Bring It Back: Nas – My Will (Honeymoon Is Over)

blame it on Miss_Peas June 22, 2013

“Nas a legend ‘fore BIG and Pac left us.”

Cast back to New York stalwart Nas releasing his debut album, Illmatic, Hip Hop fans were captivated by his insightful wordplay and compelling storytelling of the harsh realities of the streets and the structure of society. Illmatic “the Don Corleone of rap” if you will, grimey yet sophisticated. 11 years later, Nas resurrects with “My Will” (Off The Alchemist’s The Cutting Room Floor 2), a song that reflects lyrical talent and wit. Nas always leaves a formidable impression. “My Will” is one of my favorite songs from QB’s finest post Illmatic. He finds himself gracing one of my favorite producers, an Alan The Chemist creation. Whenever Esco finds himself hungry, he delivers a body of work with the potential to be heralded a classic. “My Will” has Nasty Nas proving his reign as one of the greatest to ever bless a mic. The lyrics speak volumes and the sounds speak for itself. You can’t question the mark that he’s left on Hip Hop. Nas is a living legend. What could’ve been a verse on Illmatic, transpired into one of the greatest verses in history.

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  • who cares

    Holy shit! Nas always surprises me. This shit is dope

  • he’s the better.

    people always talkin bout the illmatic is the bbeter album,wrong that he cant match this album…
    BUT C’MON!!!
    who is able to make an album like ILLMATIC??? do ya think that JAY-Z can??? hahahahahaha. and if somebody can..that somebody can 1 time,you can’t really make a lot of rhymes and beats like illmatic

    excuse me english. i’m high of northen lights

  • who cares

    And apparently this isn’t new. It came out in ’08 o.O *face palm*

  • rapshed

    this is dope, when is this from?

  • rapshed

    oh too late my bad. thanks

  • this shit old as hell …i heard this on like a BIG MIKE mxtp like around the time bol married kelis

  • rawB

    yeah this is def old, ive had this on my itunes for a minute but had no idea of its origins, good looks on the info miss peas!

  • manum

    Dont remember this on that tape… only one i remember is “tick tock” with p.. another banger.

  • This came out around the time of God’s Son or shortly after, 2002-2003… It’s an ill verse, but this is his “resurrection from Illmatic”?! Miss Peas, I like you better than Meka but that’s some generic old bullshit, overzealous hyperbole you’re gushing there… *still downloading it in hope it’s a better version than the one I’ve had since it dropped… awesome track, but SMH*

    Btw, peep Edna Wright – Spend The Night With Me to hear the sample.

  • zeezrom

    This came out in ’05 you idiots

  • nyc809

    what could’ve been a verse on illmatic?….This was written after he ethered hov

  • Stefan 136

    Word, and the talk about Murda Ink ^^
    zeezrom, you may have heard it in 05 bitch, but this was way before even Streets Disciple (2004)… By that time My Will was too old to be the intro, I’d been hoping an extended version would make the cut but the months had passed and it wasn’t gonna be more than an internet leak anymore. 02-03 BIIIITCH!!

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    Miss Peas is talking about how this verse is so ill it could’ve been on Illmatic and not seem out of place. It is nasty, I always wanted a complete song out of this though. I did cop this back when The Cutting Room Floor 2 dropped, before that I first heard it on some Statik Selektah Nas mixtape.

  • Jay Z

    This is Nas’ victory lap after Ether. If you listen, hes still throwing jabs at Jay on this one..”Top hustla, Roc crusha”, also the “Nas a legend before Big and Pac left us”. Nas is a king.

  • adi Pre

    Fuck this is one of my fave Nas joints period.

  • rew

    ive had this for literally 8 years

  • twrqrete

    what @Stefan 136 said. i like you alot miss peas but you gotta stop over selling shit

  • Classic Music, never gets old!

  • yoyo

    This is THE ALCHEMIST at his best. one of the best producers of our generation!!!

  • Luden

    Love this. Nas rules.

  • nobody likes peas

    how is it possible to be as bad a writer as you?

  • 2

    very good track, i’ve always wished it was longer though

  • lu

    I heard this on Alchemist’s ‘Cutting Room Floor’