Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 (Mixtape)


Hi-Tek, SWV (yes, SW-freaking-V), King Mez, Lil Wayne and more all grace the latest freelease from Asher Roth.

I’ve decided to stray from the path UMG has laid for me and continue on the scenic route. I prefer to relay my music directly to my fans. Show them what it is I see. Share with them what it is I think. I enjoy letting you hear free-flowing ideas recorded in basements and broom closets. Who cares that they will probably never be heard on the radio? I want to be proactive and not reactive and I would rather nothing get in the way of the relationship I have with my family, friends, fans and my music.

Tracklist, stream, and link down bottom.


DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

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  • Bongwater



  • 1dopeboy


  • asher>usher

    asher's dope not even a questiion. hope he puts out an album soon

  • adi Pre

    Damn, long time coming!

  • Dino

    Hot pile of crap

  • Lobo


  • Mike

    About time #GEV2

  • JXN

    This, Acid Rap, and The Peter Sparker Mixtape are the 3 best mixtapes to drop this year. Dope

  • Truth

    fucking boo! this is actually painful to listen to. give up on the rap career it is over.

  • Keebo

    After the first 4 songs, shit gets way better.

  • chin

    shouldve kep meek mill instead of lil fagget wayne

  • Truth Siren

    SWV ain't no where on dis shit

  • GeeZuP

    I'm a fan Of Asher but this shit is weak

  • Danny

    @ Truth Siren it's a sample you moron

  • ricky


  • Mack

    if you delete the 5-6 duds on this, like most mixtapes it becomes a way better project

  • tyvon

    shit is dope son!