Chance the Rapper & 360 Freestyle On RapFix Live (Video)

blame it on Shake June 20, 2013

With Sway, J. Cole and Fozzie “All Styles Ain’t Free” Bear in the background, Queens native 360 and Chance the Rapper knock out RapFix Live’s freestyle segment.

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  • I semi-hate yet appreciate how Chance ACTUALLY freestyles off the dome when he raps

  • Saga

    Fuck he sound nervous as hell! compared to 360, but yet he freestyling.

  • rdd08

    Lol Chance had that …. I’m Nervous as hell / damn you putting me on the spot / i gotta think of some shit to freestyle bout / shit I can’t even cuss cause I’m on Mtv …. face on

    but a still came thru with some Dopeness

  • C-los

    Wow he missed the opportunity to say 360 degrees after he said ppl think he’s so cold that he has to rap with cole. He just said Folka and then shouted out 360 so it didn’t sound like he was dissing him

  • drew

    I like chance but he’s not good at the Eminem Charles hamilton freestyle style.

  • Roger

    Eminem is an accomplished rapper,it’s not fair to compare the two. Kinda ironic you mentioned CH,I got that type of vibe from Chance.I love all 3 rappers and Em didn’t actually “freestyled” his stuff but they were still incredible.