A.Dd+ – Where You Been (prod. DJ Burn One)

blame it on Meka June 17, 2013

The Texas duo is hard at work at their next project, Dive Hi Fly Lo, and this DJ Burn One-produced track serves as the latest offering.

  • Scary shit

    Wow! This shit is too good

    • Snapback

      This shit jam, but then again these guys are always consistent wit their music.. ADd Hoe.

  • SouthernSwag

    BurnOne is becoming a fuckin problem damn fam got that heat. A.Dd+ did there thing to

  • DallasStarrzz

    These boys never disappoint… Cant wait to hear the new project

  • KushionHeaven


  • DropTheWorld

    Im speechless this shit is crazy good. Southern as fuck.

  • they can’t make a bad song. A.Dd+ got the juiiiice they got the juiiiice *chance the rapper voice*

  • CJ

    They Were Dallas Obeserver Best Hip Hop Act For A Reason #ADdHoe #SlimGravy #ParisP #DiveHiFlyLo

  • NellyNellz

    A.Dd+ is the muthafucking TRUTH!

  • Kearney

    A.Dd+ is about to take over! Pay attention

  • RueTho

    #salute it’s about time Dallas represent the real A.Dd+ Hoe!

  • NanNannyBooBooski

    Dem boyz juz get better and better A.Dd neva let me down. Keep droppin that real

  • Guhhhshit

    If your not feeling this track you might as well cut ur ears off!

  • Yuuurrrrrrp

    Shit is fire. Dallas.Tx #ADDHOE

  • Codeinedreams

    Damn im late this shit hard

  • GloGaines

    I’m Oak Cliff..and i approve this song..glo gaines #LF

  • Dre

    #AdDHOE!! Grove Side Dallas, TX Representa

  • JediBiotch D.Lil d.the plus is silent.

  • yak yak yak

    Trash, this dude gets beat up all day all over dallas for his mouth and his music blows.

  • Yuuurrrrrrp

    My mans Yak yak yak hating on the cool… i bet he is a rapper tryna get off the ground..

  • FatBoiBurna

    lmao yak yak yak bring your bitch ass to the nawf u pussy. probably not even from dallas I can tell by your punctuation you either a bitter woman or a grammar hoe lmao using words like “beat up” and “blows” A.Dd+ mustve shit on your favorite ratchet rapper. The proof is in the music step ya game up!!

  • Miz Smith

    ADd hoe

  • brownpants

    Yay!! They did it again. They’ve shown consistency, growth, & it won’t be a surprise when they actually do get signed, become international, etc. Oh, yeah…fuck yak yak yak #AddHoe

  • Butta

    lol A.Dd+ got ppl beefin already!

    Excellent jam def on repeat.Love it when these two snap on a track! #ADdHoe !!

  • MakeThatBootyClap


  • NawfReexe214™

    My bros always kill sht…. I been knowin ADd+ bout that life

  • Karizma

    I was pleasures to have enjoyed 4 of your shows!.I was the girl that threw my panties on the stage! You guys freaking Rock!

  • jamie faux

    Murderous beat!! This song dope af been listening to these two for a while im in indiana and i cant wait for divehiflylo to drop #goodmusic

  • KillingShitAllDay

    Nawf dallas amerika!!! Puttin boys onto that good dallas shit

  • Parker

    Right on! My new anthem for 2013