Jay Rock Decodes “Money Trees” (Video)

blame it on Meka June 24, 2013

Shot by Shake and Tnel Moniq.

Many people consider Jay Rock’s verse to be the best on Kendrick’s major label debut. Sitting down with the folks of Life + Times Jay explains those career-defining lyrics.

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  • justenjoythisshit

    Rock’s verse is definitely one of the best on GKMC.
    Another aspect that made this album a classic.

  • mpls612

    jay rock goes the hardest outta tde but his music ain’t as creative as the other members.

  • realtalk™

    Best verse of 2012

  • malcyvelli

    if you can’t appreciate that shit he blessed GKMC with then you;re tripping, people sleepin on rock, I look forward to his upcoming releases

  • Qz

    One of my favorite verses from the album. You were able to feel the truth in his lyrics. Look forward to Rock’s new project.

    But yeah yeah yeah, how is GKMC a classic with tracks like Dyin’ of Thirst, Real, & the underwhelming Compton? Makes no sense.

  • The Delorean Driver


    As archaeologists dig in the deserts of the east
    A pit a hundred meters wide and a hundred meters deep
    They discover ancient cars on even older streets
    And a city well preserved and most likely at its peak
    A culture so advanced, and by condition of the teeth
    They can tell that they were civil, not barbaric in the least
    A society at peace. With liberty and justice for all
    Neatly carved in what seems to be a wall
    They would doubt that there was any starvation at all
    That they pretty much had the poverty problem all solved
    From the sheer amount of paper, most likely used for trade
    Everything’s so organized. They had to be well behaved
    Assumed they had clean energy, little to no enemies
    Very honest leaders with overwhelming sympathies
    Religions kinda complex. Kinda hard to figure out
    And this must be the temple
    This White House

    Best verse of 2012 imo

  • Crack

    @QZ because of the context in which they were placed in the album. its a story not individually, if you want individual songs that were great go to a mixtape, albums are conceptual pieces of work idolizing a persons idea, dream, or memories. hence why in the beginning its his boys praying, the same prayer thats found after the lady speaks to them in dying of thirst after his brother dies in a pointless shootout. listen to the end of real when his moms preaching to him about “when you do make it” compton is that time

  • markaveli

    stand out verse off an album full of them.

  • runt


    You fucking kidding? Those three tracks you just named are three of my favorites. Music is subjective dumb ass