Lil Wayne Responds to American Flag Controversy

blame it on Shake June 18, 2013

Earlier this week footage leaked of Lil Wayne shooting a video for “God Bless Amerika” in New Orleans. In the clip (available below), Wayne is seen stepping and dancing on top of an American flag with little to no regard.

Not feeling the “unpatriotic” label, Wayne took to his Facebook to release the following statement:

It was never my intention to desecrate the flag of the United States of America. I was shooting a video for a song off my album entitled “God Bless Amerika”. The clip that surfaced on the Internet was a camera trick clip that revealed that behind the American Flag was the Hoods of America. In the final edit of the video you will see the flag fall to reveal what is behind it but will never see it on the ground. In most people eyes including my own who were raised in that environment, the Hood is the only America they know and the only America I knew growing up. I was fortunate from my God giving talents to escape the Hood and see the other beautiful places this country has to offer but most people who are born in that environment don’t get that chance. That’s their view of their America. That was Dwayne M Carter from Hollygrove New Orleans view of America. That’s who I’m speaking for in this song.

  • losocoso

    lil wayne is just a faggot!

  • Damn

    At less he’s not a Wankers like Yeezus

  • dakidd

    It’s a music video ppl, it fell where he is performing,hes not burning it.
    who is honestly offended?

  • Tell It!

    I don’t like wayne but madonna did crazier shit than this. On a side note I’m tired of these dumb ass rappers changing letters in words. Lets spell america with a k instead of a c, what a dumb ass and the people that follow suit is even stupider.

  • Jaime Dominguez

    @dakidd regardless of his intentions, the American flag is never to hit the ground, furthermore, you’re not supposed to fucking walk on the flag either, that is desecration. They teach that shit in school. It looks like he didn’t do it on purpose, but seriously what the fuck? that’s plain as day desecration why the hell would you sort of try to defend him?

  • real shit

    Man they need 2 leave this man alone & get off his dick

  • b.

    @Jaime Dominguez… co-sign… nuff said.

  • DaSilva

    Hahahahah damn people show so much unnecessary hate that its just ridiculous, stop hating for no reason, im sure we all got better shit to do.

  • sasd

    it’s just a flag. calm down.

  • Trizzy

    What’s funny is half the people that are trying to act offended by this are always on some “fuck the police, fuck the NSA, fuck the government” type shit. You’d probably forget to take your hat off during national anthem. Coming from someone who’s in the military, I can’t act like I even give a fuck about this.

  • Just Chilling

    fucking dominguez acting like america didn’t just give you rights 40 years ago but have all the fucking american pride in the world

  • Advance

    It’s just one of those things you don’t do. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to him, you gotta realize people look at you like a piece of shit for doing it

  • lol

    Fuck Americans are some faggots.. Guess what? The rest of the world hate you Cunts

  • Sticky

    ^^lol fuck the rest of the world and your simple opinion

  • Jaime Dominguez

    yeah and I intend on preserving those rights… I could look at it from a jaded perspective or I could not sound like some angry asshole on the internet for some crazy reason.
    I will say this; I don’t agree with the administration, basically anyone who runs this place because they really have lost touch, but somewhere out there is that something that the US was supposed to be, something about our beaten past and about our fallen history that makes me yearn for a collective redemption for americans.
    my family is from mexico, a country that has been on fire for a the better part of a decade, where the government is hated and people leave out of desperation, my dad (who is an american born citizen by the way) worked in the fields in Montana when he was well below the child labor laws allowed but he had to help my grandpa, maybe it’s my upbringing that makes me appreciate my rights more
    and on my final thought on the matter, being mad at getting rights? where the hell does that make sense? if that happens that robs me of those rights, it makes them meaningless and continues the status quo, I’ll just be grateful and push hard and fight for a new america rather than be an asshole
    and yeah this is too heavy for a 2dopeboyz post…

  • the realest

    ^ you dont agree with the administration, so its okay to step on the american flag for a video.

  • Jus10

    The statement makes sense, but the pictures say something else.

  • The mufucker used “desecrate” in a sentence. If they want us to believe wayne is actually giving these statements himself they need to be more believeable.

  • Lol

    I’m not a fan of Lil’ Wayne, and I’m not getting into arguments on internet comments.

    I’ll just say this, this country is full of hypocrites and contradictions.