• MuT

    fuck pitchfork tho...

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2013/06/28/joey-badass-95-til-infinity-video/#comment-1314714 bryan

    dont watch the video 2dopeboyz posted, and go dislike the shit out of it, the channel Pitchforktv reported the original video on Joeys channel and then posted it on their tring to take credit

  • GabeGutz


  • Advance

    Wow his delivery is really annoying now

  • hollerifyouhearme

    How 90s is this dude trying to be? Also wtf is he saying in this rap? Dude is corny.

  • wilbur

    yeah, his delivery is fucking irritating now. he needs to mellow out some. i aint even feeling him like i was when hardknock dropped.

  • Rick Ross

    man what this nigga be screaming loud as fuck
    deaf niggas hear joey rapping

  • fuckjoeybada$$

    My beloved Hip-Hop...dead!

  • bigErn

    Floyd mayweather's long lost son. One of many? Teeheheheheheheheheheheeh