Metasota & Mike the Martyr - Throw Ya Wax


Currently working on new projects, Meta (Black Friday) and Mike the Martyr (a self-produced EP) link up for some new'ness for the internet to love or hate. Take a listen below and make your decision.

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  • The Real TC

    This is dope. That being said, it's nothing new and whether you love it or hate will be based purely off whether you already like stuff with the same sound (i.e. soulful/old-school sounding hip hop).

  • tip

    s/o to metarter sauce. we out here.

  • superBLOW

    this joint is FIRE

  • Gotta love this....Twin Cities on the rise!

  • Yo mamma

    Damn feel like it's back in the 90's...wait it's 2013 though?

  • Yo mamma

    Martyr's a dope producer but this shit is wack, throw ya whacks . Yeah we get it, y'all like to smoke blunts. I got a fever and then only cure for it is more reverb...makes me wanna take a nap.

  • meta

    fa sho. thanks for that, Yo mamma. we just picked a beat we were both feeling and made some shit to it. sometimes, that's all it is. we were high, made a cliche smoke song. either you like it or not, & there's no hard feelings if you don't fuck with it. it's impossible to please everyone, so we'll just keep doin us.

  • LS

    Brings me it


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