Vince Staples & Mac Miller Larry Fisherman - Stolen Youth (Album)

Vince Staples premieres his 10-track free LP, Stolen Youth, entirely produced by Mac Miller Larry Fisherman featuring guest spots from Mac Miller as well as TDE's own ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. Stream and download the album after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Vince Staples - Stolen Youth (Album)

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  • Ya father

    What a fucking stupid download format. Why not just give us the .zip in mediafire? Stupid shit.

  • wu

    Vince Staples put on the worst show Ive ever seen in my 20 years of going to hiphop shows. So I will never fuck with him.

  • realtalk™

    @Ya father: you know you can just click 'download folder' on the top of the mediafire page and it will download everything right? Common sense is a valuable trait nowadays..

  • SforMusic

    @realtalk too bad, it requires you to upgrade to a pay-plan to download a free album -_-

  • realtalk™

    @SforMusic hmm my bad, I never noticed but I happen to have mediafire pro so yeah..

  • SforMusic

    @realtalk well done for you :)

  • Shake

    "What a fucking stupid download format. Why not just give us the .zip in mediafire? Stupid shit."

    ^^ THIS. im gonna download and re-up for yall. just need a few minutes.

  • milly

    why on earth would u want wack miller to produce your entire full length album tho? gets NOPE! just for that and i will never bother listening to your music again based off fucking with larry the fuckboi fisherman

  • Shake

    ^^ gotta love the trolls.

    anyways, for those wanting it... i added a ZIP of the files. only one thing to download.

  • up

    ^^^ LINK???

  • sma

    nice beats

  • erik

    good look shake

  • Chris

    This shit dope yall niggas complaining bout bullshit

  • millyisafaggot

    mac keeps on winnin...production is killer. Keep crying and hatin tho especially when your favorite rapper hops on some larry fisherman production

  • Dredd

    anyone who listens to this bullshit is stupid. shit for content and fukboy sounds like result of mainstream incest

  • GypsyPrince

    Vince is the most slept on rapper, everything he puts out is fire. hopefully this gets bruh sum more exposure.

  • Tahlid

    The funny shit is Vince shit way harder than kanye's album!!! Really tho

  • JXN

    This is honestly one of the better mixtapes I've heard this year. Mac's production is really improving, Vince is good enough with the writtens, and the features are great.

  • DoctorX

    i actually prefer this to YEEZUS less hype on it but damn these guys stole it


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