• http://AreYouWatchingClosely.co.uk Maj

    jay just murder death killed that shhhht

  • SE7AL

    Less than 100 dopes for a Jay Electronica verse. Oh yeah that's right, it's not 2009 anymore.

  • Sam

    @ SE7AL, I was thinking the same thing. Plus only three comments. I am a huge fan of Jay Elect, but it's unbelievable how the dude has slaughtered his own hype.

  • Turtle

    It's so sad, cause he really is still so so good :(

  • http://kenzosiraga.tumblr.com KNZO

    the bullitts are friggin dope!

  • Exhibit C

    It's too bad he killed the buzz he had but I think he's beyond caring about a buzz

  • rdd08

    if ever does Release ACT2 i think the will come back Doubled ... not only will all of us that's been waiting for Album be Hyped but he'll get a shitload of people interested in his "allure" and curious about what the Hype is about