans like you.

  • jerru

    It’s always funny how disheartened fans try to give themselves false comfort by trying to discredit contrary opinions with faulty logic and false deductive reasoning. Usually it’s “they must listen to chief keef” but since he’s on this album it’s changed to “they only listen to hip hop…they’re ignorarnt”.

    First of all, you dont know anything about these people except that their opinion hurts your feelings. I listen to a broad range of music, so all these false justifications as to why my opinion is wrong just does not apply. The album is just not not good to me. there is not wrong with me, im not mentally ill, im not ignorant, im not a snob, im not a hipster, im not a “hip hop head” or any other cheap excuse you try to use to undermine my opinion.

  • marty mcfly

    @cloud9, well the fact is you’ve experienced racism in your own actual life and guess what Kanye isn’t the only one to talk about it. He maybe the only mainstream artist to talk about in such a way but people talk about it everyday. Shit the president just brought the issue of racism up a couple weeks ago and I dont think he did it to make people like him (a gimmick), no he really knows its an issue just like Kanye.

  • adolfmayne

    @PaulyD you rated an album that has 10 songs a 5-6/10 doesnt that imply you like more than half the songs yet youre in the c section bashing the album on a technicality arent you just hating??? the fact you resorted to homophobic slurs and name calling shows your immaturity in dealing with other ppl’s opinions..i still havent listen to born sinner either just the singles

  • Pauly D


    First, a 5 to a 6 implies that the album is either Average (5) or Above Average (6). And, again, you need to understand the difference between BASHING an album or pointing out it’s obvious flaws.

    I have no problem with others opinions lol, just ask marty. It’s dumb niggas like you who I have problems with, calling us ignorant and immature because our opinion doesn’t line up with yours and your assumptions. Am I being clear now, dumbass?

  • Pauly D

    “It’s always funny how disheartened fans try to give themselves false comfort by trying to discredit contrary opinions with faulty logic and false deductive reasoning. Usually it’s “they must listen to chief keef” but since he’s on this album it’s changed to “they only listen to hip hop…they’re ignorarnt”.
    First of all, you dont know anything about these people except that their opinion hurts your feelings. I listen to a broad range of music, so all these false justifications as to why my opinion is wrong just does not apply. The album is just not not good to me. there is not wrong with me, im not mentally ill, im not ignorant, im not a snob, im not a hipster, im not a “hip hop head” or any other cheap excuse you try to use to undermine my opinion.”

    ^^^^This to it’s fullest extent!

  • Forizeal

    It took 6 dudes to produce this?

  • marty mcfly

    So far imo, and not really broken down in detail…

    Onsite – Not that dope, maybe in a different part of the album but the first song. NO
    Black Skinheads – DOPE !!!
    I Am A God – DOPE!!!
    New Slaves – DOPE !!!
    Hold My liquor – I dont know yet but using Keef as just the hook part and the beat and the flow from Ye was dope imo.

  • kc

    Marty just stay takin l’s with his biased ass.
    Must hurt to see j cole beat Kanye so obviously.

    Always, co-sign Pauly and Gene

  • 1

    Marty just stay takin l’s with his biased ass.
    Must hurt to see j cole beat Kanye so obviously.

    Always, co-sign Pauly and Gene

  • adolfmayne

    i made a valid point and once again @PaulyD caught feelings and resorts to name calling its not a big deal tho i like how by saying i enjoyed this album im automatically a kanye stan tho

  • @Pauly D and Jerru – Y’all sound butt hurt to me! I didn’t say only listening to hip hop was a bad thing, I just said the album is experimental and if you’re not a fan of that type of production then you probably won’t like it. You have a right to your opinion. And the term “Stan” is stupid just because you are a fan of something..

  • marty mcfly

    @1, no but I will say that people turn things into a broad generalization too much instead of talking about rhymes and beats. I didnt do that with Cole, I stated specifically what I didnt like and I stated what I did like. I didnt make broad generalizations about anything on the album or anyone who liked it or disliked it. For the most part I keep it about rhymes and beats, exactly what was said and exactly what was heard song for song.

  • Manw/Plan

    @adolfmayne he didn’t say you are a stan because you like the album, he said you are a stan because you make false justifications for why others don’t like it. Try to keep up.

  • @adolfmayne

    But you’re trying to say that anybody who doesn’t like this album automatically doesn’t listen to different genres of music, and that’s just not true. It’s just not a good album. It has a good few songs, but other than that, it just sounds rushed. I know he said he wanted to focus on a more minimalist tone, but even now a lot of the production still sounds jumbled with a lot of misplaced elements. Guilt Trip was probably the best all around song on the entire album.

  • Manw/Plan

    @yeaaahh your problem is many people here dont like the album but still likes experimental production. That is what makes your point invalid.

  • marty mcfly

    And you wanna talk about one album beating another so obviously then talk about Watching Movies With The Sound Off vs Born Sinner cause imo one album is obviously better then the other. With Cole vs Kanye, it aint so obvious once you get passed emotions and labels and who likes who the most and what kinda fan likes this and that and yada yada yada. Once you bring it down to a bar for bar, beat for beat, creativity, subject matter, production level, it aint that obvious.

  • WHAT!

    Yeezus is not as bad as ya’ll cats make it out to be. I like it bcuz it’s different. Born Sinner & WMWTSO are both great. But IMO Statik Selektah won.

  • It’s not the best but I don’t hate it. I like it better than J.Coles b/c of the variation in the overall sound sonically.

  • Joel

    actually on a second listen through I’m starting to really like the production on Yeezus…I just can’t take Ye’s lyrics…dude is annoying as fuck to listen to

  • marty mcfly

    Now bar for bar Cole got 21 songs to Kanye West ten so Cole said more but the impact of some of Kanye’s songs (impact meaning just how hard hitting and dynamic the sound is) are that of the impact of about 4 or 5 Cole songs imo.

  • @marty mcfly

    Can you please point out some of those songs and explain there impact and how they hit you that hard?

  • marty mcfly

    And BTW, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like Hold My Liquor so far the only song I dont really like is the first one On Site. Maybe if it was dope a little different and mixed better and placed like song number 5 or something yeah but at this moment On Site is the only song I dont really like… Still listening

  • Joel

    Kanye’s instrumentals are always genius…his problem is that he quite literally has nothing interesting to say….

  • skittles4hoes

    Whoever said Mac will outsell Kanye now that his album leaked is out of their damn mind. Mac’s album leaked way before anyones. HOWEVER, while I wait 2 in a half centuries for Yeezy to download Mac Miller is a more enjoyable listen to me over J. Cole’s. Lyrically, Mac loses in this department but the production on Mac’s album is really good. Sounds like a drug induced album – not that that is a bad thing. OH yea, Statik’s album is nice too.

  • ear2ear

    “Black Skinhead” “New Slaves” “Blood on the Leaves” “Bound” are good songs. But boy are there some songs that are just hard for me to listen to. The interpolation of Mos Def – Travellin’ Man at the end of “Send It Up” is so silly and ridiculous but the song serves its purpose. There are just bits and pieces of this album that bring it down as a whole to me. Am I the only one who thinks the mix sucks on this? The synths on “On Sight” almost made my ears rip in half haha. “I Am a God” is just too over the top for me. The screams at the end are just stupid to me. It’s an ok album, it kept me interested more than “Born Sinner.” I’m not going to defend one against the other because to be honest neither of them are good enough to warrant heated debate.

  • Rezo

    Different doesn’t always mean dope. Some of you faggots need to grow up and stop following trends. Just like how Kanye wears fucking leather skirts and niggas excuse it cause it’s “different”. No, the album is a different kind of TRASH. Period!

  • @ Marty Mcfly I respect it. I can’t force myself to like this album. I’m lightweight dissapointed but not really because this is what kanye does. He does left feild shit like this just like he did with 808’s and heartbeats

  • DL

    I swear DBZ has the most idiotic regulars.

  • Don’t call somebody closed minded because of the type of music they prefer. Now that right there is true ignorance

  • Rezo

    If Cole or pretty much anyone else released this EXACT album it would be sitting in your recycle bin. It’s just people always want to hold the little guy down, they never want to seem them pass who was once great. The real truth is the last dope Kanye album was Graduation, only the hypebeasts feel like Kanye has released a dope album in the last few years. Im not even a Cole fan, but Born Sinner is incredible compared to this shit. This album is all about shock value and it’s a 10 song gimmick for attention. Kanye could beat his dick on a song and hypebeasts will say “that’s some new shit, you just don’t understand”. Nigga, I have a college degree, this album is AWFUL.

  • Just because someone does’nt listen to death grips or prince or even fuckin lady gaga does not mean their closed minded. THEY JUST DO NOT LIKE THAT KIND OF MUSIC. This is MUSIC PEOPLE. Remember?

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, yeah im not really into Send It Up either so I guess thats 2 songs so far that im not feeling but the DJs are gonna have a field day with Send It Up cause thats exactly whats gonna happen when this record comes on. The screams on I Am A God dont really bother me, I thought they would before I heard the song but they didn’t. Overall that shit is beast music.

  • Pauly D

    I’m glad that there are people on this C-Section that can’t handle an over amount of idiocy, as I can’t. Thanks yall

  • Further more there is nothing wrong with Kanye’s Rhymes. These beats just are NOT RAP friendly. And that is the REAL problem here.


    That’s what everyone is complaining about here. Lets just be honest

  • a-Yo

    yea don’t know why he put this song on the album. Far as the album concerned, its aight. Ye always mixing things up with production so not too surprised with some of the beats, though aint really feeling the others. Lyrically, eh. Felt like he could of went harder or switch things up more or be more complex but it is what it is. Prolly will jam born sinners more though just cause of personal preference but this album ain’t as bad as some people trnya make it seem.

  • @Rezo Is ABSOLUTLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    Just listened to Im On It and I dont like it, probably will never listen to that shit again. On to the next song.

  • This album will be Kanye’s LASERS

  • marty mcfly

    @jayDtheprince, again its people like you and Pauly that just make broad statements about shit. You imply the whole album is this or that or that every beat on it is wack or every word on it is wack. NO, this album does have elements about thats dope and songs thats dope as well.

  • Pauly D

    Do you like Blood on the Leaves and Black Skinhead, marty? Definite highlights to this album

  • Joel

    LASERS was candy coated pop shit….Cudis WZRD may be a better comparison

  • The production either OVER POWERS .. or DISTRACTS you from feeling what he is saying in alot of these records. The production does NOT COMPLAMENT his lyrics at all. And that is my ONLY PROBLEM on this album. I swear..

  • Joel

    the first track and Im on it are underwhelming…the rest of the album sounds damn good if you ask me

  • marty mcfly

    Even with that last song that I said I probably wouldn’t listen to it again, Kanye was bussin at the end with that last verse. Its just the beginning I cant fuck with and with the song after Blood On The Leaves, cant really say I fuck with this either. The beats cool but he just had a couples songs for the girls before this one so im not really into this one either and again, why is niggas singing they hooks as if they Drake? Just stop. I cant fuck with this song either.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, do I like Black Skinheads? Of course that shit is crazy as fuck and that song alone not only pushes the culture forward in sound but Kanye did his thing on it so yeah I like Black Skinheads.

  • Rezo

    I agree about rappers singing on their hooks. That is the main reason why I am not a Cole fan. Maybe it’s just me, but most of his better songs do not have him doing the hook. Born Sinner is pretty good, but it had the potential to be great if homie knew how to do a good hook. The singing idea is awful and the lyrics to his hooks aren’t much better. Stick to having SINGERS sing your hooks or rap them. Simple.

  • @Marty Mcfly Nah im not saying every song is wack. But me “Personally” I only like 2 songs on here. And that’s “Blood on the Leaves” and “Black Skin Heads” i thought i’d like “New Slaves” but the studion version just don’t sound as epic as it did live. I do believe that the majority of this album is trash and that is not a shot at kanye as an artist. This fucking album was RUSHED and it shows!

  • 1

    co-sign rezo 100%

  • Something different as always with Kanye West. More like he created “808s & Heartbreak” with a mix of “Watch The Throne” with a demonstration from “Cruel Summer”, then you have this. That’s how I see, how this album was crafted/created. My general option upon this release, it’s not in comparison with J. Cole’s album, “Born Sinner”, from a hip-hop perspective. So J. Cole wins by default but Kanye wins, creatively. By far, not the album I wanted from him but nonetheless. But something different in the means of creative and lyrics are STILL THERE. Yet, no one will notice if they’re not used to opening their minds to something different which they would consider, wack. Great album, not seriously the type of album hip-hop needs. But nonetheless it is still dope. 4.5/5

  • Those two songs are inovative!! Anything else on there was just Ye experamenting with sounds. Lets be REAL

  • @Joel LOL Word

  • marty mcfly

    @ JayDtheprince, I know ok, you’ve been saying you dont like the album for days now. I get it you dont like the album. Now @Guilt Trip, let me say if it was a house track then ok but at this particular time I dont really like that song either. So I dont know thats like 4 songs im really not feeling at this time.

  • I hate when people call someone more creative or innavative when the shit they did did not sound WORK. It does’nt sound good bro. Your giving Kanye a pass to think he can give his fans BULLSHIT. Come on now… Thats unfair….

  • @Marty Mcfly NO … At first it was the Direction of the album….. Now it’s just the album …. (in its Entirety)

  • marty mcfly

    @JayDtheprince, ok fine you dont like the album is entirety so in your opinion thee whole album is wack. Ok well thank for your opinion. Im on the last song now and it does have that Late Registration feel for those that wanted that sound so I like it.

  • SchoolBoyQ has 0000 Lyrics

    Didn’t Blu do the same type of album NoYrk?

  • Walker

    all i can say is VERY different

  • @Marty Marty That songs cool. I just wanted to name the two i liked the most that were quote on quote “Innovative” .. Bound is nice though

  • Every artist has there “Lasers” lol .. Jay-Z (Kingdom Come) Lupe (Lasers) Drake (Thank me later) Kid Cudi (Wzrd) At first we all thought 808’s and Heartbreaks. But that album is not bad at all!. I feel like if he was rapping at that point in time he would have had a hell of an album but that album was still damn good!. This will just go down as Kanye’s worst album (To the people) a few might call it classic some might say it cool. But in the hip hop “World” They will thrash it. Kanye even knows that

    I’m just sayin

  • “This fucking album was RUSHED and it shows!” – JayDtheprince

    That’s what these dudes don’t realise. It is documented that he turned the album in at the last hour and got Rick to executive at the last hour. It sounding like a hot mess with ideas scattered here and there is one of the reasons Yeezus is terrible.

    “The real truth is the last dope Kanye album was Graduation” – Rezo

    That’s as real as it gets! MBDTF had heat but I haven’t listened to it, WTT or Cruel Summer in a minute and I ain’t mad at it. MBDTF’s the last effort where the Kanye we love/d exists. Everything from that point onwards is just “I’m the greatest this! I’m the greatest that!”. This tweet —» RT @Diane_Warren: Note to Kanye, the true greats don’t usually publicly talk about how great they are. But thank U for letting us know!” puts everything in perspective.

    “I agree about rappers singing on their hooks. That is the main reason why I am not a Cole fan. Maybe it’s just me,” – Rezo

    I have no problem with rappers “singing” they’re own hooks as long as it’s done in a decent to dope fashion. Cole has material he’s carried himself that sounds dope. Off top I can think off “I Get Up”. Great verses with an equally great hook. Lost One’s another. Even Cole Summer has a good hook. All three hooks are sung by Cole. I half agree though. His hooks are hit and miss and most of his recent material was better off handled by singers.

  • Why does everyone complain about rappers singing on HOOKS?????

    Nobdoy said SHIT whan NAS was singing on “Street Dreams”

    I just don’t understand that at all

  • I guess if you listen to Yeezus expecting Lady Gaga/European electro type shit/Death Grips type music, you’d enjoy this but tryna listen to it as a hip hop album, isn’t gonna do you any favours. But here’s the kicker… when that album comes out, what do you think ‘Ye and the record company are gonna market it as? Hip Hop so in that context, Yeezus is a SHITTY hip hop album. I don’t think it would fair well amongst music with similar stylings. So what is Yeezus left with? Sucks as a hip hop album. Sucks as an electro-rock mutation. However you look at it, Yeezus has more negatives than positives.

    Whatever the case, all singing its praises will realise how shitty it is 3… 6… 9… 12 months later when they relaise just how little replay value this clusterfuck has. Peace out fam!

  • @Gene_us Yeezus is a SHITTY hip hop album. I don’t think it would fair well amongst music with similar stylings. So what is Yeezus left with? Sucks as a hip hop album. Sucks as an electro-rock mutation.

    LMFAO .. Nuff Said!

  • marty mcfly

    Now for the songs I do like (im not discussing what I dont like because we dont have to like the same things cause ITS MY OPINION just speaking for ME) Thats coming out on June 18th.

    Born Sinner –

    Land Of The Snakes – Im an Aquemini fan so I have to like it but if that beat didn’t save it…
    Let Nas Down

    These three songs is basically all I like on Born Sinner. Now Runaway, Forbidden Fruit, and Born Sinner, they not wack songs but imo they just not that dope and im not thrilled about just average or meh or aiiight. I want DOPE period. Them other songs was wack IN MY OPINION. And yes I know there’s a deluxe version but after 16 songs of Born Sinner im just not interested in going all the way through 21 songs. IMO thats overall kill for one album it’s making it into some kinda mixtape almost instead of a cohesive album thats just uncut dopeness.

    Black Skinhead
    I Am A God
    New Slaves
    Hold My Liquor

    I think these songs are DOPE. Lyrically, musically and overall CREATIVELY, the rest of the songs im not really into like that.

    Now as far as Cole vs Kanye just speaking for ME. Im the type of person that really like LYRICS, HARD HITTING BEATS AND OVERALL CREATIVITY. Again im my opinion I gotta give the win to Kanye because even for those that hate the album, Kanye opened another door as far as sound and creativity with this album and he also brought some subject matter to the table that most artists are just too afraid to bring up. Am I shitting on Cole completely? NO but I dont think his lyrics are that crazy nor his beats nor the creative aspect of his music. Thats just how I feel about it, if you disagree thats great. I think Kanye West opened up another chamber of possibility for the culture and the songs I do like are crazy DOPE.

    Now at the end of the day, deep down in my soul im still 100% a purest hardcore Hip Hop head so with all that being said this is why Watching Movies On Demand WINS in my opinion. Dope lyrics, beats and creativity and please save the “well Mac Miller doesn’t have substance” argument. I think he has a little bit of substance but even if you think he has NO substance whatsoever, remember albums are also about STYLE, beats, creativity, etc… So when I say Mac is dope lyrical Im talking about the STYLE of his rhymes and the WORDPLAY that he chooses to rhyme. With that being said, these are the songs I like-

    The Star Room
    Im Not Real
    I Am Who Am
    Red Dot Music
    Watching Movies
    Suplexes Inside Of Complexes

    Now if you dont like Mac’s album thats fine, im talking about what I like and In my opinion Watching Movies With The Sound Off is overall in the aspect of beats and rhymes the best hip hop album between the three on June 18th.

  • marty mcfly

    Now I know Jaydtheprince, Pauly D and some others will come back and say YEEZUS is the worst album in the history of music and all that and Born Sinner is the greatest music to even be heard by human ears and Mac Miller is worse I Riff Raff but again, im just talking for me. If you dont like Yeezus or whatever well then good for you but I have a different opinion. I like half of it LOL. Out

  • Joel

    you only liked 3 tracks off of a 21 track album?….damn you really don’t like Cole…

  • QBN

    So what I’m reading is that Kanye’s new lp is wack, and J.Cole’s was meh at best. I’m gonna check out Kanye now, I agree with Cole’s album being average, but if both of these albums are let downs, that’s not a good look for hip hop. Who else to look forward to this year?

  • Joel

    marty you don’t like rich niggaz???

  • Born Sinner

    Watching movies


    No Love Lost


    (LOL Sraight Up)

  • marty mcfly

    Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off
    Prodigy & Alchemist – Albert Einstein
    Statik Selektah – Extended Play
    Kanye – Yeezus
    Action Bronson – Saab Stories

    @ Joel, NO I dont like Rich Niggaz.

  • King G.

    Yeezy on some EDM shit that I just can’t rock with.

  • Mt

    Hey Mr. Marty McFag, you sir are a retard. Skinheads did not originate in the USA. Do you even know what a skinhead is? And other entertainers make jokes and shit about racism often as a gimmick. Kanye isn’t special cause he made a song about it to sell records. It all about selling records. Ye would rather go to Milan than spend time on this shitshow, so don’t make it like he has a deeper purpose.

  • Mt

    “Black girl sipping white wine, put my fist in her like the Civil Rights sign.”

    Way to stand up for Civil Rights Yeezy.

  • Sliim

    @jay bravo he does the whoops in the background

  • the realest

    Black Skinhead
    I Am A God
    New Slaves
    Hold My Liquor

    ^ even if you giving him that much credit, FIVE songs. really? wheres that illmatic-thriller arguement now?

  • marty mcfly

    @Mt, Again racism is not a gimmick and thats even in a Kanye West Rhyme. The issue of racism has been a hot topic for the last 5 years especially when Obama was running against Romney, there were plenty of white people letting the world know exactly how they feel about black people. At that time Kanye was probably creating these songs. Even as I say this now, the topic of racism is being discussed on the news and after that they gonna discuss Trayvon Martin so again racism is not a gimmick. If you think Kanye West of all people is somehow now after almost ten years in the game a gimmick then thats your opinion but the substance of what he said is based in reality and there is overwhelming proof of that so NO its not a gimmick, its based in reality. Kanye – Meanwhile the DEA, teamed up with the CCA, they trying to lock niggas up they tryna make “New Slaves”… THAT is not a gimmick. That is honestly the truth of the matter and thats they kinda shit hip hop artists used to put in they rhymes all the time. Nowadays rappers make shit like Power Trip and some of you act like its a fucking Public Enemy song. NO but Kanye’s singles do carry that kinda of spirit if you simply read and comprehend what was said.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, yes 5 songs. Im my opinion I thought 5 songs outta ten we’re dope and thats before I even get into the creativity involved in them. I heard 19 songs outta Cole’s 21 and I only think 3 are dope and 3 more we’re meh. So with Yeezus (a album where Kanye came with new creativity and took a risk musically to add some new energy to the culture), 5 songs outta just ten thats still better then 3 outta 19 imo.

  • the realest

    ^ that jcole analysis is totally subjective. you with your history of jcole bashing you loose credibility. but just the another day really tried to defend that ten track album and now you justifying five okay records? wow.

  • Man @Marty Hates cole. The difference between us, him and this “Yeezus” argument is that we actually like kanye. We not just thrashing just to thrash.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest with Born Sinner specifically I dont think I was bashing Cole, I went through each song on the regular version and it is what it is. If 85% of an album Cole is rapping in the context of girls and about his spending habits I just dont think thats dope. Do I think its Cole’s way of metaphorically breaking down whats wrong with america today? No I dont. Do I think that Cole his really the most complex lyricist out so therefore he’s speaking in some kinda code that only the gifted can understand? NO. Do I think the majority of his beats is fire? No and do I think Cole singing his hooks actually sounds dope? NO and I dont believe his fans do either. I think they just dont wanna admit the album was a disappoint for the most part. Was Yeezus a disappointment for me? I wouldn’t say that but is there music I dont like? Yes, I think about 3 of those songs is just straight up wack garbage. The difference is I dont have a problem saying it. I dont have to “defend” a ten track album because there’s no other version so you aint got no choice but to have those songs for this album but do I have a problem with an artists doing a album with just ten songs? NO, why because some artists can do alot with ten songs and the shit a sound dope so ten songs is fine with me and again IN MY OPINION 5 outta ten songs being dope from Kanye is alot better then 3 outta 19 from Cole. Overall, Watching Movies With The Sound Off >>>

  • die

    “KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN!?” He sounds like a fucking retard


    Honestly. KNYE is on some next levels musically. I know people don’t always understand or appreciate what an artist has created right away, it takes time to digest, to incorporate into our lives and experiences before it resonates. Some feel that dude is not living up to our expectations, or what our preconceived notions of them are. Some think that the new material isn’t passing their test when compared to older projects or others. One thing is true. He is breaking boundaries creatively speaking, experimenting musically and living the dream that success affords all the while. Those of us who can recognize and appreciate true artisty will recognize and appreciate the realness. Others will act resentful, confused or just completely miss the point. They wish for something that is no longer possible, or even worse, they don’t have the power to create anything worthwhile except for criticism and hate.