It’s June 18th, Which Albums Are You Buying?

blame it on Shake June 18, 2013

The #June18th release party is officially here and Kanye West’s Yeezus, J. Cole’s Born Sinner, Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Statik Selektah’s Extended Play, Madlib Quasimoto’s Yessir, Whatever are all up for grabs. We asked y’all who you thought would put out the best album last month and today we’d like to know which ones you will actually be supporting. Hit the jump and let us know!

  • pL

    yeezus and statik is all I care about. cole’s shit let down and mac miller been wack aint nobody got time for that bullshit


    already bought the deluxe Born Sinner, some real shit, I thought Yeezus is so overrated, Statik Selektah’s CD is nasty. Havent and probably wont listen to Mac. In my opnion Born Sinner, Statik, Kanye, Mac obivously sales wont be that way unfortunately…

  • spencer

    QUASIMOTO brotha best album that came out today hands down

  • thakid

    Im not saying its better and I never thought I would say this but yall should listen to Mac’s album before you reply to this.

    Being serious. Weird I know

  • beyonce

    kelly rowland’s

  • Jay

    I bought Yeezus & Born Sinner. Judging by what the woman at Best Buy told me, mostly everyone in my area was doing the same. She said that she had lost count of how many people came in buying both of those two. I asked her about Mac Miller and she said a few people were buying it, but not as many as Kanye & J. Cole.

  • lord


  • Mike Tomlin

    I hope people give WMWTSO a chance cause its easily the most complete, hip hop album dropped today. Statiks is too, but Mac album was surprisingly dope. Much better than Boring Sinner and its hard to call Yezus hip hop.
    1. Yeezus/Watching Movies
    3. EP
    4. Boring Sinner

    And I think I was lookin most forward to Cole. Huuge let down.

  • RapNerd

    Mac Miller has developed from a weed rapper to an actual good rapper and people are slipping on him album. Aquarium is one the best songs I’ve heard in awhile

  • GoDucks

    Got Yeezus and J. Cole. First listen to Yeezus and its different but good different. Looking forward to that Born Sinner too

  • ace

    mac millers

  • jurrien

    buying watching movies with the sound off, really solid albummm

  • OF

    Id be absolutely shocked if Born Sinner outsold Watching Movies based on previous album sales. Mac Miller sells, Cole doesnt.

  • (l,k)

    mac’s and j. cole’s

  • diy

    Statik’s album was solid as expected. Yeezus was disappointing and not very hip-hop as expected. J Cole surprised me with an album you can play all the way through. Mac Miller shocked me with some of the production on his album, definitely dope beats for a decent rapper. Overall I’d say J Cole probably had the best album, but I wouldn’t buy any of these albums as a whole. Just download the best songs off iTunes and support the artists. Btw, people still actually BUY CD”s?!?!?!?!?!? WTF

  • David Stern

    GO GET “AIN’T SHIT SWEET” by Mikey Smit on ITunes, atleast give the previews a listen…some Flylo J dilla shit

  • Pops

    Mac Miller actually won this battle. Truly a surprise to me because I’ve never been a fan of the dude before his most recent song leaks.

  • Ayo-Ret

    All of ’em.

  • The Dude

    I never thought I would say this but Mac Millers new albums has some good tracks.

  • Mac Dre

    Damn Shake, you’re just gonna not mention Kelly Rowland’s album after posting all her singles? Lol. Anyway, my pick for best drop today was Lil B’s “100% Gutta” street album! Thank you BasedGod! Hahaha

  • Doris

    Bought Yeezus, Yessir Whatever, Born Sinner, and Watching Movies with the Sound Off.

    With that being said, I agree with @Spencer. Quasimoto hands down had the best album today.

  • marty mcfly

    Watching Movies With The Sound Off is the overall best album out today, dont lie to yourself.

  • Doris

    2nd best ^^

  • marty mcfly

    1st best as far as pure HIP HOP for hip hop heads

  • Mike

    Hip-Hop should do this every year…just pick a random date & drop 4 albums on that one particular date.

  • marty mcfly

    Speaking of Mac’s album, you know Flying Lotus did Mac’s first single and yesterday I was thinking what if Yeezus was a Flying Lotus album. Would hip hop fans be more open to it if it came from him instead of Kanye? Just a thought

  • Jizzmarkie

    Lord Quas!!

  • dope

    J. Cole all day long. Bought the deluxe edition…With Yours Truly 1,2,and 3, J. Cole has dropped some incredible music lately. My vote goes to COLE

  • Pre hoes

    I purchased Born Sinner. Yeezus was a big let down for me personally, Statik’s album was banging, Mac’s first album was tons better than his new one.

  • Pre Hoes

    Oh and as for best album, Cole by fucking miles.

  • josh

    I bought both J coles born sinner and Mac millers WMWTSO, very impressed with both projects i have had them downloaded now for a week and have had time to really listen. Yeezus i would have bought but i have spent 240 for a ticket to watch him live so i don’t think 12.99 for 10 songs is very fair.

  • 2412

    BORN SINNER, and Statik

  • FuckMcfag’sOpinions

    Stop thinking so hard..
    You’re going to do some major damage.

  • XI

    Just bought YEEZUS.
    It’s definitely not as horrendous as you hear from some people,7 out of the 10 tracks on it are dope, the other 3 are definitely annoying/disappointing lyrically. The production all the way through is DOPE. About to find a mac miller stream before I write him completely off (again).

    My 2 cents are left only to aid decision making.
    Jam out fellow music junkies.

  • RyanB

    Best June 18th album: Kid Tsunami’s “The Chase”. How are ya’ll sleepin on this? Not even a mention? Amazing 90’s style production with songs by Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, KRS One, Pharoahe Monch, Jeru The Damaja, Chubb Rock, Buckshot, J-Live, Bahamadia, O.C., A.G. .. I mean, DAMN!

    Go cop that, fans of that real shit.

  • Doris


    Lmao, you’re not a real hip-hop head. Sorry to say.

  • XI

    ^Really, in 2013. I really want to know what that means anymore.

  • XI

    ****Honestly, in…

  • FuckMcFag’sOpinions

    BEING a hip-hop head and GIVING hip-hop head are entirely two different things @MartyMcfly.

    Stop sucking Mac’s dick alright! He’s good, but he ain’t all that. In fact, now that I think about it, that was probably you sucking him off in that “Watching Movies” music video.

  • iPopo


  • Mandingo Jamal

    Why would i want to listen to a rich kid rap about smoking weed? My dick is bigger than his fag body.

  • jerome’s in the house (think about it)

    Quasimoto and Yeezus.

  • Wolfram

    It is so funny how nobody is not even mentioning Yessir,Whatever by Quasimoto. Born Sinner is dope. Extended Play by Statik Slektah is very dope! Yeezus is bah. Just my two cents

  • Jesus


  • MerkOne

    Statik !!!!
    Pre ordered on I-tunes.
    I honestly never pay for music but
    Ill def throw some bucks his way and
    support real hip hop.

  • LordQuas

    If you want a 90s vibe with some sick ass lyrics, get Yessir Whatever by Quasimoto (Madlib). Absolutely amazing!

  • Let me do me

    J. Cole Deluxe Album. No album sounds like his. It’s been a while since we had an album that you can just vibe to from start to finish instead of having the beat drown out the lyrics.

    Only two albums that are hot this year is J. Cole’s Born Sinner and Casey Veggies Life Changes which is a mixtape. True music to vibe to. Not everybody wants to be bouncing off a wall when they listen to music.

    Not concerned about the other trash. Your opinion will vary but I don’t give a fuck.








  • :

    Bought Born Sinner deluxe today.

    Still need to hear Statik’s album, Quasimoto, and maybe Mac Miller’s

  • marty mcfly

    @Doris, LOL whatever man, the 5 songs I do like on Yeezus destroy Cole’s soft and sweet ass album and Mac’s is just a better album period. Born Sinner is softer the Take Care but no where near being as good. The latest Cole freestyles on Hot97 with Funk Flex are probably Cole best lyrics in the last 3 or 4 years. Too bad the album is just watered down commercialized bullshit love songs with Cole talking about bitches this and bitches that for most of the album. Watching Movies destroy Cole’s boring ass music.

  • 10x

    Im not buying either but if i had to suggest one for someone it would be Mac Miller,Best album out of the 3.

  • Doris

    Lmao, and Mac’s album isn’t watered down commercialized bullshit??? ^^

    I’m pretty sure both Cole and Mac are talking about the same ol shit in their music; money, bitches, and fame. Then again, I suppose you can’t blame them, I mean it’s the fucking culture of hip-hop.

  • Doris

    In addition to what I just said, I don’t recall EVER saying anything about J. Cole or his album earlier; other than the fact that I said I purchased it along with others Shake mentioned. Lol, so I honestly don’t know why you’re bringing it up.. attempting to start a pointless debate with me . All I said was after listening to all the albums, I can conclude that Quasimoto’s album is by far the best one. If you don’t agree, then that’s fine. It’s my personal opinion. If I were you I’d try giving ALL the albums a listen first (Including Yessir Whatever) before making any claims.

  • smfh

    “The latest Cole freestyles on Hot97 with Funk Flex are probably Cole best lyrics in the last 3 or 4 years.” – some dumbass

    3 to 4 years back goes to 2009 do I need to mention what dropped in 09 and 2010 from Cole. Cats are so much on a hater’s mentality that they just write some of the dumbest shit in the world. Generalizing Born sinner and not truly talking about the subject matter on the album is where the hate truly begins. You want to call it boring that’s your opinion others like me disagree. Watching movies is biting 101. TDE and Odd Future sound is prevalent on his album. A solid effort but nothing is remarkable. If I want to listen to TDE I’ll wait for Q’s and Ab’s albums.

  • Gary

    Mac Miller’s album reminds me of a Kid Cudi album ,Very Sad, Honest & Depressing which is why i love it. I bought it on itunes & a physical copy. He by far has the best album out today & i never was into his music until i heard the leak.

  • Gary

    Watching Movies With The Sound Off > Yeezus > Born Sinner

  • 4real

    I ain’t paying for neither of those mediocre albums.

  • equations of reality

    so June 18th we got to Kid Cudi albums and Cole vibe music and Static classic hip hop.

  • lp

    I work for a record store (amoeba), & Yeezus by far has been the most purchased. A lot of people buying Born Sinner though.. Haven’t seen Mac Miller’s at all.

    Great day for Hip Hop.

  • born shitter

    I cant tell if Born Sinner is a good album or not i feel asleep half way thru. Most boringest nigga in the game.

  • jhock420


  • 2

    quasimoto… best album of the year so far imo

  • coolcat

    subpar sophomore attempt from cole. I already know yeezus will grow on me (already has, like all mdbtf) and macs album was a pleasant surprise not ever expecting much from that guy. J cole really need to use other producers and switch the subject matter up once in a while his sound is starting to get stale

  • who cares

    Not buying any of those weak ass albums.

  • MyFiddyCents

    Bought Cole. But Truly Yours I and II had some incredible tracks on there. Time will tell which one I’ll like more.

    Yeezus just had too much. I enjoy Daft Punk, Air and Busy P as much as the next man. But this just didn’t flow. Electro, going into some piano riff ending with some cringeworthy 20 minute autotune shits. He tried putting breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one meal.

    ..and again the autotune is just cringeworthy. Kinda took me back to the 20 min autotune segment after runaway on mbdtf..SMH :facepalm: :laughing face: LOL…. yeah all dem shits.

  • Chase

    LIL B’S 100% GUTTA MIXTAPE!!!!!!!!

  • Chase


  • adolfmayne

    only gave born sinner one listen some of the songs were dope WMWTHSO has a lot of stand out tracks yeezus was dope mac is the only one that went for the straight up hiphop sound

  • someone kill this marty mcfuck already

    anything marty mcfuck says is a lie.

  • marty mcfly

    @Smfh, The Warm Up Mixtape came out in 2009 idiot so when I say Cole’s last freestyle lyrics on Hot97 we’re probably his best lyrics in 3 or 4 years I aint bullshitting. FNL was aiight but he shitting on his own albums with some fucking mixtape material. Now I know in general alot of people think thats dope but imo your major label album should never be worse then your fucking mixtape. He been boring and meh ever since 2009. @Doris, Yes Cole’s album was more watered down then Mac’s, alot more. Mac sounds like he was making hip hop for the heads, Cole sounds like he’s again trying to appeal mostly to radio and women throughout the album.

  • marty mcfly

    boring, meh and overall wack as fuck. I heard Cant Get Enough today and I was like how the fuck do Cole fans look at this guy as comparable to Nas? FOH


    Born Sinner is the only one I paid for

  • poopoohead

    Uh oh…Marty is here to tell you your opinion or viepoint is wrong…

  • jundamane24

    On my first listen of Yeezus i thought that shit was cold trash, upon a few more listens it’s grown on me big time. Yeezus is pretty fkn impressive in my opinion. Born Sinner is a great album through and through, a HUGE improvement over his debut sideline story. Born Sinner > Yeezus but both are great albums. I just copped both Statik’s Extended Play & Mac’s new joint so hopefully they also as good.

  • mike

    Got to listen to all 4 finally.
    Yeezus won that shit… Cole and Mac are fighting for secodn place, they oth have really good albums, but Kanye delivered some wild shit…As far as Statik I heard it and I was like “I’ve been listening to this same shit from STatik since…forever.” It’s like he doesn’t even try to think outside the box. Pretty disappointed :-/ . WIll be seeing if I can grab Quasimoo.

  • lennon reborn

    Copped BORN SINNER deluxe album. Play the game don’t let the game play you. whether Born sinner piggybacks on yeezus sales because most people will buy both or stands on it’s own it is already a success. J Cole’s second album WILL go platinum hansd down. Smart marketing.

  • On Sight

    The smartest choice : Yeezus

  • FakirWise

    I’m picking up both. I gave a listen to each album and both artist sound really comfortable with their projects.

  • Pauly D

    Yeezus will be the only Kanye album I won’t have in my collection; hell I even bought Graduation :(

    Ordered both Mac and Cole’s off of Amazon, hopefully it gets here soooooon

  • tolivefor

    i downloaded all them bitches

  • tolivefor

    I bought Kelly Rowland – Talk A Good Game though

  • TheJacka

    Born Sinner, didn’t even look at the other 2

  • Marty Mcfly

    Didnt purchase any album. I was too busy being a faggot.