• MikeLopez

    shit was up for like 10 mins

  • mpls612

    2013 Year Of The Wu!

  • who cares

    Looks like I missed it... *shrugs*

  • digitek

    head nod shit for real. fuck all these new niggas man, this is refreshing dude

  • Jem

    fail @ whoever did the art spelling Inspectah Deck wrong

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/zeedubb ZeeDubb

    sick ass lyrics. wack ass beat

  • http://wu-academy johnconstantine

    yea this beat isnt good, turning this shit off fast

  • TeamCrawley

    The horsemen above Method Man's name is a chick

  • who cares

    Song is alright. The beat isn't THAT bad. I think people are just expecting some old school RZA shit for some reason. I mean, it's on a fucking Mathematics tape. I can't stop laughing at the cover though. The fact that they spelled Inspectah wrong and that the horseman above Method Man's name is a female.

    • Jui

      That's cause meth is the horse lol