Slum Village – Evolution (Album Stream)

Before the album drops June 25th, fans can listen to the new Slum Vil project in its entirety now. Check it out down bottom.

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    1 Night is certified love maker... FIRST.

  • true

    it's sad that some posts on here get 900+ "dopes" with 100+ comments, but something like slum gets slept on. i know it's not the original big 3, but damn.

  • The Real TC

    Probably because it's not something the blogs have hyped about. Honestly, this is the best album they've put out in years, in my opinion.

  • sircatalyst


    With Baatin & Dilla gone and Elzhi out of the group, the steam has really been taken out of the group. T3 is not a strong enough emcee to merit hype, Illa J is......ok, and Young RJ is no Black Milk....

  • Tzu

    I really don't want to hate on Slum, but I'm not liking this at all.

  • Spontaneus

    Dope as fucc

  • Spontaneus

    1 night is the best joint on here

  • drummer boy

    I'm trying to let this grow on me. Miss the organic sound that Dilla brought to the table. Not the same without Dilla (RIP), Baatin (RIP), and Elzhi.