• doc rovers

    I throw this song in my garbage disposal and turn the button on

  • KarlW1992

    LOL wtf is this?

  • Frost

    both of these muthafukas are wack...

  • http://www.motahiphop.com MotaHipHop.com

    AB is an entertaining mutha fucka! HA!!

  • the realest

    You know that shit was turnt from there on lmao

  • http://hiphopandlove.wordpress.com FUHNAHTIK

    It took me like 11 seconds to realize what dude was mumbling into the microphone. Not a good look.

  • d

    Broner is the truth...i just hope he gets a shot at Maywhether, or atleast Alvarez after this fight.

  • Trizzy

    This is why I don't watch boxing