Dope Dealer Extraordinaire: A$AP Ferg Talks Trap Lord, Alter Egos & Being Jiggy (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas June 21, 2013

Shot & Edited by CarlosShoots.

After killing his opening set for Juicy J’s Stay Trippy tour in Sacramento, A$AP Ferg and I sat down for a chat and hilarity ensues when Ferg along with his hypeman, Marty Balla, turn this convo into an unconventional sitdown. Between Ferg’s sense of humor and antics, we talked about one of his pet peeves of Catholic school, the exclusivity of his paintings, why Trap Lord is an album instead of a mixtape and more.

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  • marky


  • capitano

    0:21 the look Ferg hypeman gave her lol

  • 10x

    terrible interview,id still fuck miss peas

  • DopeAura

    LLMFAO SHE LOOKIN like “Shit need to be over”

  • Sammy

    bitch you dumb as fuck

  • mike

    you need to step up these interviews.

    opportunities to ask anything and the chick can’t even properly hold a mic in front of her face to speak. can’t even hear her…wtf

  • Listen sweetheart, you seem like a nice chick, but that was the most awkward interview I’ve honestly ever seen. You bugged out when he took your phone so you guys could just have a natural interview, Ferg’s boy had to step in to do your own job, you couldn’t control your own mic so the sound’s all fucked up, and a laundry list of other God awful shit went down. Stick to talking/typing on the blogs honey, live interviewing ain’t your thing.

  • kGb


    some people have legitimate points even in the midst of these negative comments…

    1) for example if you held the mic similar to ferg instead of talking towards the side of the mic, you would have been more audible. look between 4:13-4:20… the way you’re talking vs how he is talking… it’s a dynamic mic, the receiver is in the center so you have to hold the mic similar to ferg to be audible.

    2) it’s YOUR interview… idk how the artists are because maybe they (or mgmt) can be unapproachable or difficult but don’t be afraid to take control and ask the questions that will make your interview more comedic, informative, etc… you have the 2dbz platform and every one wants to get info we never heard before. don’t let them tell us the same shit we’ve heard already. every interview doesn’t have to be a ‘nardwaur’ interview but that’s where you put your spin on it and make it a ‘dope dealer extraordinaire’ interview.

    3) there is no rules… so if ferg’s hypeman took the mic regardless and you were doing your thing, it still wouldn’t matter, let it be organic, that’s where the candid moments come in… don’t feel some type because people are buggin in the c-section, that’s what niggas do when they can type shit anonymously… just make sure you get the fundamentals down and keep going at it, your next one will be better. im sure blogging was a learning experience at first too but now you do your thing… looking forward to next time…

  • kGb

    there are** no rules

  • T-Luv

    lmao, niggas is hating and giving constructive criticism, you know 2dbz dont give a fuck bout the comments cause nobody ever has anything nice to say about her