Curren$y – Showroom 2 (prod. Cardo)

blame it on Illy June 28, 2013

Spitta gives us a track sequel with the Cardo-produced “Showroom 2.”

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  • Swaggerooni


  • Thomas Brown Hewitt

    yep… I’m just about done with this shit. Always the same flow, always the same subject. on to the new wave.

    • Mister Nicely

      What exactly is the “New” wave in your defense ?

  • Elden Campbell

    ^ haha no kidding, shits garbage

  • To the next life

    Showroom > this but it’s dope and ^ says the square/hipster

  • gambit354

    Those who don’t speak pilot talk always exposes themselves….

  • HigherStandards

    What’s understood don’t gotta be said. If you fuck wit Spitta in earnest, then you’re likely a fan for life considering he’s stayed real af his whole career. Hats off, always.

    This is about as good as Showroom v1. Fly.

    Shout out from northern Michigan. #wtf.

  • Jim Bean

    ^ lol yall are fucking crazy this shit is dope as usually. he rapping bout real shit. straight OG

  • Check


    Now Where.. Hav Hant We……. Been

  • 2

    Word, you can’t be expecting some sort of Nas flow from spitta. I can appreciate his music for what it is. Nothing revolutionary, but consistent and he’s kept it real since day 1 which can’t be said about alot of others (COUGH WIZ COUGH)

  • you cant expect any rapper to be what rappers used to be and do what the game used to be is no longer and rappers had to evolve cos the game ahs evolved man if you want to find the closest thing to “old school” youre going to find it underground i know this being an apsiring rapper in the underground right now plus these sort of rappers dont have that much of a foolowing cos even the fans have evolved too

  • Rosebudd

    This shit goes hard…. Spitta gave us that OG flow. RIP lil Snupe.

  • Billy

    I fuck with curren$y but this nigga needs to switch it up every now and then. His music sounds exactly the same as it did 5 years ago. Which is a good/bad thing.

  • Just My Opinion

    Spitta is and always will be one of the most consistent rappers in the game. No matter what anybody thinks. He works hard and gives us game in each song he puts out. It’s like lighting up a doob with your OG homie from down the block and he teaches you about life.

  • skiler415

    This is my shit right now. RIP lil Snupe.