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Tech N9ne – See Me f. B.o.B & Wiz Khalifa (prod. Drumma Boy) [2Dope Premiere]

blame it on Shake June 26, 2013

Continuing his reign as one of the underground’s Hip Hop’s hardest working artists, Tech N9ne will be releasing his next album, Something Else, on July 30th (pre-orders available now). And for the first single — which we were given the green light to premiere — Tech enlists Wiz Khalifa and fellow-psycho B.o.B. Press play below and get ready for some more Strange Music in the near future. UPDATE: Hit the jump for the album’s tracklist; which is broken up into three portions — Earth, Wind & Fire — and features Kendrick Lamar, Trae Tha Truth, Danny Brown, Big K.R.I.T., Scoop DeVille, Rittz, ¡Mayday! and more.

01 News With Mark Alford 1 (Skit)

02 Straight Out The Gate f. Serj Tankian & Krizz Kaliko
03 B.I.T.C.H. f. T-Pain
04 With The BS f. Red Café, Trae Tha Truth & Big Scoob
05 Love 2 Dislike Me f. Tyler Lyon of Evalyn Awake & Liz Suwandi
06 Fortune Force Field
07 I’m Not A Saint
08 Fragile f. Kendrick Lamar, ¡Mayday! & Kendall Morgan
09 Priorities f. Game & Angel Davanport
10 News With Mark Alford 2 (Skit)

11 Dwamn
12 So Dope (They Wanna) f. Wrekonize, Snow Tha Product & Twisted Insane
13 See Me f. Wiz Khalifa & B.o.B

15 My Haiku-Burn the World f. Krizz Kaliko
16 That’s My Kid f. Cee-Lo Green, Big K.R.I.T. & Kutt Calhoun
17 Meant to Happen f. Scoop DeVille
18 News With Mark Alford 3 (Skit)
19 Believe
20 R.I.P. Ray (Skit)
21 Strange 2013 f. The Doors
22 SMB
23 Colorado f. B.o.B, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, ¡Mayday!, Stevie Stone & Ces Cru
24 Drowning f. Liz Suwandi
25 Thizzles f. Danny Brown

  • thejay12360

    first comment

    • Pg

      Eh..best part was BoB on the chorus. Techs first verse was bad (imo) and I love Wiz but didnt like him here. I dont like it when Tech starts making up words either. Your lyricism is already elite!! Don’t try too hard!

      • What word did he make up ?

  • Claire

    Could someone make a mp3 file of this song and upload it? Would really like to have this one in my playlist.

  • Caleb

    Wow! So hyped for Something Else! Loving the track Tech.

  • AFB

    @claire Just rip the audio with youtube-mp3.org

    • Iain

      Or just buy the album when it comes out all you jokes

      • Eugene

        That’s what I was thinking Iain

  • Iain

    Or just buy the album when it comes out all you jokes

    • Skyler Anderson

      Tech’s verse is okay. B.o.B always kills choruses. Wiz Khalifa did good. Expected more from him. But Tech’s last verse is amazing!!!!!! Still, no one can touch him.

    • Eugene

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • paco

    so dope!!!

  • Nathan

    Hell yeah!

  • dino

    that “chaaa” is the most annoying sound in hip-hop. such a dope verse ruined by a shitty adlib.

  • Matt arellano

    This song is dope so stoaked to hear something else

  • runt

    just cannot dig tech n9ne.

    i’ve tried to get into his music, but it just doesn’t sound good to me. not feeling the lyrics at all. and the beats are all corny.

    • Jordan

      You should listen to his earlier albums .

  • Not A Big fan of wiz,think tech could’ve found a better emcee.

  • JT

    Too slow of a beat for tech. He’s one of the fastest rappers in the world with a beat that is so slow that I honestly don’t think he knows what to to with it.

    • Jessica

      Listen to t9x, slowest beat he’s probably ever done. But I do agree, the best just isn’t tech. And I won’t say wiz ruined the song.. But he can’t sing about shit other then smoking weed..
      Strange love ! Technician for life :)

    • jesse

      Yes but every song can’t be fast.

  • BT

    this song sucks something else

  • Alex

    I think wiz ruins the whole thing.

  • I ducks with this. Something else is gonna be DOPE. Tech N9ne can do the DARK SHIT and crossover to the black folk in mainstream hip-hop. Tech N9ne IS the.best in the game and he’s almost twice as old as your favorite rapper.

  • Z


  • Jellybeans_in_you

    I don’t know the track was hood

  • bakardee151

    Tech’s first verse was okay, his second verse and b.o.b on the chorus makes the whole song. Wiz is trash and i think irv da phenom would have been a better fit for a verse on this song. and the dude who said this song sucks can suck my fat white cock. STTTRRRRAAAAANNNNGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!! MUSIC…..BITCH!!!!!!

  • SaberWolf

    I think all you people hating on tech have no idea what hip hop is. This is one of 32 tracks on this album. Stranga for life! keep doing your thing tech.

  • Ray

    Sooo dope N9ne! Could’ve done with out Wiz though.

  • Keaton

    Not feeling this song. I Love Tech N9ne, I have all his music. But I have to say this it’s probably one of his worst songs he’s ever put out. Teaming with Wiz was a big fuck up. Hopefully this doesn’t rep what the whole album is like.

  • Lobo

    Song’s ok. Nothing great but not bad either. Agree that Tech needs to stop the “chaa” thing. It’s just a distraction and annoyance. I’ve been a fan for a long time and still am, but I wish he would evolve past that.

  • who cares

    Jesus christ Tech you can’t stop yourself from continuing to sell out huh? Wiz Khalifa? Fucking Wiz Khalifa? smh Pretty soon we’re gonna hear Bieber and Katy Perry on his shit.

  • Michael

    All you haters shut the f*ck up. This song was amazing. Tech always comes with something new that’s why he will never get old. Keep doing what you doing tech. I’m proud mainstream is finally recognizing you.

  • mike

    Tech N9ne 4 eva…people bein haters all his songs are dope

  • Hazarchy

    Cool Tracklist. I thought for sure Eminem would be on here, least of all Hopsin, but I guess not… I’ve been waiting on a Tech & Em collab with just the 2 of them for years now, but I guess time will tell. I’m still gonna get the album tho!

  • Cool Tracklist. I thought for sure Eminem would be on here, least of all Hopsin, but I guess not… I’ve been waiting on a Tech & Em collab with just the 2 of them for years now. I’m still gonna get the album tho!

  • doc rovers

    its not broken up into “earth wind and fire” shake lol. look again

  • excalibur

    The album ocver is so satanic, its not even funny.

  • Kevin

    Tech N9ne does not need to stop the “Cha”. It’s his thing, every rapper has something unique they say. Just look at Rick Ross.

  • KING

    Fuck Wiz taking shots at Hopsin on this track. What a lil bitch

  • FakirWise

    That’s a lot of music. No complaints here.

  • Dave

    Shit is fire I don’t even mind the Wiz feature. Woulda been better to hear BoB spit tho. I did my preorder already, not many in the game spittin better than Tech right now anyway

  • Lawless_1

    Wiz wizzed on the track. Other than that it was the shit..

    See what I did there…..