Saturday Night Sexy: Stephanie Rao

blame it on Illy June 15, 2013

Twitter: @_LadyRao/Instagram: _stephanierao

Red hot Italian/Puerto Rican model Stephanie Rao gets the honors and shows off her magnificent frame for this week’s Saturday Night Sexy. Check out more of the Miami-Dade-born vixen after the jump.

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  • dave

    she got a puerto rican ass and italian tits. shes the sexiest girl yall posted.

  • Sweet Baby Yeezus

    She’s super hot fire! Well done, Ghost of Shake!

  • Frank Ocean


  • XI

    image 3, Wow.
    Well done, indeed.

  • Miso

    Gorgeous. Bet some herb nigga will find some trivial ass fault with her. And the Frank Ocean shit ain’t old yet?

  • Saturday night sexy fiend

    She bad but of all Stephanie’s Stephanie Santiago > to whoever said Puerto Rican ass nah nah check the Instagram on SS now that’s some ass and a natural beauty face.

  • bad bitches

    She bad.. good job Shake.

  • Realist

    picture 5! she can get it in that positionnn

  • T-Luv

    But are her feet pretty??!!! Real niggas need to know!

    • Grimzz


  • mineisbigger

    very nice

  • Delicious!!

  • twinsking

    I just came ALL OVER my laptop

  • AFB

    Yo, that Frank Ocean shit been old, after the first two times it was tired, and shawty bad and picture 5 though…

  • KING

    Ok I’d do illegal things

  • Kevin B. Marshall

    as Kelly implied I didn’t know that someone can make ($)7396 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this site link… wiki34.c­om

  • Gatzby

    finally a bomb slut with hair that doesnt have to have airbrushing from head to toe..

    anyone who bends over in front of a camera with their asses out is a model nowadays.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Wow. He finally picked a winner. Can’t go wrong with the interracial chicks. That’s my lane.

  • m.black

    Pic 8…

  • who cares

    Not the baddest chick you’ve posted, but she’s pretty.

  • would squeeze it in

    he been doing interracial bitches since this thing started back up

  • reminiscent

    why she got that pig nose though?

  • Da Gawd

    Yes please

  • So DOPE!

  • Juan Alizra

    mommy aight she got too much makeup on I’m puerto Rican/Ethiopian so I know about PR chicks, she’s ok She has a lot of makeup on tho. I’ve been with latinas and ethio habesha girls and they both blow her ass out the water. Puerto Ricans aint nothin but mullattos with some amerindian ancestry not much. The baddest bitches in africa tho like east and north african girls