Jay-Z – Oceans f. Frank Ocean (Lyrics)

blame it on Meka June 26, 2013

With seemingly no song on the horizon (rumor had it where a cut was supposed to have dropped yesterday, then today, then when Detox drops), Jay just lets loose another set of lyrics off his highly anticipated Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay is also set to perform – for free – at Times Square, NY on July 8th, the day after the album is officially released.

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  • peaceofpi

    I thought Jay-Z didn’t write down his lyrics? #illuminati

    • derrick

      What does writing on paper has too do with illuminati; and he wrote the lyrics down for the fans too see the lyrics that dont mean he wrote it down when he was making the song and if he did write it down; what does it matter? He probably just start writing

  • “I thought jay-z didnt write down his lyrics” You sound stupid just incase you didn’t know . Or maybe you do and have just accepted it .

  • jorgey

    ^ lol

  • jorgey

    swoosh, thats the sound of the border
    swoosh, thats the sound of a baller

    so far of the 3 he has released, this seems to be the better of them lyrically

  • marty mcfly

    @CLICK HERE, the fact that you use the molestation of children as the premise of your hatred toward Jayz based on a rhyme that you know was a play on words is one reason why your kind is the worst kind of human being. And im not saying that as a racial thing, im saying that as a spiritual thing based what kinda of person you are. Some of the most destructive people in the history of the planet earth used tactics similar to what your doing to promote a sick and twisted agenda themselves. You do the shit over and over as if your doing something to bring down Jayz? Umm sorry but NO, the only thing your doing is making it seem as if everyday you think about children in a twisted sexual way so you make it a point to bring it up as much as possible. Seriously, you need to either check your mentality or find some form of religion in your own life before you continuously put out the same demonic energy over and over again based on some bullshit that only suggest that hatred toward Jayz must have no limits.

  • marty mcfly

    Oceans looks like its gonna be a DOPE song btw.

  • Chilo

    Are we just going to take everything literal now or something, does jay z really rape children? No

  • brite

    Well shit I’m fucking done with any news about this shit until July 4th. Fuck the App nonsense, fuck the words nonsense , fuck the Detox-single-never-dropping nonsense.

    Fuck it all.

  • marty mcfly

    I just think your a very disturbed person thats all. I mean you make a whole video about someone raping children but yet you probably have not filed any charges against Jayz. If you are that certain enough about what your saying then take that up with the NYPD, dont continuously post on a fucking hip hop site some shit that ultimately you dont even believe yourself. What you really wanted to do was get your face out there so you can some how become some profitable form of conspiracy theorist but you just come across as an angry white man thats mad at life so you do whatever you can to appear greater then. You sir are whats wrong with the world.

  • marty mcfly

    appear greater thAn but your just a disturbed soul that should probably seek professional help.

  • XI


  • capt’n munch

    trolls feeding trolls in this bitch.. marty get a fucking hobby you loser

  • XI

    ^you could stop spamming tho

  • Marty Mcfly

    L E A V E J A Y Z A L O N E ! ! ! !

  • Ghost of Christopher Wallace

    The album is really dropping on a Sunday?

  • marty mcfly

    stop hating on jay! i will bring anyone down who hates on the God.

    jay-z needs me!!!!!!!!! he neeedssss meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smoke

    Do you think Jay-Z typed out these lyrics, censored them with the black bars then sent it out to the public?

    Obviously someone transcribed the lyrics, after he spit them, from a recording of song. Lyrics are done at this point.


    I’ll bet Jigga licked the shit of Ocean’s asshole and loved every minute of it and I’ll bet he got Kanye to join in for a reach around, fucking faggots.