Snoop Dogg - It Ain't No Fun f. Kurupt, Warren G & Nate Dogg [OG Cassette Tape Demo '93]

Now this is an absolute gem! Before Doggystyle hit the shelves in 1993, a different version of the West Coast worldwide classic "Ain't No Fun" was available on the streets. Now thanks to DâM-FunK -- who ripped a cassette he purchased at the Slauson Swap Meet in Los Angeles two decades ago -- we get to hear the OG version, before Dr. Dre added his flavor.

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  • FUCK U MEAN DRE ADDED HIS FLAVOR?? Daz made this beat!! Dre added ONE sound.

  • ear2ear

    ^ Yup...Daz and Warren are never acknowledged for their production during the Death Row years.

  • westcoastnigga

    How about a download, bitches?

    BTW. Dre is GOAT.

  • "FUCK U MEAN DRE ADDED HIS FLAVOR?? Daz made this beat!! Dre added ONE sound."

    i never said dre produced it. jesus christ... some of yall are way too serious on the net. relax.

  • getatme

    that one sound he added made the song what it is. song sounds so plain here without the underlying strings and keys.


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