• http://www.youhighbro.com youhighbro

    sounds better then all the other drake songs that just came out today and better then last two joints from this partynextdoor ovo artist.

  • Supaman

    Pretty nice record, no complaints

  • clint chudyk

    shit sounds like Donkey Kong Country

  • http://shy Pyrex Shy

    Shits nice. Only complaint is the amount of drake on this record. Shoulda let son croon more.

  • http://www.iRize.ca I Rize (Breakin Silence Radio)

    PartyNextDoor aka Sir Struggle Falsetto the Second...

  • Danjamouf

    PartyNextDoor aka The Weeknd with a doo rag on

  • theweeknd

    no new friends

    signs a new artist

    make up yo mind boy

  • http://oneweekender.tumblr.com AJ