• ear2ear

    Man, Mos needs to start releasing all this material he's been compiling with these producers.

  • nah

    I bet half these projects won't even come out. Which is a shame as I'd like to hear every one of them

  • Killaaa

    cant wait for that MadGibbs

  • c

    a lot of that bollywood sampled material ended up on The Ecstatic, and it's crazy. i wonder how much more of it they recorded

  • Ear2ear

    ^yeah that's what I think too. He made a song produced by Madlib called world premiere that was banging but still hasn't put it out. That' was 2 years ago. Hahaha, I chose to Stan for Mos, Q-Tip, DOOM, Electronica, and 3000 the guys who just hoard music hahahaha. :/

  • meh

    Gibbs, Sweatshirt and Brown are all garbage, I can't understand why someone as dope as Madlib would waste good beats on overrated shitheads.

  • 2

    blu and madlib would be dope. not sure what the deal with ucla was but an official project by the two of them would be awesome


    that gibbs album sounds nuts

  • jwiii

    gibbs is dope. fuck you

  • sbsb

    how come no one asks him about watch the throne beat?

  • MJ

    I love Lib, but that cat is too blazed to be trusted to put this shit out.