Big Sean – Beware f. Lil Wayne & Jhené Aiko

blame it on Illy June 24, 2013

Big Sean links up with Lil Wayne and Jhené Aiko on his new single “Beware” off his upcoming suphomore album, Hall Of Fame, due out August 27.

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  • ervsoswaggy


  • rns

    why did he put wayne on this smh

  • Jimho

    /\ Just to piss YOU off! hahahahahahahahaha

  • Don

    All this simp music man, What happen to fire?

  • yayooo

    nah b…

  • Why would you put Lil’ Wayne on this? Really? Why?

  • CPJ

    sounds like a pop version of his old song “almost wrote you a love”

  • yungnickbag


  • ass


  • MyFiddyCents

    Beat the Pussy up, skeet skeet skeet, Trukfit Nigaa, Til death do us part.

    repeat x16 Wayne verse ends.

    Dude is done. He should just retire. Just ain’t got it anymore.

    Gone are the days of Swag Surfin’ sadly

  • j2fly

    i fucks with this. this is some pop fire haha

  • Smh I guess

    I guess this is something for the teenys to like and radio play

  • Grimzz


  • juan rocha

    Why the fuck are you going to have jhene on the hook and then just sing over her?

  • JHP

    I like this, but a Lil Wayne feature almost never adds anything to a song anymore, and this time was no exception. Drake, Kendrick, or J. Cole would have kilt this so much more. The song is dope though, I hope it manages to get Sean some radio play. I feel like he would’ve been better off dropping another “Mercy” or “Clique” type club banger for the single though.

  • The Real TC

    I generally really don’t like Big Seans music, but this I can get down with, mostly because of the beat and jhene. Wayne felt pretty out of place here.

  • Rodoggy

    I like this, It’s like his “Bad” or “Power Trip”, if he and the label promote this it definitely won’t flop. But i still don’t think we’ve heard the best from HOF yet.

  • Nerv

    He needed a radio single… stop complaining. Remember My Last? Yea then the album came out. Just wait.

  • three

    @juan rocha cuz it sounds gooder than a bitch lol

  • blair

    cosign dude who stated why have jhene on it if he was gunna just sing over her. that being said i think hof is gunna be dope. not feelin this joint.

  • JAyP

    I never got tht shit every song he features with her he sings over her or with her like NIGGA we dont need to hear you sing let her kill the hook herself

  • Rodoggy

    you guys do know that jhene sings the last 15 seconds of the track by herself right lol damn

  • MusicHead

    Sean don’t be flowing at all no more.. homie just be talkin when he raps..what happened to the flowing with the raps & even tho cold lines too.. he had a perfect blend & balanced mix during the My Homies Still thru Guap era .. He had the adlibs, lines, all that ..even dropped a lol nice tape Detroit ..I was hype for his album then he dropped Switch Up & I was like WTF is the weak shit & now this average ass song , this mf empty is hell..filler damn near lol smh.. Homie better drop a Top 3 album of the year man.. No excuses ..

  • skilla

    he borrowed tyga flow lmaooo

  • Pumbaclut

    This is just wack tho, it’s no way near power trip

  • Rodoggy

    @MusicHead its just one song out of like 15-16 probably, i’m sure he’ll bring it back and points throughout the album. but top 3 AOTY may be reaching tbh

  • what?

    @ MusicHead

    My Homies Still & Guap are terrible songs.

  • MusicHead

    @Rodoggy as long as he’s been making ppl wait this album should take Sean to the level that Graduation did Kanye.. foreal. Guap is great radio single & Nothing Is Stopping You sounded dope but other than that..all I heard disappointments ..even Fire live..disappointment.

  • MusicHead

    @ what? my hilomies still isn’t terrible & I’m talkin from his verse to his Guap song & all his shit between..I could actually take it back to Burn he was balanced & murked that too .. but to say Guap is terrible shows that u must hate anything mainstream & only underground..cuz it’s a perfect radio mainstream song..very catchy & gets you in a good / happy mood.. SO FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT.

  • three

    if HOF sounds any thing like Detroit its worth copping

  • Yoooooooo!!! SHAKE!!

  • realtalk™

    @MusicHead.. Guap is a terrible song fuck is wrong with your ears? Let’s hope his album will have like 1-2 good songs but I doubt it.. dude is just weak

  • marty mcfly

    big sean got punchlines for DAYZZZ yo! that finally famous album was a straight classic. one of the best albums ever made. better than illmatic even, but not quite as good as any jay-z album (clearly). but it’s still a classic yo. anyone who thinks differently is completely wrong, but i’m completely right.

    big sean > nas

    • Better than illmatic?!?! …..the FUCK!
      Yo what has this boy been smoking?!?!

  • Ear2ear

    Big supporter of Sean more so because I get the sense that he first and foremost is happy that this career has helped his loved ones live a better life. I really get that sincerity vibe from his interviews. Musically he comes and goes. That snippet he posted a few days ago was fire. There are always those moments where he sounds like he’s coming from the heart. He’s at his best on those soulful beats. This song is solidly good but nothing memorable and generic….especially with the Wayne feature. Hope the majority of the album sounds more like “Nothing Is Stopping You” than this.

    • Coolstorybro.

    • derrick

      I like big Sean but you sound stupid ass fuck say ff is one of the greatest albums and saying he is better than nas. The ff was a good album tho

  • MGOP22

    give tyga his flow back

  • highlight this

    boring ass song… Can’t even think this song will get radio play or chart it has nothing interesting in my opinion. At least if the hook was catchy but it is just shit IMO

  • god man its not cos you ve got lil wayne that your gonna sell the track.. this is shit , and waynes verse is shit !

  • Dopeman

    This shit wack bruh..aint hear one good line, hard to make it to tha end of this shit..and wat tha fuck FUCK WAYNE nigga been washed up its rubbin off on Sean..and sean is tha worst wit release dates god damn im mad

  • Mike

    Not a bad single

  • Piff

    This shit a theme song for fuck niggas

  • VSOP

    Big Sean and Wale……pass on both. Both sound soft and their flow is garbage over dope beats.

  • the realest

    This shit is a good song. Niggaz just hating again. And big Sean needed to be in the hook. That one big cant carry a song. Too damn boring. And co/sign the nigga that said he’ll cop I’d this sounds like Detroit. That shit was a banger.

  • adolfmayne

    for what this song is suppose to be its good lil wayne was meh but ive never been a hopefully sean delievers this guy is the only new school rapper that has improved his rapping while others skills detiorates

  • C-los

    ^ He’s probably the only rapper you know. Sounds like it. I know too many up and good coming rapper to conform to this shit. Not even Jhene could save this shit

  • malcyvelli

    wow,everybody bashing wayne on this made it out to be way fucking worse than what it actually was, this was aightttt, not by any means great but he’s done much worse

  • Ducey

    Number 3 on Itunes. Big Sean got a hit record here. Song is dope.

  • rich

    beats fire but lyrics could be better

  • Dj Sa-x

    I thought Weezy said “Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love him” …

  • @juan rocha said it best.. sean on the chorus makes shit so cheesy he did it on that detroit tape too


    Fag shit made by talentless fags.

  • The dope/nope ratio is impressive considering that Wayne is on the track.

  • Cameron

    I don’t like Wayne much lately, but this is not the track to hate on him. Some intricate rhyme schemes and good word play on here. That moped line sucked tho.