A.Dd+ - Where You Been (prod. DJ Burn One)

The Texas duo is hard at work at their next project, Dive Hi Fly Lo, and this DJ Burn One-produced track serves as the latest offering.

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  • Scary shit

    Wow! This shit is too good

    • Snapback

      This shit jam, but then again these guys are always consistent wit their music.. ADd Hoe.

  • SouthernSwag

    BurnOne is becoming a fuckin problem damn fam got that heat. A.Dd+ did there thing to

  • DallasStarrzz

    These boys never disappoint... Cant wait to hear the new project

  • KushionHeaven


  • DropTheWorld

    Im speechless this shit is crazy good. Southern as fuck.

  • they can't make a bad song. A.Dd+ got the juiiiice they got the juiiiice *chance the rapper voice*

  • CJ

    They Were Dallas Obeserver Best Hip Hop Act For A Reason #ADdHoe #SlimGravy #ParisP #DiveHiFlyLo

  • NellyNellz

    A.Dd+ is the muthafucking TRUTH!

  • Kearney

    A.Dd+ is about to take over! Pay attention

  • RueTho

    #salute it's about time Dallas represent the real A.Dd+ Hoe!

  • NanNannyBooBooski

    Dem boyz juz get better and better A.Dd neva let me down. Keep droppin that real

  • Guhhhshit

    If your not feeling this track you might as well cut ur ears off!

  • Yuuurrrrrrp

    Shit is fire. Dallas.Tx #ADDHOE

  • Codeinedreams

    Damn im late this shit hard

  • GloGaines

    I'm Oak Cliff..and i approve this song..glo gaines #LF

  • Dre

    #AdDHOE!! Grove Side Dallas, TX Representa

  • JediBiotch

    A.dot.Big D.Lil d.the plus is silent.

  • yak yak yak

    Trash, this dude gets beat up all day all over dallas for his mouth and his music blows.

  • Yuuurrrrrrp

    My mans Yak yak yak hating on the cool... i bet he is a rapper tryna get off the ground..

  • FatBoiBurna

    lmao yak yak yak bring your bitch ass to the nawf u pussy. probably not even from dallas I can tell by your punctuation you either a bitter woman or a grammar hoe lmao using words like "beat up" and "blows" A.Dd+ mustve shit on your favorite ratchet rapper. The proof is in the music step ya game up!!

  • Miz Smith

    ADd hoe

  • brownpants

    Yay!! They did it again. They've shown consistency, growth, & it won't be a surprise when they actually do get signed, become international, etc. Oh, yeah...fuck yak yak yak #AddHoe

  • Butta

    lol A.Dd+ got ppl beefin already!

    Excellent jam def on repeat.Love it when these two snap on a track! #ADdHoe !!

  • MakeThatBootyClap


  • NawfReexe214™

    My bros always kill sht.... I been knowin ADd+ bout that life

  • Karizma

    I was pleasures to have enjoyed 4 of your shows!.I was the girl that threw my panties on the stage! You guys freaking Rock!

  • jamie faux

    Murderous beat!! This song dope af been listening to these two for a while im in indiana and i cant wait for divehiflylo to drop #goodmusic

  • KillingShitAllDay

    Nawf dallas amerika!!! Puttin boys onto that good dallas shit

  • Parker

    Right on! My new anthem for 2013