Bizzy Crook – Emails From Kanye West (prod. SkipOnDaBeat)

blame it on Shake June 19, 2013

Never would I think there would be a 2013 remake of Eminem’s “Stan” but Bizzy Crook has proven me wrong. Utilizing the new technology we possess in these times, Bizzy shares his obsession admiration for the future Chicago legend. Will he answer? ’84, coming soon.

  • BlackaDon

    LOL Its Not A Bad Joint musically..But Is Kinda ‘Groupie Like’..Cant Believe He Made This Record SMH

  • flo

    attention seekers

  • DonSteez

    Whats the difference between this and a track like Cole’s “Let Nas Down”. Its just showing respect and gratitude to those they view as their idols. Cant be mad at that. Plus this is actually a solid track musically.

  • Not even close to the same as Stan. Stan is a classic.

  • Silky Johnson

    Ayo Bizzy, ask him why Yeezus was so wack.

    • dB

      Plus one

  • this is so trash. its terrible conceptually and lyrically, really the corniest shit ive heard in such a long time.. I dont even know what compelled me to take the time to drop my 2 cents, I never comment on shit. most likely the idiotic comparison to stan that makes no sense. it just pisses me off that you have this huge platform to put great music on display and you promote garbage like this constantly

  • klvndiego

    @jawsburrr dude theres like 40 dopes, to each is own. you sound like an angry struggling rapper who’s emails get ignored on here :(

  • what does the amount of likes on a song have to do with what I said though? the average 2dbz follower is like 14 years old so that has absolutely nothing to do with anything and isnt this what the c-section is for? & btw you sound like your trying to defend your homeboys shitty ass upcoming mixtape. I dont even rap bruuh :/

    • Jay Cee

      My question to you is why knock a man who admires and artist and decides to make a record essentially dedicated to him may it be a bit groupish yes but still isn’t horrible because there’s passion in hs bars which is less then most artist spitting now a days

  • e

    @jay cee he is entitled to his opinion.and his opinion is that the song is whack. doesnt mean he’s hating. if anything youre the one hating trying to turn an open forum into a dictatorship. learn to accept that not everybody likes what you like.

  • Jay Cee

    @E I didn’t say anyone was hating -_____-

  • BlackaDon

    He Actually Said In The Song He Is Coming Off “Kinda Wierd” And He Apologized For It..SMH..Not Even Close To A Stan Or J.Cole’s Let Nas Down..Or Nas Joint About Rakim..Bizzy Sounds Like He Needs A Father Lol *Jokes*

  • Roger

    There was a “Stan” like song that was released this year.Better than this.But the artists’ work frowned upon in this site.

  • 1

    Yup, Tyler killed colossus

  • Anfernee

    This kid is crazy, not in a good way either.

  • Ronald P

    Bizzy Crook is extremely talented lyrically. Remember, he is only 21 years old and has many years to grow and improve his skills. jawsburrr, you do sound like an angry hater. I’d like to see you put together 3 solid verses on a track. You can’t do it so you hate on others who put the work in… Listen to Bizzy’s other compilations (P.S. I’m Sorry 2) and tracks (Lord, Like Dat, Top of the World, This is Me, etc.)

    Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion, but I respect Bizzy for staying consistent and constantly releasing new music for his loyal fan base that continues to grow every day. The sky is the limit for this kid, he will continue to get better and before you know it he will be selling out arenas.


    Much Love,

  • goodluckck

    When we are out and about cause we.dont hide like most rappers,i want some of you haters to say these things to us so we can take it from there. We take flights weekly you niggas are still drinking arizona ice tea. Bumass niggas goodlvck

  • K.

    this is Stan from an actual Stan

  • K.

    stay tuned for part 2 where he starts getting angry and 3 where he kills himself and his ex-girlfriend while listening to 808s and Heartbreaks