Action Bronson Bodyslams Stage Crasher in Boston (Video)

blame it on Shake June 28, 2013

On the same evening the Boston Celtics completely blew their team up, one Action Bronson “fan” will forever remember the show he attended tonight. While Bam Bam was wrapping up the first verse of “Pouches of Tuna” some random dude decided to be “that” dumbass and crashed the stage. Little did he know, he’d be met with a leg sweep and body slam from the Queens-born emcee. This is awesome!

  • Etherboy

    Wow that fat fuck body slammed that dude? Why? I wouldn’t go to an action Bronson show if it was free

  • Angry Gorilla!!

    This dude obvoiusly wasnt a big fan? This cat Action Bronson drops a Pro Wrestling Reference in every song. HIT EM WIT THAT DROP KICK MARTY JANNETTY

  • PaperKuy

    You’d think in 2013, everyone would have good quality cameras

  • whateveriguess

    Now is this the start of Action Bronson’s heel turn?

  • Jem

    lmao @ PaperKuy

  • King Tyrone


  • Bronson just STO’d some nigga.

  • i respect it…. that shyt gets old at concerts; he’s like enjoy my show and give me my space. dont live off my hype

  • AaronHernadeZ

    Good week for Boston.

  • yeezus

    i would have knocked out bronson with a quick right hook. haha fucking fat guy.


    say what you want but that was such a HIP HOP thing to do (more Wu than Drake hip hop though)

  • Kno

    Bronson with the leg sweep! hahaha

  • Lord Quas

    looked like a Rock Bottom! lmaooo

  • Pre

    Bron showed that scunt he’s a straight up G.

  • Tucks

    The Cobra Kai would be proud

  • Jim Ross


  • jorgey

    ^ *dead* at good ol j.r.

  • nyc22

    Throw you in that arm-bar with the quickness!!!!

  • Hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty

  • S.B.

    Kung-Fu Panda out in this hoe.

  • Check

    One agile fat man

  • malcyvelli


  • Dude was serious about body-slamming fiends huh?

  • Da Gawd


  • who cares

    I guess people have different definitions of a body slam. *shrugs* Still dope that he didn’t take that shit. People need to learn to have respect for performers.

  • solking10

    Body Slam?

  • C-los

    This is how you do it. You don’t have to deck somebody, just knock them down and throw him back at the crowd

  • julio

    Where was the body slam? he tripped the kid and threw him off the stage . Fuck that fat ass Bronson . He is overhyped pig

  • Fuck you Julio go listen to pitbull you bitch

  • RcPanther22

    “I used to suplex a fiend (Mr. Perfect), Now I’m about to cop a duplex this Spring…..”

  • HYPEmydick

    shit was staged and fake