• BeastCoast

    T'nah Apex!! Hope she does more music with The Era

  • WHAT!


  • http://eyinjay.wordpress.com eyinjay

    That Range Rover Rhythm goes SO hard. It would be tight if Joey Bada$$ got a remix.

  • runt

    A bunch of washed up niggas, minus Joey

  • forTHEunderground

    @runt, Talib is from that area and he still has a strong underground fan base. and kirk is fucking nice too. the underachievers looked trashed and AKs mic wasn't turned on but i love that song. buckshot started off shit, but after joey spit that was a sick verse about admiring joey. i don't know who skyzoo is apparently I'm sleep. but i do know steele is trash as fuck

  • killdillvol_2

    Skyzoo sweatshirt game proper