R.F.C. – Ralphie’s Forgotten Children (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka June 26, 2013

Consisting of Smoke DZA, Al Doe, NymLo, Chase N. Cashe, Den10, 183rd, and Mookie Jones, the Really Fucking Cool crew drop their debut compilation. Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: R.F.C. – Ralphie’s Forgotten Children (Mixtape)


    My summer just got better…Pusha T up next

  • leVI

    oooooooooooo….BOY HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SHIT RIGHHHHT HERE……aint even kno it was kummin out today. nice surprise to a bad day.

  • not

    183rd sucks he’s killing dza buzz can’t even fuck with this shit

  • Chez 5X7 TIN RFC

    is this the real RFC? if so who put them down? I never knew of these guys growing up. Ralphie’s First Criminals


    These niggas are false alarms. The real RFC CREW should have never been nice enough to give these kids a hall pass. Do your homework children.