Chamillionaire Announces New EP, Reveals Artwork

blame it on Shake June 17, 2013

On July 23rd, Chamillionaire plans to release Reignfall, his second EP of 2013 (Elevate being first. Take a look at the official cover art above and get your pre-order on right here.

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  • nooooooooooobody is checking for Chamillionaire. Regardless of how skilled he is.

    • Jones713

      Agree man. Cham is done with, what a waste of talent. He’s years behind with his sound and promotion is super late. Tweets n leaks music twice a year. The Kurt Thomas of rap.

  • camplo

    yo fuckin get money but seriously…the rat race to be rich is such a fuckin drag…most rappers are dumbshits…this dude aint dropped music since he came in and now all he can do is give us cover art of a fuckin EP? fuckin herbin it…Buggati deez nuts…FUCK ALL YALL DUMBSHIT RAPPERS!!! and yes Im chimin in on the fuckin net…how else can i say what i really wanna say without people thinkin im a hater….fuck all yall…money is your downfall you pussy ass bitch made fucks! wanna fuckin gloat your cash flow when only 1 percent of the world have it…fuckin herbs….and fuck jay-z! LOL litsen to NAS!

  • camplo

    mutha fucka looks like hes the driver for some old white cracker! LOL TRUUUUUUTTTHHH!!!!!

  • AFB

    Say what you want but dudes consistent with a loyal fan base. He owns his own music and appreciates his fans enough to converse with them. Also, he released an EP 4 months ago…

  • DrisBayor

    All ya’ll talkin smack about Cham are out of your minds. Cham has been dropping cds and songs non stop. Just cause you don’t hear him on the radio don’t mean he’s gone. He releases mixtape messiah 1-7, major pain 1 and 1.5, badazz freemixes 1 and 2, badazz slowmixes, ammunition ep, elevate so, and he’s about to release this too. Cham went no where man. Oh and all the cds I mentioned are fire.

  • Da Spaniard

    ^ THIS

  • mike

    word to @DrisBayor

  • runt

    Yeah he dropped all that mixtape messiah stuff, but most of it was just freestyling over other people’s beats, and that shit got old fasttttt. No one does that now because it’s so played out.

    All his own material is played out too. Basically the same thing with minor variations for every song I hear.

    Dude had his chance to have a real career, but he missed it. If he released another album after Ultimate Victory, he would have kept the momentum going. Ultimate Victory was hella dope as well, but then nothing but wack mixtapes got released.

  • DrisBayor

    @runt. I understand that he hasn’t released any official album since ultimate victory , but his recent EPs do have original beats. I also understand when you say that the mixtapes get played out fast cause that is true for most rappers, but to me it’s different for Cham. When cham fans listen to Chan we dont just listen for a catchy tune, we also listen to his words. Throughout his mixtapes Cham has been explaining to his fans why it’s taking so long to release an album. He communicates to us rather than just trying to make a dance song like most rappers. Cham is a hard working man and I respect him as a rapper and as a person.

    Ps: cham has a really nice voice…pause

  • Dios

    Unfortunately you’re wrong…he’s got the baddest fan base on his website…bet you don’t know it…spend 1 day there and u’ll change your mind