Kanye West – Yeezus: The Samples

blame it on JES7 June 15, 2013

Fan art found at YeezyGraffiti

By now, we’re sure most of you have been giving ‘Ye’s sixth studio album multiple spins, attempting to gauge where it may fit, genre-wise and absorbing the very dark tone of the LP. Yes, the album is dark. Like 90s industrial, Nine Inch Nails dark. As one Rolling Stone writer summed it up: “at its nastiest, his makes Kid A or In Utero or Trans all look like Bruno Mars.” Some may be disenchanted by the lack of chopped soul samples, while others, like myself, may actually dig the anti-establishment, dancehall-laced, punk rock vibes of his latest outing. Either way you look at it, you can’t rule out his ear for a good sample. Peep the sample set below. No sample snitching here since all of these have been readily made available online.

Holy Name of Mary Choral Family – He’ll Give Us What We Really Need. Sampled for the soul break in “On Sight.” Can be found on the gospel compilation, The Gospel According To Budgie II by Budgie.

Capleton – Forward Inna Dem Clothes. Sampled in “I Am a God” which also uses a sample from the Bollywood film soundtrack Seeta Aur Geeta, composed by R.D. Burman.

Omega – Gyöngyhajú lány. Sampled in “New Slaves.” Omega is a Hungarian artist and the song used for the sample is considered classic Hungarian prog rock.

Kenny Latimore – Lately. Sampled in “I’m In It” featuring dancehall DJ Assassin.

Nina Simone – Strange Fruit. Sampled in “Blood On the Leaves.” Also uses a sample of “R U Ready” by TNGHT.

Pusha T – Blocka (Ackeejuice Rockers rmx). Sampled in “Guilt Trip.”

Beenie Man – Memories. Sampled in “Send It Up.” “Memories” is an interpolation of former The Impressions singer Jerry Butler’s “Memories Don’t Leave (Like People Do).

Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound. Sampled in “Bound 2”. Also features a sample of Brenda Lee’s Sweet Nothings & Wee’s Aeroplane.

  • brite

    It’s the nina simone version of Strange Fruit, NOT Billie’s. Every nigga is getting that wrong. It’s written on the damn CD.

  • Good catch. Fixed.

  • JS

    I never been more disappointed in my life with a album smh Yeezus was hot trash

    Hopefully KENDRICK or Pusha wins best Hip Hop album at 2014 Grammys

  • sitthy

    Yeezus is straight trash

  • NoWuff

    he sure aint gettin no grammy but it aint that terrible

  • bred

    yezzus was wavy it was different but it was wavy niggas just gotta listen

  • The samples >

    Hmmm…. & @bred don’t throw the word “wavy” around you don’t know what it means if you comparing yeezus to wavy smh hipsters!!!


    That Omega – Gyöngyhajú lány is legit

  • zlbMrOG

    Im enjoying Yeezus. He’s always evolving and not too many artists you can say that for. I was thinking it’d be crap but its just different and people dont like different. I am worried for the other rappers this summer. If we’re talking album to live up to the hype I’d put Pusha T at the top of the list. His mixtapes are AWESOME but the singles for his album song like crap….but until another artist puts out an album of straight listenable songs without pressing skip 8 times than it will remain Yeezy Season.

  • Shawn

    Yeezus is his weakest album by far and should no way win anything over K.Dot or Cole’s outtings. The album was way unfinished sounding and even Rubin said two weeks before release, hours before release, he was still trying to finish it. Such a waste. All the yelling on some of the tracks is annoying and Send it Up made me want to punch someone with how annoying it was.

  • A.D.

    Just a quick thanks to those that run this ship.. Just picked up on it in March and I’m on daily. Haven’t heard much of Yeezus, but Kanye is always interesting at the least

  • jobie

    hahahahah “hip hop” fans make me laugh. You all get pissed because kanye made a pop album! kanye is too big for hip hop. hes back on top. you’ll see when the sales numbers and album of the year grammy comes in

  • ali

    Yeezus is the album of the year easily

  • JS

    @jobie I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH POP, but this was a horrible pop album…Not even finish

    You and @ali need to stop being stans

  • Smokz

    Graduation is Kanye’s worst album, easily. Yeezus isn’t his worst and it’s not his best. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will be his Magnum opus when it’s all said and done.

  • Rufus

    thank you! Yeezus gave me a fucking headache, shit was not good music period. People on here keep acting like everyone hating on the album only listens to hip hop, but that is bullshit. Yeezus sucked by any discerning musical standard, much less by hip hop’s. I like EDM and I couldn’t stand Ye’s take on it.

  • ArtistRickards

    Same people were saying Watch the Throne sucked when it first dropped then calling it classic months later… Never fails.
    I just listen with my ears I don’t need your opinions.

  • joe the splag king.

    Woooooowwwww FUUUUUCK ye kinda. The other beats are really tight. But that bound 2….you mean he needed Rick Rubin…the heatmakerz and mike dean to make something that Roc Marciano coulda made by himself? that’s dum. i still can’t get over that.

  • Luke Foord

    That album art at the top is dope, using that for my proper Yeezus artwork.

  • Kevin B. Marshall

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  • gregory kruxx.

    This album is experimentation at its finest. If you were never able to listen to a radiohead album or a nine inch nails record or anything electronic (trance, house ambient whatever it may be) then this aint for you..This album is hard..dark, gritty and pure crack.
    And Im not dickriding just a fan of stepping out the box

  • germany


  • Robenum.

    That artwork is gay. Period. So much wrong in it. I might crack that nigga jaw again. When i see him. Satan is a faggot. Anybody rollin wit ’em is one too.

  • germany

    fuck em he is defintly a anti christ satanist
    the bad can not win never is build to lose a temptation for the good one god is testin us
    and why ppl are so dick ridin kanye anything what hes bringin out its hot
    he is the most over hyped artist i dont understand these ppl

  • Checkmate in 4

    I think that might be a pic from the photoshoot he did with Ricardo Tisci during the WTT period. I remember those models.

  • The Real TC

    Yeaaaa, it was about as punk rock as those whiny-pop-punk-kids-that hated-their-parents-making-them-do-things growing up and getting their first parking ticket, so they think “Man, fuck the government. They’re making me pay money and shit.”
    Call me when Ye actually has a talking point behind all of the flashiness of the last few years.


  • Justdick Equality Supreme

    Justice Equality Supreme you are a fuckin copy and paste fuck head. Who cares what some dumb fuck at Rolling Stones thinks, it doesn’t make it right, his opinion is shit. This album is getting super overrated and compared to Rock Classics and it’s a fucking shame. Most the damn hip hop audience doesn’t even know what real DARK and hard sounding music is. This shit is child’s play compared to most Hard Rock.

    Why don’t you list Marylin Manson’s Beautiful People being sampled on Black Skinhead?

    Oh that’s right since you just copy and paste from other sites about purported samples used in this album.

  • bigErn

    Felt like it was Kanye’s least inspired album. The songs that work best are what he already does best: sample soul music. Anyone else feel Black Skinhead was way better on SNL where Ye was screaming raw emotion instead of the weird, suppressed screams on the studio track? Felt all watered down

  • marty mcfly

    Yeezus is not a rock album cause about 95% of the album was put together in hip hop form using techniques that are known in hip hop. Just because the sound he used is from other genres doesn’t mean he made that kinda of music. I dont think Kanye is playing guitar on any song of Yeezus and thats cause its not rock n roll.

  • Martians From Earth


    He doesn’t play guitar at all anyways, so that was a moot point and my point still stands that IF he did want guitar someone else would play it, a la “a sample”. Also, he didn’t produce one track on this album nor do I believe he wrote the lyrics himself. If anything this is a Pop Rock album, it’s Popular artist(mainstream) and it’s Rock based.

    What hip hop techniques?

    If we are judging this using that kind of ludicrous logic then this is as much a Techno album or Industrial as it is Hip Hop, as they use the same techniques to be created(See the ‘Amen break’ so you can educate yourself). Both of your points are currently moot, try again my friend. Seem like you honestly haven’t heard much music outside of mainstream and maybe a few underground artists in Hip Hop. Go outside of that Genre sometime and get familiar with Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Metal and you’ll see the bigger picture and how this is not genre changing sounds. Go look up Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie, he ACTUALLY bent genres(and genders) back in his “hay day”. I’m sure you’ll have to go google that to be able to speak on it as I’m sure you’ve no actual idea about the amount of music created in the last 30-40 years that ACTUALLY bent genres, this Kanye album, however is not one of those albums. Kanye is good at tricking kids into thinking it’s new and cutting edge just because kids haven’t heard these sounds, it doesn’t mean Kanye is the first, nor the last to.

    This is more of a “Broadway Play” styled album, played out by/Starring Kanye. A compilation of other peoples work, formed by a group of people then handed to Kanye to perform it, that’s basic Pop Music 101.

    This is not a personal Kanye album, period. He, BY HIMSELF, could not have made this album, as you are trying to paint it out to be, he HAD to have all these others come in as he is not familiar with making songs outside of Soul Based sample based music. So you see names like Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke, Justin Vernon and Rick Rubin. He absolutely NEEDED these people to make this.

  • Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People is the sample for ‘Black Skinheads’

    Add it to the list.

  • marty mcfly

    “What hip hop techniques?” 8 outta ten songs on Yeezus are HIP HOP songs.

  • Martians From Earth


    I knew you couldn’t answer that. Why even use terms you don’t know the meaning of, something of a child grasping at straws?

    Do you even know what they Amen break is AND HOW IT RELATES TO THIS ALBUM? I guarantee you don’t. Go go google.

    It’s 8 out of 10 now, huh? lol.

  • marty mcfly

    What have I not answered for you? and why do you want me to answer more questions. My point is simple that Yes Yeezus is hip hop music so what more would you like to say about that?

  • marty mcfly

    Again you can talk about other artists from other genres and you can talk about beat breaks, samples, production techniques or whatever but that still will not prove that Yeezus is not hip hop music. Yeezus is HIP HOP music with production influenced by other genres but that does not negate or subject the fact that its HIP HOP music.

  • Martians From Earth

    All you do is asks questions. Then I ask one of you and this is your “wall” you put up to stay in your bubble of delusion. Even going so far and embolden to ask a question afterwards. You have must have Asperger syndrome or something similar.

    Lol, it’s pretty hilarious though.

  • Martians From Earth

    Again you can talk about other artists from other genres and you can talk about beat breaks, samples, production techniques or whatever but that still will not prove that Yeezus is not hip hop music. Yeezus is HIP HOP music with production influenced by other genres but that does not negate or subject the fact that its HIP HOP music.

    marty mcfly said this on June 16th, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    @marty aka Mr Delusional

    You were the one bringing up hip hop techniques to prove this was a hip hop album from Kanye.

    I’m seriously worried about you and your lack of medication for your condition.

  • marty mcfly

    The burden of proof does not rest on me having to answer your questions especially after I’ve already addressed several of them in the other post. The end result is your implying the Yeezus is NOT hip hop music. If thats not what your saying then wtf exactly are you saying and what do you need me to answer? Haven’t I already answered your questions about six or seven times already? You feel Yeezus is NOT hip hop correct?

  • marty mcfly

    The difference is when I ask a question ( what other mainstream hip hop album sounds like Yeezus at the moment?) people change the subject or reconstructed the question or reduce the question to a simpler comment in an attempt to suggest they dont understand it or cant answer it based on its premise. When people ask me a question, I answer the shit and then they ask another question. Smh

  • Martians From Earth


    You didn’t answer anything honestly, honestly. You didn’t address anything, not any one thing whatsoever.

    What is your main argument here, is it that Kanye is mainstream and makes hip hop music and Yeezus is his newest offering and you enjoy it?

    You can not speak on music in general then attempt to relegate this album to one genre and that being MAINSTREAM hip hop.

    I’m sure your parents must have some type of medical insurance and I’m positive there is a medication for your condition. It has to be tough to try and process basic information on a day to day basis using this practice of illogical and unstable mentality. It’s just a simple chemical imbalance I assure you. Please reach out and get help, Marty.

  • marty mcfly

    1. What question are you asking me that I have not answered?

    2. I already explained what my view is, its throughly explained in detail several different times within many of my comments on the last Kanye section and specifically after you asked me the same questions that you are now, I addressed my comments to you directly afterwards and I did it more then once and I addressed those questions in detail about the musicality of Yeezus.

    3rd. Im not regulating this album to one genre being mainstream hip hop. Im just saying that yeah its hip hop (that also has a very visible platform in the mainstream and does not sound like the other albums in that arena as of right now)

    4th. You wanna get disrespectful then lets do it bitch, it only lets me know you cant back up the bullshit you say.

  • dEt0X2010

    I really dont know how ppl are liking this piece of shit music,idk its just because its Kanye or something, but ima Kanye fan but this album is garbage. Sounds like throwaway songs or something. Even if i didnt listen to hip hop, this is straight trash…I bet kanye is out somewhere laughing about how ppl are stupid enough to buy techno with him screaming over it lol

  • ear2ear

    I’ve never seen people so offended by an album they don’t like. Hahaha, just don’t listen to it. I listened to Born Sinner once, and didn’t like it at all. So guess what, I just forgot it existed. Lol. People are literally listening to Yeezus to analyze what they don’t like about it. I don’t understand that? Hahahaha. Just put whatever album you love back on and kick your feet up pimp. Listening to Yeezus 2,3,4,5 times to criticize it tho? Haha. Maybe the album intrigues you more than you let on. But anyways, album ranges from great to just over the top and indulgent. I’m not trying to defend it but I’m just surprised how much people listen to and are infatuated with an album they dislike.

    Quasimoto/Madlib > Kanye > Mac > Cole. Not too interested in Static Selektah’s album to be honest so I won’t rate it.

    Lord Quas has not been getting any love but to me that’s my favorite of the 6/18 releases.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, that song with Blu, Ev and Reks on Statiks album is the shit though. Im done with these fools cause they dont know what they talking about. If they stop listening to Yeezus just to hate and just listen without hating they’d probably turn the shit up and let it slap and enjoy it.

  • 2Planes

    “Yeezus” goes into the same category as “808s.” The average listener does not like what they can’t relate to – that bleeds through the majority of comments I’m reading here. Ye comes off as the guy that orders a White Russian when everyone else order’s Bud Light. He brushes your self-esteem the wrong way. Apart of music is to make us feel good as listeners, but it’s not in the fucking contract to do so. We’ve become so fucking entitled, even as a listeners. I dont understand that. The gent that suggested MBDTF will go down as Ye’s best is an idiot, same as the fight-the-power ass that suggested Graduation was his worst. You went into this album negatively because of its religious undertones and mockery (safe assumption). Seem’s like your problems aren’t souly with the album, but Kanye West alone. Have you met him? Take your ass down by the water with that. You listened and didn’t like it. Done. So much emotion about what you don’t like, yet you can’t put that same emotion into – at most – hearing someone else’s opinion without being defensive. Fucking basement beat-dwellers. I do respect the passion in your words. The emotion — go read a Testament.

  • DeEzy

    Yeezus won’t be “Rap Album of the Year”

    YEEZUS will BE “ALBUM of the YEAR”


  • DotP

    Did he not sample Higher Ground -TNGHT ?