Jay-Z Unveils “BBC” Lyrics Featuring Nas, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell & Timbaland

blame it on Illy June 28, 2013

Hov has revealed the lyrics to “BBC” (Billionaire Boys Club?) off his forthcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album on the Android App and it looks like the song will feature the likes of Nas, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell, and Timbaland. #July4

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  • ant

    how many of yall doubled taked cuz you thought of big black ____?


  • mrk

    this is wackness. black album shoulda been his last. look at me, i can put words together too that loosely associate!

  • Silky Johnson

    Even Game is looking at all these lyrics thinkin “all this nigga does is namedrop”….

  • too many people on thee track and only two verses? smh

  • C-los

    ^WHAT? You mean Jay-Z ISN”T a lyrically monster?! So are you saying being successful doesn’t automatically make you the greatest rapper ever?

  • bruh

    excited for this album.

  • Billy

    BBC… really?

  • Mandingo Jamal

    He was probly thinking of my 11 inch cock when he wrote this song. It makes all the white women scream.

  • Walker

    sick of all these lyric releases. leak a damn song…i like to be surprised about the content in a song….just saying

  • ear2ear

    I seriously feel like I’m reading the notes of an old man with dementia or alzheimer’s disease. Hahaha, it just seems like he’s listing random blurts from his past with these short quips. We’ll see how it translates in the scheme of a song tho.

  • Marty

    Who Da Fuck Wants To Read Jay z Lyrics? He Thinks By Releasing Lyrics To His Album will hold Muthafuckas Down,Wrong!!!Nigga,Gone Head And Release Them Singles Already,Its Not Like A Nigga Is Gonna Buy That Shit anyway.

  • Jay Bravo

    all he do is floss and ya say he a lyricist??? dats why nas will forever be better than this clown.

  • thelibrarian

    fuck the album im gonna cop the book

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, people who liked 90s era hip hip or say they came up in that era understand what some of these lyrics are about. There Nostalgic in nature so thats why alot of people that lived through that era will enjoy this song. @anybody else, BBC = Billionaire Boys Club. Now for the hating ass conspiracy theorist @Click Here, who is really the illuminati puppet here? Jay is a MC who speaks on many things in his music. You can turn almost anything in history to some satanic symbolism / evil intention reference or some other religiously linked symbolism because everything in existence has a history of a thousand plus years. This means you can take the same symbols, proverbs, perspectives and based on historical context you can make them out to be both negative or positive depending on what period of time it existed or what part of the world it existed and how it was used. Different symbols represent different things to different people depending on who is looking at it and what context they associate that symbol with. Now you sir have tried to make a living off promoting an anti illuminati position but by doing that you are not only promoting the same shit you claim to be against but you use misinformation to do it. You take things from what you claim to be illuminati but you use that information as a way to say your against it. You are a fraud and a wanna be Alex Jones and thats why you’ll never be taken seriously in the business of conspiracy because your full of shit and really an illuminati wannabe thats just mad that you have no Bilderberg clearance to the owl worshipping ceremony at bohemian grove. Let the hate continue….

  • marty mcfly

    People forget that Jayz is known to say things that have a double meaning (or more) and not only does that mean lyrically, that means as an artist all the way around. You can take something meant to be evil and word it in a way that gives it substance which leads to more back story and history on the origin of that same thing. You can also take something meant to be positive and give it an evil meaning based on the way that same thing was used throughout history by different groups and different people. Most smart people know how to see both the history or origins of where a symbol or a phrase or a word or an action or whatever comes from. Almost nothing is completely 100% one thing, there are layers and multiple meanings to almost everything.

  • .uyfjgu.iuly

    there was a time when 7 people on a song meant they each artist played a instrument or had a different verse(WU ). This is just a bunch of people in a room doing what one great artist can do alone.

  • marty mcfly

    In the 90s in america (and in other parts of the world in the 80s), there was a subculture music fans, and artists who called themselves Goths. They used symbolism, imagery, fashion, and other things to make and supported music (song and album titles and cover artwork) that a conspiracy theorist could link to illuminati. However of these people are not really illuminati, they were people expressing themselves and artists expressing themselves through methods of religion and symbolism. Goths is one example, there are many other things (in music, art, films, etc…) that one could link to a shadow government or the illuminati, that does not mean that those people are actually from or involved with such a group.

  • marty mcfly

    there was a subculture OF music fans… They used symbolism, imagery, fashion, and other things to make and supporT music… Now btw NO, I do not take what this idiot CLICK HERE says seriously but what im saying is almost everything has several meanings depending how it is used and how people look at it. Magna Carta Holy Grail most certainly like all his other music will have several meanings but you can either look at it in a negative way or a positive way. When Jay makes a song like Holy Grail or Heaven or Oceans, you can be mad at the messenger or the message if you want but you can also just look at it as a creative song with some historical context.

  • Ear2ear

    @martymcfly lol, well I love 90s hip-hop. I love Jay-Z too. Three bonafide classics under his belt.

    But on this verse, he’s just listing fashion trends from when he was coming up and comparing them to where he is now. A cliche theme in hip-hop. I’d rather read Q-Tip’s verse on “Drink Away the Pain” if we’re talking about 90’s hip-hop fashion nostalgia. At least he wrote a story. This is just a list.

    Ill wait until I hear the actual song before getting critical though. Still sounds like a rambling old man when I just read the lyrics because he’s not really tying anything together he’s just listing trends from then and now. It’s very dilute.

  • Ear2ear

    “Oceans” seems great lyrically.

  • bravo_bart

    Damn Jay’s not even trying anymore. What is this a list of things he owns? We get it, you own nice things. *sigh*

  • get Right

    Another rapper needing like 10 features on an album to sell it. So Beyonce is on 2 records, Justin Timerlake is on another 2, Frank Ocean, Rick Ross, Nas and more. Album is going to be about nothing. I will be surprised if he has a song by himself or a song with any level of meaning.

  • hennycognac

    100 something thumbs up saying dope and 20 something thumbs down matching 20 something negative comments…makes sense…

  • Frank

    Jay Z releasing only lyrics is making people explain their stereotypes. For real. The anticipation is making people talk! It’s so cool what he’s doing.

    Once a audible song drops…

    The truth will be answered.


    I know you are on this faggots payroll but why do you feel the actual need to post this wack shit seriously?


    God this clown is such a superficial name dropping/label obsessed faggot.

  • My nigga

    Talk that fly shit hov

  • i really like jay but seriously man i hope the flow and delivery on this is gonna be better than those lyrics i really feel he could give and do better than that as a rapper myself i have always felt inspired by jay and to see this i dont feel let down but i just hope his album is gonna have harder lyrics and some decent punchlines

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Ear2ear said: If your a fan of 90’s rap then you should understand once Biggie started the name dropping shit and he made it big over faking it. Rap went straight down hill. It’s almost 20 years later and this BS faking it till you make it rap hasn’t left.

    Jay benefited the most over faking it till you making it.

    Far as though three classics. You might want to go listen to them again because this is the same BS he was dropping back then.

    Give me Ghostface any day over this dude.

    Fake niggas love fake things.

  • People seem to forget that Hov is one of the best when it comes to double entendres. I’m pretty sure these lyrics are layered and will make more sense when you hear them delivered on the song. I’m willing to bet that most of the people who commented aren’t Jay fans but clicked the article and left a comment anyway. Smh.

  • Thank Me

    big black cock?

  • marty mcfly

    @Doctor X, your concerned with Jayz flow? Really? I mean is he known to not be able to flow on rhythm or something? Just saying. @Clayton Bigsby, LOL hate on man hate on… @Ear2ear you said three classics? Its more like 5 – RD, In My Lifetime (this has to be a classic because it carries to much weight in hip hop culture to not be. A Million & One Questions/Rhyme No More, City Is Mine, Imaginary Player, Streets Is Watching, Friend Or Foe 98, Lucky Me, Rap Game/Crack Game, Where I’m From, You Must Love Me), BP1, The Black Album and American Gangster (this album also gotta be a classic because its loaded with too much to not be). Good day

  • Ear2ear

    ^ lol listing things he has done. Leaving out his past 4 efforts. My point exactly. In his own words that’s a one hot album every ten year average.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ What? GTFOH

  • Gatzby

    lets work X4?? definitely swizzies part.

  • poop

    i thought it meant Big Black C*ck